Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monte Carlo is a Must See Movie This Summer!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Monte Carlo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have not already heard about, or seen movie trailer about this movie, you can check it out right now. This movie, Monte Carlo happens to be about an ordinary girl, Grace, who becomes an "accidental" heiress on her summer trip to Paris. While in Paris with her best friend and step-sister this trip, turns into the fantasy of a lifetime! For Grace, her best friend and step-sister, they begin to find out this is not only a dream vacation, but this is the greatest adventure they will ever have as they also find out who they really are.

This movie looks like so much fun! The Monte Carol tickets go on sale 6/29 and you can be head of the game and purchase your tickets on  Fandango right now!. Monte Carlo will be in movie theaters on Friday, July 1st. Make sure you go to Facebook and 'Like" the official Monte Carlo Facebook page.

Before this movie comes out in theaters you can check it out on the . You will laugh and think this movie is the perfect summer movie. In fact, you will want to see it more than once with friends or your daughter(s).

Speaking of daughter(s), this looks like a movie my twins would love. They are so girlie and a movie like this would have them wishing they could live a life like this and become a 'princess'. My twins love wearing dresses, long or short, and they love shiny jewelery too. My twins would want to see this movie more than once I am sure.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FHA Streamline Refianance Loans in an Instant

Right now is the perfect time to apply for an FHA Streamline Refinance. If you know what your estimated property balance is, all you have to do is click on the link above and type that amount into the box provided for you. This quote is easy and free along with the showing you want your payment could be once you add your current interest rate into the box provided to you.

If you are wondering what a streamline refinance is, this type of refinance allows homeowners to save money on their existing loans. Homeowners with an existing FHA or VA loan are already approved. Now, because this loan refinancing process is fast and easy, it was given the name 'streamlined'. With a streamline loan, all the loan agent needs is the original loan paper work. This also makes for a quick and easy 'streamline' loan process and clients have no out of pocket expenses.

The best thing about a streamline loan is lowering your interest rate and monthly payment. Now, in case you are not aware, refinance loans are only insured by the government, such as the Federal Housing Administration. When looking to refinance, the loan process is taken care of through loan agents.

When considering an FHA Streamline Refinance, homeowners must not be late on any payments within 30 days, in a 12 month year. Homeowners have to had owned their loan for 6 months prior to applying for an FHA streamline refinance.  

TwiceGirlies Swimming Lessons Today

Today was a good swimming day. My twins were doing excellent in the pool. Not only did they listen to their instructor, they were able to both put their faces in the water and move their arms and legs at the same time. This was just wonderful and made Mommy so proud. Seeing my twins swim across the short length of the pool was just awesome.

Mommy stood up and clapped like the proud Mommy that I am. Every time Twin "B" or Twin "A" made it to the side of the pool Mommy was sitting at, they would say, "Hi Mommy!" and I would wave my hand at them and congratulate them.

The only photos I took of them are on my cell phone. When, and if, I take them off,  I will post them here.

TwiceGirlies Finally Asleep

Oh goodness, my twins finally fell asleep. Let's see, today my twins had swim lessons in the afternoon, they came home and bathed, took a very small nap, got up, put on a new bathing suit and went into our plastic pool in our backyard for hours.

Between swimming in our small backyard pool, we ate spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and red grapes. After dinner, my twins went back in the pool until the sun began to go down. As the sun began to hide, I told my twins to get out of the pool and into their PJ's.

Once in their PJ's, I gave them some milk and one TJs cookie (which looks like a Oreo, but much better). Then I turned on my computer, went to the Disney website so my twins could watch their favorite show, Imagination Movers. It seems Disney, in their infinite wisdom, decided to take this show off TV and now it can only be seen online.

My twins watched about four Imagination Movers shows, brushed their teeth and went into their room where Daddy and Mommy prayed for them. Their bedtime was about 9:30 tonight. But, my twins did not stop talking until 11:40.

Oh yeah, my twins have a abundance of energy and talking ability. They are like the Energizer Bunny, twin style!

Monday, June 20, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Swim Class Today

My twins are in their second and final swim class sessions. Today they were amazing. Not only did they obey their swim instructor, they performed as requested. When they were asked to swim from one side of the pool to the other, that is what they did. My twins are becoming more comfortable with putting their head under water and kicking at the same time. I have to admit, it does take time to learn how to kick, move your arms and put your head under water at the same time.

I think I was seven when I began taking my first swim lessons in SoCal. My twins began taking swim lesson last summer at four and a half. So, they are three and years ahead of me. Like my twins, who are learning from our neighbor across the street, so to did I learn from my neighbor across the street from me. Although, my neighbor across the street was a swim instructor at the high school down the street from us.

