Friday, August 31, 2007

Did you ever have one of those Lazy Friday's?

Take for instance today, which is Friday.

I woke up, around 8:30ish, got my twins out of bed, they went directly to their chairs and I made their morning breakfast. After their breakfast, we went directly to our great room and watched their favorite Christian DVD, Praises and Smiles, from the Praise Baby Collection.

Losing their concentration, they left the great room and went outside. I called them back in to change them into their bathing suits. My sweet pies,they held my hand while coming to their room. They are getting to a point in their 21, going on 22 months, when they like to hold my hand now. I like this. It gives me so sense of parental control. And,they are allowing me to hold their hand which makes me a happy Mommy.

At this time, it is 10:20 and I am still in my nightwear, shorts and tank, and no breakfast in my belly yet. But, my twins are fed, saw some of their DVD, are in their bathing suits and now, playing outside.

Now, it is getting close to noon PST, and my twins are getting sleepy. I know this because they are pulling hair, punching each other and taking toys away from each other. Yes, this is a sign of them being tired, among other things.

So, at 11:10, I put them down for a nap. At this time, you would think I would take a shower, but do I? No. I began checking my emails, doing surveys and whatever else I do online.

Around 1:30PM, my twins being waking up, so I take them out of their cribs, they run directly outside, play for a while while I put some clothes away, use the Dustbuster around the house and do other household chores, like vacuuming!

As I am making my bed, I always make it when I wake up, today was one of those Lazy Friday's mind you, I call out looking for Twins "A&E". Twin A is near me, but I do not see Twin "B". When I look for her, she is in the great room, sitting on our BIG chair with TV remote in hand, with it turned on Video 1 (where the DVD is played on), waiting to watch her DVD again. Now, I never taught her how to turn the TV to that DVD playing location mind you. She is one smart cookie! Or to be PC, she is one smart Carrot! (LOL)

We watch the DVD for a while, then, my twins get bored and at 2:25PM we go outside where the pool is already filled, thanks to Mommy, and they jump on in.

Yes, it is 2:25PM and Mommy is still in her nightwear shorts and tank. This to me, is really no big deal. I mean, when my twins were born, until they were 9 months old, I was always in my night wears and taking a shower was a luxury. I only tell you this now because I have been so good at actually being showered and dressed by 10:30 since my twins were 12 months old and sleep for me was easy to come by.

Now, it is 5:20PM, Daddy is home, he feeds the girls, as I am still in my night wears and probably really needing a shower by then. After Daddy feeds the sweeties, he takes them out shopping for food and new shoes from Tar'get.

Around this time, I am thinking to myself, "Self, it's time you take a shower." So, I get off my duff and head for the bathroom, turn on the shower and once again, feel renewed. Yeah, a shower can do this for you. I felt great. I felt renewed and could now, take on the world! (LOL)

Ahhh, this was my Lazy Friday. Taking it easy, bumming around my house, chillin with my twins.

Does life get any better than this?

Happy Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Labor Day Monday!!


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Have a blessed day, evening and safe Labor Day Weekend!

I will write about tomorrow...tomorrow...


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Did I mention today was another scorcher with the Twins?

Oh yes! It reached 103 today, but did it feel any better than yesterday?

What do you think?

Ah, yeah, it was hotter than a pistol. But alas, my girls wanted to go outside. I mean, they are 21 going on 22 months and the weather is at least not a winter chill...yet.

So, Mommy did what Mommy always does, takes the girls outside to play, frolic and get wet!! That's right, I put on their swim suits this morning, assuming we would need them, and after their morning nap and lunch, and, since my sitter did not come today, we played in the backyard. I filled up the pool, turned on the sprinkler and let them have their day in the sun; or under our shady tree as it really was (no sunscreen required).

Mommy on the other hand, sat on her chaise lounge and read her book titled,"Making the "Terrible" Two's Terrific!" , by John Rosemond. After I read this book, it is off to, "John Rosemond's New! Six Point Plan" book.

Today, even with it being a scorcher, again, was a good day. The twins had fun in the pool, running in the sprinkler and playing with their shapes toys on their blanket.

Have a blessed day or evening everyone!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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The Fly and My Twins

We have this picture window seat/bench in our family room/great room. On this picture window, our twins love to climb it, jump on it and mess with the brown, wooden blinds that are on the windows.

