Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Twicebabies are sleeping well tonight

I think having our twins out on date night gave our twins a way to fall asleep better tonight.

Well, they also went to bed a 9ish instead of 8ish. This could have factored into them falling asleep better.

I say this because right now, I hear no fussing, no screaming, no nothing. They are either asleep or chit chatting quietly in their room. Twin B loves to sleep next to Twin A. Twin B is Twin A's comforter when she can or will not sleep.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies Dates with Mommy and Daddy

Tonight when Daddy got home, we all went on a separate date night.

Twin B went with Daddy to the grocery store for potatoes and other food items we need. Twin B was a bit fussy at the checkout counter, but all in all had a good time with Daddy.

Twin A went with Mommy to Tar'get and Wal Mart. At Tar'get, we looked through the dollar bins and I found twin fluffy pink balls for them, two white/yellow boats and some Ariel Tats for summer time. Mommy got some more jar food Twin B likes. I went down this scrapbook aisle looking for some birthday stickers, found none, of course. But, Twin A was very nice and said, "Hi!" to a woman bending down looking for some scrapbook items. Twin A said, "Hi" twice. Twin A was being very sociable.

Then, Twin A and Mommy went to Wal Mart and I found some birthday stickers and some more vegetable seeds I can put in my survival kit that I have been making since 2005. It is never a bad thing to keep a stash of vegetable seeds. One day, we just may need them.

From Wal Mart, we went home and found Daddy and Twin B there with two big Mylar balloons and a milk shake a piece. Our twins love milkshakes!!

With the weather getting a little warmer, we can resume our dates nights with our twins. The love it and need time alone with the parent of their choice. It is a good bonding time for all of us.

God Bless!!

Twicebaby A wakes up Crying like crazy

Sometime around 12PM, Twicebaby A wakes up crying, well, screaming. I walked into her room, but she wanted Daddy. So, Daddy came in and she and her sister, sat on Daddy's knee's.

Still crying, I left because they needed Daddy.

Daddy stayed in room with twin A for a while and when he wanted to leave, twin A began whaling again and Daddy had to stay.

After, maybe fifteen minutes, Daddy left and twin A, again began her screaming.

So, Daddy walked into room again and asked if both of them were hungry or thirsty.

Ding, ding, ding! That was it, they were hungry and thirsty.

So, Daddy brought both of them a snack and a sippy cup of milk.

When Daddy gave them what they needed to sleep, their room fell silent.

Food and liquid, always a way to calm the savages.

God Bless!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Visiting the W.H. Stark House in Orange, Texas

Do you live in Orange Texas or near Orange, Texas? If you do, then you must have, at least once in your life, visited the W.H. Stark House, right?
If you live near the W.H. Stark House, you are in luck. Did you know this is a historical home, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places? This house is also designated as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark by the Texas Historical Commission.

The W.H. Stark House is 14,000 square feet and has 15 rooms. Many of the original family furnishings and decorative pieces like china, silver, rugs, porcelains, glass and so much more remain in this historical home too.

William Henry Stark,whom the house is named after, was born on March 19, 1851 in San Augustine, Texas. William Henry Stark married Miriam Melissa Lutcher, whose father was a lumber industry tycoon. In 1912, after Henry Jacob Lutcher died, William Henry Stark became president of Lutcher & Moore Lumber Company in Lutcher, Louisiana.

Along with the lumber industry, William Henry Stark had financial interests in companies such as the Orange Car and Steel Company, Orange Rice Mill and others.

William Henry Stark died on October 8th, 1936 and buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Orange, Texas.

The W.H. Stark House also has a foundation which helps improve the quality of life in Southeast Texas by encouraging, promoting and assisting education, the arts and much more.

When you find yourself in Orange, Texas, take a tour of the W.H. Stark House. You will be in awe of its beauty and the artifacts inside for your viewing pleasure.

Twicebabies in Their Hats

My twicebabies are like their Mommy in that they love wearing hats. Over the past six months, my twins have loved putting hats on, taking them off and having Mommy put their hats back on.

They just look so cute in their hats. Most of their hats hang from a dowl, on a shelf attached to one of their bedroom walls.