With four more swim lesson days to go, I am looking forward to seeing my twins learn to swim on their backs too. Since this is only their second season taking swim lessons, they might have to wait until next season to learn swimming on their back and treading water.

It is also a good thing my twins like their swim instructor. She is nice, young and patient. My twins like to call her a jungle gym too.

Renting Texbooks Has Become Very Popular Today

When it is time to begin college in the fall, not only will you have to register for classes, but purchase books, lots of expensive books. The majority of college books are written by professors and seem to cost more than a typical student can afford. If a student lives on campus, they have to think about eating daily, on or of campus, purchasing other school supplies and probably attending school games. All these things cost money. With this said, the best thing a student can do is rent textbooks. Students can now look at campus book rentals online and not only save money on their textbooks, but return them once the semester is over.

There are textbooks to rent for more than twenty subjects. There are over sixty psychology textbooks to rent and return when the classes are over. Some of the textbooks listed are Research Methods of Psychology, Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior, Personality, Cognition: Theory of Applications, Introduction to Clinical Psychology and so many more.

From this type of intense major, minor or simply a course in Psychology, there are art textbooks to rent. Now, when I was in college, I studied both these subjects and need the majority of these books listed on this website. For Art classes, you might be required to use these textbook, Drawing: Space, Form and Expression, Art of Seeing, Art History: A View of The West. There are also textbooks for student studying theatre such as Acting is Believing, Theatre: It's Art and Craft, The Art of Theatre: A Concise Introduction and many more.

For whatever textbook are required for your college classes, they are more likely than not, found in this website. If you are in college or know family and friends in college, send them this website link. When saving money is important, saving money on textbooks is a number one place to begin.

TwiceGirlies and Practice School Work

When my twins completed kindergarten, their teacher gave them a packet to do over the summer. My twins were given a packet to trace and write out their alphabets, remember their numbers and write out sentences. Yeah, it amazed me when they had to come home from school with a sheet of paper to write out a sentence of the picture at the top.

Do you remember having to learn to write a sentence in kindergarten? In the 70's, I never had to learn to write a sentence. I mean, the things I did in kindergarten was play, learn colors, shapes, paint, draw and things like that. What happened to the way school is run today?

Honestly, if my twins have to learn to write a sentence in kindergarten, why not just teach them statistics and geometry in first grade!

But I digress.....

So, today I had my twins write out their alphabets and on one of the pages, they had to write their alphabets up to the letter which were already on the paper. So, if "K" was already on the paper, they had to write the alphabets up to the K, then complete the 26 alphabets/

Tomorrow I am going to have my twins "write a sentence" so they go into first grade prepared. Honestly, I think my twins are ready for the first grade, but since this seems required of them, I will not only pass time, but strengthen their writing skills too.

**I already have my twins write birthday cards, mother's day cards and father's day cards, to strengthen their writing skills.**

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Their Playdate

This afternoon my twins had a play date with their friend Priel in our home and backyard. It was fun for all three of them, indeed. First they played in our home and semi watched a Disney movie. Then, they got bored and went outdoors to play. We have a pretty big backyard with lots to do like play with the water table and play on the Fort. The fort consider of two swings, a slide and a climbing ladder. There are two parts of the fort: a place to sit on top and on the bottom.

My twins and Priel played more with the water table than in and on the fort. After a while, they played Duck, Duck, Goose! For a while, this game was fun and them some fussiness began (from my twins) because they were getting tired, I am sure.

Anyway, my twins and Priel seems to have a fun time together and they all look forward to another play date together soon. Here are some photos of them playing together.

Monday, June 13, 2011

TwiceGirlies Dancing at Kite Festival

Last weekend my twins and their friend were invited, with their dance instructor and other dancers from her dance studio, to dance on stage at the Mt. House Kite Festival. Well, it certainly was windy that day and I can see why this city has a Kite Festival.

My twins and their friend, Keira, danced just wonderfully. This was perfect practice for their dance recital at the end of this season. With my twins and their friend Kiera dancing on stage and in front of a lot of people, they were able to see where to start and stop for their routine and not be afraid in front of a crowd.

The song they are dancing to is "Walking on Sunshine", but not by Katrina and The Waves. Here are some photos of my twins and their friend Keira dancing. My twins other friend, Miriam,was not able to attend. Miriam and Twin "B" would have danced together.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

TwiceGirlies Playing on Swing/Slide Fort

Yesterday my twins were playing on their swing set/slide/climbing ladder fort in our backyard. While they were playing on the swing portion of the fort, I was sitting in one of our plastic Adirondack chairs, watching them. My twins would switch swings as they, fearlessly, stood on the swing and wrapped a leg around the beam of the swing set.