Tonight, while my twins were on this window, they saw, individually, a fly in the window.

Twin "A" was standing on the bench before Twin "B". When Twin "A" saw the fly, she touched it and was not too happy it was in her space and especially on her window. But alas, the fly evaded Twin "A".


Twin "B", along with her sister, Twin "A", stood on the bench looking outside and across the street at our neighbors; waving at them as usual. When Twin "B", all of a sudden, saw a fly on the window. She looked at it, moved her finger over it, touched it, then finally, she killed it.

It was awesome. She will be my new fly catcher and killer.

It was so cute seeing them not liking this fly at all. Eventually, one twin got rid of it.

It was how hot today?

Yes!! It was 106 in my city and probably 100 in the shade, under my big backyard tree.

I know this because my twins and I were in the backyard playing in their baby pool. They had to get out of the house. They were just full of energy.

At first, twins "A&E", were in the cute outfits you see them in now. Then, Twin "B" had to go potty, so seeing as they were both wet too, I decided to change them into their cute one piece bathing suits.

When Daddy came home, they ran to see him and give him hugs and kisses. Before din din, Daddy and Mommy gave them a bath and as always, they run, not walk, around our home afterwards. So silly!!

All in all, I would say our twins had a very nice day, even though it was hotter than a pistol!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Have you ever heard of PayPerPost?

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Anyway, some of my fellow bloggers suggested I check out PayPerPost because they have many, many job opportunities for writers such as myself.
So, finally, I gave in a went to their website. I think I have been with PayPerPost for less than a month and have never written anything.
Why, you may ask me. Well, I just do not know. I mean, when I look at their site, they have lots of jobs I could do, but my ratings are not where they should be in order for me to get the jobs I need to succeed.

Right now, I have no friends at PayPerPost. Seeing as I am new and this is my actual first post, it will be a while until I gain some friendships here and am able to be trusted by my peers. I do want to succeed with this PayPerPost and bring in some extra money now and then. Especially to pay for my twins clothes, new shoes as their feet are constantly growing and food.

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The Hugging Twin Girls

Now that our twins are learning to kiss, ever so sweetly, they can now, hug Mommy or Daddy when we ask for a hug.

My, my, they learn so quickly.....

It is just too cute.

And my goodness, they are sharp as a tack!!


The Kissing Twin Girls

These days, our twins are learning to pucker up and give that kissing sound.

It is so cute. They pucker up their lips and make that cute sound as if they are going to kiss.

So now, when Daddy and Mommy say, "Can I have a kiss?" They know what to do.

And, they do kiss up on out cheek or lips.

Oh, it is just darling!!

Sweet babies...


Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Twins and their favorite DVD's

Do your twins have a favorite DVD they like to watch? If so, what is it and do they know they are learning when they watch their favorite DVD?

In a previous post, I am sure I talked about the Praise Baby Collection DVD's. Well, when my girls watch these DVD's, they have really learned so much. Yes, these DVD's are Christian developed with the Christian songs on them, and this is wonderful in and of itself. But, these DVD's also show babies 0-36 months primary colors, B&W shapes, animals like elephants, rhinos, giraffes, dogs, kittens, birds, butterflies, sea stars, hippos, airplanes, trains...I could go on and an on.

Well, in this one DVD, God of Wonders, my twins have watched it so much they know the next clip before it even begins. Take this for instance: There is a scene where two little girls are playing with blocks and even before the next clip comes up, my twins are saying, "Go", for Goat and in the next clip there is a goat!!

They do this for two other clips as well. And, they know when the train clip is coming up and they say, "Choo Choo."

Oh, it is so cute and the funniest thing is, Twin "B" knows when the final clip of the DVD is and gets off the BIG CHAIR with Daddy and walks or runs to the door entrance of our family room and watches for the ending, waves bye bye to the little girl and says, "Ni Ni" walks to her bedroom with Twin "A" in tow.

My that amazing or what?

I find it amazing....not just because they are my girls, but because children learn so quickly. Their brains are not cluttered with all the stuff we have in our brains, yet. Their minds, are literally a clean slate.

It is so nice too having these DVD's and a new DVD is our called My Fathers World, which I am thinking of getting them for their up and coming birthday.

Now, I am not one of those Mommy's who likes to let her children watch TV either. I prefer them playing outside, but they get their morning and evening fix of these DVD's and they are good to go...

