Monday, June 13, 2011

TwiceGirlies Dancing at Kite Festival

Last weekend my twins and their friend were invited, with their dance instructor and other dancers from her dance studio, to dance on stage at the Mt. House Kite Festival. Well, it certainly was windy that day and I can see why this city has a Kite Festival.

My twins and their friend, Keira, danced just wonderfully. This was perfect practice for their dance recital at the end of this season. With my twins and their friend Kiera dancing on stage and in front of a lot of people, they were able to see where to start and stop for their routine and not be afraid in front of a crowd.

The song they are dancing to is "Walking on Sunshine", but not by Katrina and The Waves. Here are some photos of my twins and their friend Keira dancing. My twins other friend, Miriam,was not able to attend. Miriam and Twin "B" would have danced together.

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