With one leg around the beam and two hands grabbing onto the vertical length of the end of the swing set, the other leg beings to swing around the beam as well. I am looking at my twins do this and say out loud to them, "My goodness, I remember doing this when I was your age. You girls certainly are fearless." Then both my twins say, "What is fearless"? and I tell them, "It is having no fear, of anything, especially climbing onto this swing set."

My twins would switch places on the swing closest to the beam and, with ease, repeat swinging their legs over the beam, over and over and over again. Then, I told them to hold onto the basketball hoop and jump off. Along with jumping off the basketball hoop, my twins are doing the "Spider" on one swing and climbing up one side of the swings vertical beams.

Oh be young and fearless again....

Yes, my twins are fearless and oh how much they love climbing...and freaking Mommy out.

When Building a Home Theatre, It is Important to Have the Proper Cables Too

One might not think having the proper cables are necessary, but that would not be correct. To receive the optimum clarity for your television and incoming cable or satellite connection, it is that much more important to be using cables from the Optimized Cable Company. Even though it is necessary to purchase cables with your television, these cables will not give your television the high quality picture to come through.

When it comes to looking for VGA cables, there will be various sizes available for the television purchased and home theatre products also purchased. Take for instance the 6 ft. SVGA cable. This cable is a high quality standard male cable with connectors on both ends and has a double shielded EMI. This cable is available in black only. This cable is available in 6 ft to 15 ft.  Then there is the 15 ft and 25 ft SVGA cable which is CL2 rated and also comes with standard male connectors on both ends.

If you are in need of a VGA to RC cable, these come in sizes 6 ft to 50 ft. It is important to know this cable does not allow you to connect your video component source to a computer monitor with VGA input. That is unless your monitor is designed for this capability. The majority of monitors do not allow for such a cable. It is advised you check with the manufacturer of your TV or monitor before ordering this cable. One more thing to take into consideration before purchasing this cable is it will not work unless your computer's video card is made specifically for this cable. Again, the majority of video cards do not work with this cable. Please check with the manufacturer of your video card before ordering this cable.

Walgreens Brand Triple Antibiotic Ointment Quickly Heals Cuts and Scrapes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

A couple months ago I purchased a tube of Walgreens Brand Triple Antibiotic Ointment   Original Strength. There are various other ointments on the market, which have been around for a long time now, but when I purchased this, I was impressed. This ointment works well, and quickly too. Let's see, either myself or my twins will get cuts or scrapes throughout the week. Not only does it work like it says it will, the active ingredients in the product is just the same as the name brand products. This ointment is one of the many Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products available to customers of Walgreens.

As it turns out, the  Walgreens Way to Well Fund™  wants their customers to live a healthy life. With the proper education on health issues you can prevent future illnesses. Walgreens supports various organizations such as the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. When you shop at Walgreens you can also take preventative health tests.

Right now, you can enter the Walgreens giveaways. There is no purchase necessary to enter. Although, it is a requirement for you to be a U.S. resident. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment  on a blog post about which Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Product is your favorite and  Tweet a message containing the URL of the blog post that they are entering through as well as the hashtag #walgreensbrand

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The U.S. Circuit Court Upheld a $13.5 Million False Adsvertising Claim Against PMB Products from Mead Johnson

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yes, this is an amazing feat for PMB Products. The U.S. Curcuit Court Upheld a $13.5 Million false advertising claim against This means they can, on a competive level, can sell their infant formulas along side Mead Johnson Baby Formulas. This law suit came about due to false advertising from the Mead Johnson Nutrition Co.  against PBM Products, baby formula's. Mead Johnson Co. claimed PBM Products did not contain the same ingredients as Mead Johnson and therefore filed a false claim.

When the jury read the evidence against PBM Products, they found the Mead Johnson Co. to be false in their claims. In fact, the jury said PBM products could have their baby formulas right along side Mead Johnson Enfamil Formulas.

The PBM Products, in fact to have the same ingredients as Mead Johnson Enfamil and it costs a lot less. Parents can save up to $600 a year on baby formula. If, and when, parents choose to formula feed their babies, these can be found at such stores like Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Babies "R" Us and Kroger.

Just for comparison, all a parent has to do is find both baby formula's and read labels from both. When the labels are read, it is up to the parent on which baby formula they will purchase. The store brand baby formula is held to the same USDA standards as the name brand baby formula.  For more information on this lawsuit, click on the link provided to you.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Their First Week of Summer Vacation

Last week ended the first week of my twins summer vacation. So far they have yet to ask when they go back to school. I told them when they go back to school and I hope they will not ask. I just want them to enjoy their time off. They are able to sleep in, play indoors, outdoors and continue our walks around the neighborhood.