Have a Blessed Day Everyone!!

Daddy and The Twins Golfing

Yesterday, Daddy was showing Twin "B and A" how to golf on our driveway. Here is one photo of the three of them looking so cute and very interested in being able to hit the ball with the stick they have in their hands.

Daddy is showing Twin "B", with blue club, how to golf in top left photo, then Daddy is showing Twin "A", with purple club, how to gold in top right photo.
Don't they just look so cute!
Happy Sunday everyone!

The Twins, Mommy and Daddy missed church today

This morning, Twin "B", at 7:15, woke up crying and crying and crying....
I did not hear so much, so Daddy got up and Twin "B" was soaked through not only her diaper, but sleepwear and bedding.

Oh goodness, so Daddy also gave Twin "B" and Twin "A" their sippy cups with milk. Daddy was not sure what Twin "B" was crying about at first, was she hungry or, nope, she was wet as all get out.

Needless to say, I inadvertently turned off my alarm at 8 something. I do this sometimes and I do not understand why. It is as if I am dreaming or something.

So, the next time Twin "B" is talking, not crying, but talking with her sister, Twin "A", they want to get up and eat. This time, it is 9:30 and I already know we will not be attending church this Sunday.

Yeah, I can not get ready for church in only 15 minutes. It takes us at least 10 minutes to get to church. So, sad to say, we did not attend today. I was hoping we could set a record and have attended church for a whole month, four weeks in a row! But, no, this did not happen...

Oh well....

Daddy took the girls for a walk around the neighborhood, them to the park where they listened in on a Spanish church service, then came home.

I, on the other hand, took my shower and got ready for my day.

Have a blessed day everyone!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Playgroup with my Twins

This morning, we all woke up around 8ish. But actually, I think my twins were up around 7:15.

Once we got up, I fed them their morning mush, french toast and milk. Then, I gave them a bath, dressed them and got a call for my girlfriend to come on over for a playdate. I said, "Sure, we'd love to come over." She thought I was still sleeping. I said, "Oh no, I just bathed the girls and now I am going to take a shower and wash my hair."

After I showered, washed my hair and dressed, I got the truck packed with the girls diaper bag, lunch and then them last, we headed off to our friends home.

I would say we go there around 10:40 and played in her backyard until 12:01. Then, I packed our truck again with their stuff and them last. The twins had fun with my girlfriends daughter, one other girl and about five boys in their age range.

These are friends from my church who my twins were playing with. Oh, I am so glad my friends finally put a playgroup together. I tried to when my twins were infants, but....
Anyway, next week we may have playgroup at my home.
Have a blessed weekend everyone....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Twins at Play at my Girlfriends Home

Last night, I had called my friend to let her know I had a doctor appointment today.

But then, this morning, I realized it was Wednesday and not Thursday!

So, I called her back and told her my error. She had said she just emailed me about having a Friday play date instead, when I called her to ask if we may come over today instead.

She said, "Sure, come on over once the girls get up."

When the girls got up, I fed them, got the truck packed and off to my friends home we went.

We stayed for probably 3 hours talking, and talking and watching Twins "A&E" play with her daughter, which is older than my twins. They played with the toys on the floor, ran around the house and sat at the piano pushing the ivory keys.

Then, my girlfriend went to pick up one of her sons from day care and get us a snack from Jack in the Box.

Once they came home, her son, a year younger than my girls, my girls and her daughter, played some more inside with the toys on the carpet.

We had a fun time and need to do this more often. We used to go out for coffee all the time, but this was before my twins were conceived and born.

But! I would never, ever, trade coffee dates for my sweet babies. They give me so much joy and I love their smiles and sweet dispositions.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We May Have a Tumbler

That't right, the past two days, Twin "B", has been doing that baby position with her hands and feet on the carpet and her head touching the carpet too.

Oh, to be that limber!

Anyway, twice this week she has tumbled over! Oh, it is so cute to watch.

She loves it...she laughs and too thinks its funny.

Yeah Twin "B"....let's keep it up....maybe next year we can enroll in a tumbling class.

Twins Morning Bath

This morning, after breakfast, my sweeties got a bath.

They love morning bathes. I should give they morning bathes more often. Then, when it comes to nap time, they will sleep better...kinda like that are now.