Here are some recent photos of my twins wearing hats they took down from their shelf.

God Bless!

Twicebabies and Daddy, The Falling Tower

Before our daily nap, Daddy was entertaining our twins by falling onto their bed, like a tower.

Here is short video I took of our twins loving it and wanting more.

Enjoy and God Bless!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Twicebabies and Bedtime

Tonight, my twins went to bed a little after 9PM. Like always, they laid down with Daddy and listened to one of their Praise Baby Collection CD's.

I think it took them no less than thirty minutes to fall asleep.

Yeah!! Oh, the sound of sleeping babies is wonderful. There was no fuss, no buss, just sleeping babies.

Before they went to bed, Papa and GaGa came over and played with them. GaGa had fun walking around the backyard with each twin in their red wagons, as did Papa.

Then, GaGa fed each twin which filled up their bellies for even better sleeping.

Along with the full meal, my twins took a nice, warm bath.

These two factors, I am sure, allowed for a much easier bedtime experience.

If only this method of sleep worked everyday.

But alas, this would only be a dream.

God Bless!

Twicebabies and the Monday Mayhem

Today started out alright. My twicebabies ate their morning breakfast, oatmeal, and drank their milk. They love milk and have begun drinking two bottles in the morning.

Once I dressed my twins, we played outside for a while, then we came indoors as it was getting real windy. When we came indoors, that is when the fussiness and bickering began.

Oh goodness, this fussiness, bickering and constant fighting, over the same toy, will it ever end?

I know, I know, "They are just two."

So what, they are just two. Does this mean I should 'just let them fight (over the same toy), bicker and continue in their fussy ways?

This is enough to make any Mommy (myself included) want to take a full day spa retreat, just to escape this madness.

When we went to Pixie Woods this past Saturday, my husband walked past a family who had boy/girl twins. These twins were I think four or five years old. The father told my husband, the fighting goes on until they are four or five.

What fun I have to look forward to.

I understand that there is a language barrier here, but with all the signing they do with me, you would think we could communicate better. But no, this would not be fun if I could communicate with two two year olds!!

God Bless!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Twicebabies, Daddy and Mommy at Pixie Woods

The weather was just perfect today. It was so perfect, we all went to Pixie Woods. It is an amusement park like place for children. They have a train ride, boat ride, slides and so much more to do there. Children can have birthday parties in the Alice in Wonderland room inside the park. When my were, I think, 15 months old, we went to Pixie Woods.

At that age, they were not aware of what the park was about and were not interested at all at getting on any ride. The only thing they liked were the baby swings.

When my twins were still infants, they were still in their double stroller. On today's visit, we all walked. Well, my twins actually ran more than walked.

Twicebaby B is not a fan of carousel rides. Daddy and Mommy learned this when we were at our mall two weeks ago. So, only Twicebaby A and Mommy went on a carousel ride. Twicebaby B and Daddy sat on a park bench.

Friday, April 25, 2008

When only a Lamp will Do

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Twicebabies and the Warm Backyard Day

It was a sunny, warm day in the Twicebabies backyard. With their red wagons in tow,filled to the rim with a baby doll, stuffed animals, blanket, pacifiers and sippy cup, they were on their way to having a fun and exciting Twicebaby day.

Today, the Twicebabies were able to see airplanes in the sky and birds singing and flying over their heads. In the neighboring houses backyard, the Twicebabies heard a dog barking and became frightened and ran to Mommy for comfort.

With weather like this, who could blame the Twicebabies for wanting to go outside. The Twicebabies had stayed indoors almost all of the winter months because it was too cold to step into the frigid weather awaiting them outdoors.

The Twicebabies and their new red wagons travelled all around the backyard in their new found playground. Finding a cement slab in the backyard, they promptly took out their red wagon full of toys and placed them on the cement slab. "This", they said, "Is where we should let our stuffed animals, blanket, pacifiers and sippy cup take a rest." Since their red wagon toys were resting, the Twicebabies decided to take a rest themselves.