Along with doing the above, we will have more play dates and complete this seasons ballet/tap class. We do have plans for this summer, but they have not begun yet. Well, especially with this weather. Well, it is actually called "June Glum". Let's see, it is raining down in the valley and snowing in the foothills and high mountains. I mean, it is seasonal for it to be raining down in the valley to allow the crops to grow, but all the snow in the foothills and high mountains...come on now..

I am looking forward to my twins starting swim lessons soon and then my family eventually getting away for at least a weekend, away from the heat...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Designer Baby Clothes for Girls and Boys Make for Excellent Gifts

The Tea Collection began selling children's clothing, in San Francisco, in 2002. The baby clothes in the Tea Collection are made for girls and boys. There are some adorable girls dresses like Dragonfly, Maritime, Seaside Tile Halter, the adorable Songbird banded dress and so many more. These dresses are made for Spring, Summer and Fall. Some baby girl dresses are long sleeve and short sleeve. These dresses will have all your family and friends asking where you found them. These just too cute dresses come in sizes 3 months to 12 months. There are a couple dresses which are 18 months and 24 months as well.

Along with the dresses, there are mix and match sets, one pieces, bodysuits, tees and tops, pants and bottoms, leggings, sweaters, pajamas and accessories. Oh my, once you shop here for baby girl clothes, this will be the only place to shop. Anyone of these girl clothing items are great for baby showers, birthday's and everyday wear too.

Just like the girls clothes, the boys clothes collection is just a cute. The baby boys clothes are also available in mix and match sets, one pieces, bodysuits, tees and tops, pants and bottoms, sweaters, pajamas, accessories and shoes. Some of the boys mix and match sets are a shark bite six piece, urban surfer 5 piece, urban tiger 5 piece and many other adorable clothing sets for baby boys.

Whatever you decide to purchase for your baby girl or boy, for a baby shower gift of birthday gift, you will be more than happy with your purchase and so will your family and friends.

TwiceGirlies and Beauty and the Beast

This morning, well late morning, my twins watched Beauty and the Beast. They love this movie. Twin "B" has a Belle costume and likes to wear it all the time. Sometimes, when we walk around the neighborhood, I let my twins wear their costumes. I mean, why not, when they get older ( boo ) they will not want to dress in these costumes anymore.

I think this is one of their favorite movies, along with Tangled. This is their newest favorite movie. I even think this is a good movie. The music is nice, they characters are nice and I would have to say one of the best movies from Disney.

Anyway, my twins watched Beauty and the Beast this morning and afterwards let them make their own lunch. Today, almost as always, Twin "A" made a turkey sandwich and Twin "B" wanted Disney nuggets today. I think after this bag is done, I will not but anymore. I mean honestly, this is not real chicken, right? Right.

So, this afternoon, we will probably take a walk around the block and see if we can find Romeo. Romeo is my twins favorite cat in the neighborhood.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Their Playdate

My twins were so happy they were able to have a play date with their friend Keira. For months now my twins, and Keira, had been asking for a play date. Today was a great day for playing outdoors too. The weather was nice and the kids were playing barefoot, running in the backyard, swinging on the play set.

Since Keira's Mom and I are friends too, we were able to chit chat and talk to another adult. Well, I rarely, if ever am able to get together with my friends and today was just a good day for having some friend time with Keira's Mom.

When my twins and I arrived at Kim's home, she was giving voice lessons, to another friend of ours, daughters. This is something I would like to do for my twins when they get a bit older. After the girls voice lessons, I went out with them to their Mom's van and talked to her for a lot time. We rarely, if ever, see each other anymore. I think I just long for talking to adults instead of little people all the time.

As lunchtime rolled around, the kids had a tea party. Yeah, Kim took out some cookie cutters, something I do sometimes too, and the kids pressed the cookie cutter shapes into their sandwiches. Once the sandwiches were cut into shapes, they were eaten and the kids drank some lemonade in tea cups too.

One thing my twins loved playing with while at Keira's home was her bunnies. She has a white and black bunny. They are so cute. The black bunny likes to be held and loved whereas the white bunny runs like the wind will not allow anyone to catch her. Twin "B" kept trying and trying to catch her, but no way, the white bunny ran around the living room and finally, under the couch. Trying to catch the white bunny was simply a lost cause.

My friend Kim is so precious, she took out her Mac and begin taking movies of the kids which will be part of the Father's Day trailer. It was so awesome how this Mac can do this. Now, I am not a big fan of Ma, but it is amazing how much a Mac can do and all the software that comes standard with this computer. It is a shame PCs do not  have these type of products, included. Once the mini movies were made, Kim showed the kids and they loved it, as did I. I was impressed with all that a Mac can now do.

Our play date came to an end and all my twins and Keira could think about was their next play date, of course. So for our next play date, I have invited Keira and her siblings to our home. We have a lot for the kids to do in our backyard and front yard too.