Yup! They have been napping since 11:15AM and it is now 1:16PM PST.

I love sleeping babies! Not only do they look cute, but they give mommy a like reprieve.


So last night, I was looking in our my sweeties to see how they were sleeping. This is so sweet..Twin "B" was resting her head on Pooh Bear's Belly with legs hanging through the crib and lying on her blanket, while Twin "A" was sleeping on her left side, holding her Tiger with blanket in hand.

So sweet....

On a different topic: What is your weather like today where you live? Where I live, it is 93 degrees. OUCH!! I will be using the A/C today. Especially if my twicebabies take a second nap.

Have a blessed day everyone!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Twins and Church Today

Today, as we dropped off our twins at the nursery, Twin "B", while holding my hand, began to get heavy and walk backwards. It was the weirdest thing.

Then, as Daddy lifted her sister and her up to put them in the gate, Twin "B" began to cry. This did not happen the last two weeks.

But, after service, which was excellent by the way, and we picked up our darlings, they were both happy and giving their blankets to other kids who were crying.


Anyway, because our Pastor's wife, I think, gave birth to their third child, he was not there today. Instead, another pastor, our college youth pastor spoke today on Pain. He talked about how we are blessed to feel pain because leprosy patients can feel no pain and do not know when they've hurt themselves. He said pain is a gift from God, or something like this. Then, he spoke about Paul and the thorn in his side. Some say his pain was vision loss,but we really do not know. He also talked about Job and the pain he was inflicted with by losing his children and wealth. God had allowed all this suffering to happen and yet, Job remained strong in the Lord.

Wow, how many of us can say we would stay strong in the Lord after losing everything or being diagonsed with a disease that could potentially kill us?

Oh, then he talked about Corrie Ten Boom and one of her sisters in a German Concentration Camp just because their family helped the Jews escape. He talked about how the guards never came to their cell because they did not want to get bitten by flees, which Corrie had complained about and her sister had said, "Thank the Lord in all things"...or something like that...I am sure I misquoted this part of the book and their reality.

At the end of service, our pastor showed us a movie titled, "Rain" by Rob Bell. The movie was Rob's one year old son as they took a morning walk in the woods. Then, all of a sudden, the skies turned dark and rain began to fall down on them. At this time, Rob's son was in a backpack on his back and he began to cry. He cries were earpeircing as Rob explained while they walked in the rain. Rob stopped and took his son off his back and cradled him under his jacket all the while whispering to him saying, "I love you and and Daddy knows the way home."

Oh my goodness! Tears came gushing down my eyes...

You know, this year, I have had a whole new perspective on lots of things about the past two years of my girls lives and our situations. But this story added the cherry on top. Now, now I will talk to my girls that way when they cry to give them comfort.

Rob said cries are what the Lord hears and wants to comfort us. The Lord wants to heal us and make things all right. Or something like that. Again, I may be misquoting.

But all in all, today was a gift from the Lord.

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to see and hear these wonderful messages. You timing is never off. Amen.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

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Driving with my Twins is always a Headache

Do you have any idea when my twins will like to drive on even an hour trip?

If so, please tell me.

Once we got in the freeway and all the way to San Jose, yes, we do know the way to San Jose, my twins cried and cried and screamed and screamed some more.

No, they did not have a poopy or pee pee diaper, they just did not want to be in a car, driving.

I can not handle this fussiness. On my goodness. Do you think by the age of 21 this crying will stop on road trips? Gosh, I certainly hope so. By then, I hope Daddy will not have to point our planes to them in the sky and say what particular animal they like might be in that plane to calm them down.

I mean, they are almost two, two years old....

Do you think when they begin to talk and speak our language this unnecessary fussiness will subside? Do you? I am asking a serious question here.

I mean, they have a Baby Tad in the car, one for each, to keep the satisfied. Do they help.


When their birthday rolls around, they will be getting that Magna Doodle like I stated in a previous blog. Maybe this will keep them occupied. What do you think?

Anyway, they were LITTLE ANGELS, like this mornings nap, on the drive home. They were also tired. They did snooze for a did Mommy.....

Well, that is it....if you have some advise for not hold back......

Tootles for now!

Sleeping like...Little Angels

This morning, Daddy let Mommy sleep in. That is right, I was able to sleep in until 10! Wow, it was so nice. Whenever I get a chance to sleep in...I take it.

Daddy, fed and sang and played with our toddler baby girls. Oh, Daddy just loves his little girls and why not, I mean, look at them, they are precious and love to play.
As of 20 minutes ago, they are taking their afternoon nap. They have been up since 8ish and need at least one lap a day.

This afternoon, we are going to my Aunt and Uncles house in San Jose where they will play and run in their little backyard. Then, we will have dinner. It should be a fun and eventful day.

Talk to you later and have a blessed day!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Rare Identical Quint Twins!

Amazing! I guess nothing is impossible with the Lord. He made this possible for this proud Mommy. All I can say is, I hope she has some help from her family and church.

This new Mommy is 35 years old. The ripe age for having twins. But quints! Wow...if she ever prayed for twins or has twins in her family, her prayer came through, LOUD and CLEAR!

The babies were, like mine, born two months early and without fertilization help. Don't you just love! They were naturally conceived!

Praise you Jesus!

These sweet little twins, named Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia, weighed between 2.6 pounds and 2.15 pounds. Well being born two months early and having four babies inside Mommy would constitute them weighing this much.

My twins were born weighing in at 3.8 and 3.13 and were in the NICU for two weeks.

Let me see if I can find the video to put on this blog.

Here is video..hope you can see it: Rare quad identical twins born in Montana

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The Mattel Toy Recall

From vegetables and chicken to beet and baby toys, what will be recalled or next? Is our food supply and children's toys safe anymore?

Should we be worried? How can we trust the products made in other nations let alone our very own California home-grown vegetables and cattle products.

Mattel had to recall 9 million toys! Wow, that is a lot of toys in homes and still stores that carry toys. What are we as parents to do? This current recall involves lead paint of Mattel toys. This was their second recall in two weeks. Earlier this month, consumers were warned about 1.5 million Chinese-made toys that contain lead paint.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which negotiated details of Mattel's recalls, reported that since its recall of Polly Pockets play sets in Nov. 11, three children had been injured by swallowing more than one magnet. All three suffered intestinal perforations that required surgery.

What is going on here? Maybe this is a way to paralyse our nation. If these products do not get sold, their stock goes down and businesses have to close. There would be many, many, many layoffs. People's homes would have to go into foreclosures and who knows what else could happen.

This, IMOO, is what happens when all our major production is sent overseas. We, America, has no control over the creation of products.

Now I, personally, am not afraid of this recall. I inspect all the toys I purchase for my girls before I buy them. Plus, the product always has an age appropriate rating on it, right?

Well, let's see what happens after this recall. With lots of Fall and Winter birthdays coming up, let alone Christmas, let's see if toy sales will drop.

Thank God It's Friday!!

Yeah, don't you just love Friday's? It is just that much closer to the weekend...well, for those of you who work.

But for me, I am a SAHM and everyday, to me, is like a Friday. Although, when my hubby is off on the weekends, he does give me a break from full time activity with my sweetie pies.

So, all in all, being a SAHM of my sweeties is full time work, just not salaried work.

Anyway, Thank God It' Friday!

Everyone!! Have a most SAFE and BLESSED weekend!


The Corner Stork Online Store

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New Phrase from Twin B

Two days ago, while Daddy was feeding our little darlings, Twin B repeated Daddy saying..

"What's Up With That!"

Well, it did not sound exactly like this, but she said,"What's Up W Tha."

It is so cute hearing my sweet, little girls voices.

Although, I am doing anything to make them speak our language. They will talk in sentences when they are ready.

With all the books I read them, their speaking language will come in no time.

Twin "A" has also done her best to say this phrase. Twin "A" loves talking as well.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mommy's Day Out!

Is this a trend developing?


I love having few hours by least one a week.

Not only is having some time to myself good, it keeps me sane. If there is even such a thing.

Today, I went out looking for some birthday gifts for my girls. Last week, I went to Marshall's and found some awesome Roxy clothes, baby books, toys and baby clothes. When I was at Marshall's there were two really cool laptop toys with the alphabet on it. There were two. I did not get them at that time. Oh man, I should have because when I went back guessed it...THEY WERE GONE!!

Oh, my twins would have loved those for travelling.

So far for their birthday, coming up soon, I got them a travel Magnadoodle slate which I know they will love.

But, besides clothes, what else can I get my girls?

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When My Twins Sleep...

When my twins sleep...

They have a better day
They can play better together
The fighting is not as explosive
The whining subsides

When my twins sleep...

They are more fun to be around
Their personalities shine like the sun
They are eager to please Mommy and Daddy
They have three more hours of energy

When my twins sleep...

They look like sweet Angels
Resting on a cloud
With binkie in mouth
Resting on their back or side

These, these are my sweet, little angels


When my Twins are sleeping....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Praise Baby Collection and My Twins

Since my twins were infants, I have played these DVDs for them. My Mom gave me this set with Born to Worship, God of Wonders and Praises and Smiles. Now, this company, Deep Media, has a new DVD out called My Father's World. This has been out since last year I believe and I am going to get this for their birthday or Christmas.

So this morning, I asked if they wanted to watch God of Wonders or I just say, "Do you want watch your DVD?" and they go crazy. They love these DVDs, even at 21 months.

These DVDs have Christian music on them, songs we sing in church and with the help of a child psychologist, they added black and white effects, zoo animals and lots of colors to help stimulate a babies brain.

These DVDs are good for a toddler up to the ages of 0-36 months.

Here is their wesbite: The Praise Baby Collection

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Twins and Hard To Let Go

Sure, my little family is edging in on their two year birthday in less than three months, but I still find it hard to see my sweetie pies growing up. Even now, I look at the way they are doing their best to speak in sentences and be so independent.

They love me yes, but they love the do things on their own as well.

Even to this day, when I take a shower, they are outside the bathroom door, playing with toys, or fighting over them.

Sometimes, I just want to go back to their infanthood, at least for a month or two. I think the fact that I had PPD pretty bad and then being diagnosed with MS, made my memories of their infanthood seem as if they flew right past me. They needed me and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Now today, looking at them, wow, they are amazing babies. They will always be my babies. Evem when they begin to talk with their sweet little voices.

Seeing their photos on this blog and how active they are, it is awesome how the Lord works at making a 3lb 8oz and 3lb 13oz babies so vibrant and active as all get out.

Being a Mommy is the best job in the world. I fell sorry for those who have not had the opportunity to experience motherhood. Once a Mommy, always a Mommy.

I guess this all came up inside me when I last wrote about my twins getting bodily hair on their face, arms and legs. They are still soft, but not like they were when they were infants.

Twins Like Church

Today was our second consecutive day at church.

Yes, it has taken us this long to get back to church since our twins were born.

Excuses, no, I really have none. Except laziness and lack of motivation to get my rear end out of bed to listen to the Word.

Our twins, just like last Sunday, had a fun time with their counterparts. They never fussed once and played with no problems.

As we were leaving, I noticed Twin "A" had lost her binkie.

Oh well, I will have to get another one.

Fine hair on my twins

Within the past two months, my twins have begun growing leg and arm hair. Their faces have a light, soft hair as well.

Does this mean my twins are no longer babies?

Well, no, they are still my babies, they just no longer have soft, silky skin.

Oh, and I am so sad because this means they are growing up. Their babyhood will soon be a very precious and distant memory.

I am supposing these are things, as a parent, you begin to witness with your baby. Yeah, things like facial and bodily hair growing and glistening in the sunlight.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Do your Twins carry lots of items when Walking?

This is something I have not only read about on Baby Center with my weekly updates, but I witness everyday. Both my twins, especially Twin "A" will carry her blankie, sippy cup, tiger stuffed toy and a piece of food in her arms.

It is the cutest thing to see. I laugh at how full her little arms are. If something falls, she bends down to pick it up. Then, she goes on her merry way.

The things little ones will do is just amazing.

If your toddler is not doing this yet, she/he will. I believe my twins began doing this, holding everything at once, when they were 17 months old.

Just too cute!!

Mommy and Daddy Date Night

Tonight, Daddy and Mommy had a date night. We went to dinner and got to relax for a while. My hubby' s sister called us yesterday and asked if we wanted to go out for dinner and I said YES!!

So, my hubby's sister and her hubby can over, watched the girls and took them for a walk around the neighborhood, played with them in our backyard and just had a fun time..

Thank you Auntie and Uncle for the reprieve!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Shoes for Babies...and Mommy Too!

Today, a friend of my watched my twin so I could have a few hours to myself.

I work as a mystery shopper now and so far I have been doing online mystery shopping. Today, I had to return the product I purchased. When it arrives back at the bookstore, I have to report on that and if my card was credited back correctly. After I did that, I went to Tar'get and purchased some more MiniStar baby moccasins for my girls with a kitty kat face on the front. I also got them some socks, lavender powder and lotion.

Usually, when I can afford it, I get them organic or all natural baby skin products from Baby Bouquet or After the Rayne. Both these websites and the owners and operators are very nice and love babies.

After my Tar'get visit, I went to Gottschalks, a local department store and found some Roxy flip flops I liked..They were on SALE!!! Roxy clothing and or shoes never go on sale...I was amazed....So I had to get those.

Then, I went to Old Navy and purchased this cute black baby doll tank top with grey dots on it. I have a green one like it too.

Finally, we went home and saw my girls having a ball with my friend in the family room.

What a day...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Have You Been Looking for Baby Boy or Girl Birth Announcements?

If you are, I have found the perfect place for you! When I was looking online for birth announcements for my girls, MozInvitations , is the first website I came upon.

MozInvitations has Baby Boy Birth Announcements, Baby Girl Birth Announcement and New Baby Birth Announcements. These birth announcements come of an array of colors: Baby Blue, Pleasantly Pink, Perfectly Pastel, along with Baby Brother and Baby Sister birth announcements.

MozInvitations Baby Invitations gives you between 5-105 invitations to purchase, with if need be, an additional 5 invitations. Along with birth announcements, they have baby shower invitations, baptism announcements and baby accessories.

Please check out MozInvitations for your babies special birth announcements to be shared with family and friends alike.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Back to Church with our Twins

So today we went to church again.

Oh, it was so nice to go back to. We have made so many excuses why we do not attend on a regular basis, but today, we went and the girls were fine in the nursery without us. They saw familiar faces and played with some toys they liked, plus we brought their Baby Tads to play or comfort them with.

Our church is in a new location, near a new home development. So, maybe our church will grow due to this move. The new school grounds are lovely and the MPR is very nice.

Today, our pastor was talking directly to us in that we need to attend on the a regular basis. If we do not attend, then a part of the body of Christ is missing. He is so right on that. He said, "Sure you can be a Christian and not attend church or other church functions, but then that is like you as a person is missing an eye, or arm or leg." Well, he said something to that effect anyway.

When church was over, we went to the grocery store and bought at least enough food to last two weeks...

The Twins were very good this morning, at church, when I fed them lunch and they have been napping since 12:45 I think. They went down without incident which means they must have been sleeeeepyyyy.

Have a blessed day!

21 Months Old!

Are you kidding me!

My twins are already 21 months old. Where has the time gone?

As I look at my slide show below of my girls as preemies, then infants to now toddler hood, it makes me want to go back to their preemie hood and relive it all over again. If anything, to fix all the complaining I did and fussing.

All these, "I wishes"...come to mind of how I could have made things better, but instead complained for lack of physical help when I needed it. I assumed because I had twins, my family and friends would just come on over and WANT to help me.

I was wrong, in a big way.

What did my Dad say, "You can not rely on people to be there for you and give you help when you need it. That is why we need to turn to Jesus for our help. He is the only one we need to trust and rely on."

Well, he said something like this.

But I digress.....

Looking back at their preemie to infant to now toddler hood photos makes me long for the baby days again. Unfortunately, we can never go back, we have to go forward, whether we want to or not...we have no choice in the matter.

Now, I am planning already what to do for their 2nd Birthday Party. If you have any suggestions....

Have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

So Many Words Begin with the letter "B"

My twins are finding that a lot of the things in their world begin with the letter "B".

Let's see, they love their:

1. Bottle (sippy cup now)
2. Binkies (Bling Binkies)
3. Blankies (Their Nana made them)
4. Ball (They love any kind of ball to play with)
5. Balloons
6. Baby (They just love seeing and touching babies!)
7. Breakfast
8. Bedtime
9. Bathtime

If I come up with something else, it too will be added to this list.

I think it is easy for my twins to use say words that begin with the letter "B" because it seems to roll off their tongue easier. This is just my thought and perception. I could be wrong..

First Afternoon Nap for my Twins

So today, I put my twins down for their first nap at 11ish.

They played and played and the fussed, then fussed...

This usually means either A) They are Tired, B) They are Hungry, C) They have a Dirty Diaper and D) They Just Fuss to Fuss....

If your twins are busy bees like mine....God Help You!!

Twins are indeed a blessing, especially if they are born preemies like mine were.

First Friday with Twin "A" and Twin "B"

Last night, Daddy, Mommy, Twin "A" and Twin "B" drove downtown and listened to some music.

The First Friday event was not all it was cracked up to be.

First off, it was HOT, HOT, HOT!; Second, none of the streets were blocked off so patrons could walk around without fear of being hit by and car; Third, there was not a single coffee shop open and a lot of shops were simply closed! I am assuming these stores are afraid of making more sales...but I could be wrong.

The bands that played, Rumors and The Convergence, I liked. They were having fun, even in the extreme heat. Twin "A", with her teddy bear leash on, climbed up on a bench next to the bank and began rockin out, while her sister, Twin "B" with her puppy dog leash on, stood next to Daddy on the sidewalk and just listened to the music.

Daddy and Mommy had intended to eat downtown, but the heat drove us away..and....our twins were getting fussy..fussy I am sure due to the heat as well.

If anyone from the city council were to read this, I would suggest, even if it is a cost to you, the city, to make this event more comfortable to the patrons by blocking off 10th and Central, using getting two of those blue shade covers for the bands to play under on the sidewalk or at the bank (Walmart sells these blue shade covers), take out the tables used at the Christmas Tree Lighting last year and maybe get some misters around the event. One more thing, it would be nice to have more businesses open. How can this be called a Downtown Event if the majority of the Downtown businesses are closed? Like I stated earlier, are they afraid to make more sales?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Little Sleeping Angels-My Twin Girls-

This morning, I must have turned off my clock alarm. I remember waking up around late 6ish or early 7ish and turning off my clock alarm. It was weird because it felt like I was in a dream.

Anyway, when I finally actually woke up for the day, Twins "A&B" were still sleeping. I walked into their room where Twin "B" was on her belly with her bottom in the air and Twin "A" was on her left side. It was so cute and I just could not wake them up.

So, with that extra time I had, I read My Daily Light and Jon Courson's New Testament Commentary. It was great to read without any interruptions.

Then, as my reading was ending, Twins "A&B" work up, where Twin "A"'s front outfit was wet from a full diaper. After breakfast, I gave them both a bath, dressed them, showered myself, washed their sheets since Twin "A"'s sheet was wet in one spot, blow dried my hair, put make up on and flattened my hair.

After all that, at 11:30 my baby girls were ready for a nap and they are beginning to wake up right now..

Got to go....

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Twins and Only One Nap Today


Today, I but my twins down for a nap around 11ish.

Yeah, they got up at 8:00 this morning. When I heard them getting up, I woke up, after hitting my snooze button several times, make their mush with fruit, got the cold milk ready, then I went to their room, changed their diapers and they ran to the dining room.
We all played outside for a while, then I went inside to make my morning shake, which they LOVE! Oh goodness, if you ever make a morning shake with whey protein, blueberries, banannas and some other fruit, plus water and ice, your twins will probably go crazy for it.
My twins would drink the whole drink if I let them. LOL
Around 10:30 I began making this BBQ chicken wings slow cooker meal for my hubby and me tonight. The BBQ receipe was on this one receipe I found at Meals Matter. I have used several receipes here and have liked some of them.

As I was making this BBQ Sauce and putting this meal together, my sweetie pies were playing next to me and eating Cheerios....Plain and Apple Cinnimon..I did not have any Honey Nut Cheerios.

Then, Twin "A" and Twin "B" went to play in the Great Room and they climbed on the picture window seat. I saw them and asked them to please SIT DOWN...and they did...I was very pleased with them for listening to me.

After their fun on the seat, Twin "A" brought the Charlie Horse Rocker into the dining room and Twin "A" and Twin "B" sat on it together and they just looked so cute!!
Once I finished making my meal, I said, "Okay, it is time to a nap...."
Twin "A" struggled with me while Twin "B" let me put her in her crib without incedent.
But they have been sleeping since 11:30 and it is now 1:15 so they must have been tired...

Hopefully, I can give them one more nap....we shall see....we shall see.....

Have a Blessed Day!