When the Twicebabies and their stuffed toys finsihed their rest stop, they heard Mommy saying, "Time for a nap. Let's get inside now so we can stay out even longer after our nap." At first, the Twicebabies resisted, as toddlers usually do, but in the end, they liked that they could stay out longer after a good afternoon nap.

Around 3:15, the Twicebabies, red wagon with stuffed toys, pacifiers, blanket and sippy cup rolled on outside for their promised long afternoon in the warm air and fun with their toys and climbing slided. The Twicebabies climbing slide was brought to them my NanaPapa. NanaPapa got the climbing slide from Papa's youngest Sister when her children were toddlers. When the Twicebabies first boy cousin was a toddler, NanaPapa brought it to their home so cousin number one could play on it since NanaPapa had a bigger backyard.
From the cement slab to the climbing slide, the Twicebabies took their stuffed toys out of the red wagons and let them rest on the inside base of the climbing slide. Just like the Twicebabies, their toys need a rest every once in a while too. Towards the end of the Twicebabies fun filled day in the warm sun, in their very big and backyard, the Twicebabies pushed their red wagons to the patio and rested for a while. Days llike these the Twiceababies love and can't wait to go outside tomorrow too. With nice weather like this, why stay indoors.

Indianapolis Bank Teller Loses Her Twins

Remember how I wrote about this mother of five month old twins, in her womb, received gunshot wounds from a bank robbery? Well, I have sad news. The twins did not make it!!

The twins were not hit my the gunshot wounds, but one was born dead and the other twin died after birth. Jason Schoffield, the twins Daddy, said the twins died late Thursday night and that Katherin remains in critical but stable condition.

I really hope this robber is caught and he goes to prison for a double homicide. These were precious babies, human babies.

This paragraph just irks me: Now that the fetuses have died, (fetuses, they are NOT fetuses, they are babies, waiting to born. These sweet babies from God, if they had been born full term would have lived a full life, like any other human does today. I am sure these twin babies died from stress). The gunman would be eligible for feticide or other charges, (Well, if and when the police find the shooter, aka twin BABY MURDERER, he better be eligible for prison. Listen up jurors, convict this man!! These twins were and are BABIES, not fetuses as our medical establishment likes to drill into our heads. It is called indoctrination. This word, fetus, is used to desensitise Americans about human life being precious and worth saving. This shooter do not need to be in our society any longer. It looks like he really knew how to contribute to our American society, right!! NOT!!) Wyser said without specifying. He said that in order for manslaughter charges to be filed in Indiana, Shuffield would have had to have been at least seven months pregnant.

God rest your precious, little souls you sweet angels. You are now in good Hands.

Bank Tellers Twins Did Not Make It

Incandecent: Yes...CLFs: No

If you love your incandescent light bulbs like I do, you better get a stash of them before they are all gone. I was a Wal Mart today and the incandescent light bulbs are now on the bottom shelves and are .74 cents for a four pack too.

Maybe you do not already know this, but those CFL light bulbs, our government is, against our will, forcing us to 'replace' our incandescent light bulbs, are mercury filled. Do you know what that means to you, your family, your children and your friends?

Are you really looking forward to our government banning our beloved incandescent light bulbs all for, in their diamolical minds, a way to 'save the planet'?

Take a guess, come on I dare you.

Tick tock, tick tock (Silence of the Lambs reference)

It means that if even one CFL light bulb falls and hits the ground, mercury will fill the air and poison you, your family, your children and your friends.

The environmentalist are touting that if you use CLF's, you will save $30 in electric costs over the life of the light bulb and that you, just you, will be probably be taking over 600,000 vehicles off the road. Really, tell me how these people came up with this figure.

This is all, in my opinion, propaganda to get us, Americans, used to the idea that these CFLs are really doing our planet some good. I find that highly unlikely as my God created this world to withstand anything His creations, created to survive.

I looked for information on both the incandescent and CFL light bulbs and nowhere in the incandescent article did I see a mention of mercury being used. But guess what, there is a mercury emissions section for the CFL article, letting us know already that mercury is in these light bulbs!!

Don't you think this is a form of premeditated murder? A mass murder...over time..if not instantly? Our government leaders are looking to depopulate the planet by 80%, I think this method of removal by forcing Americans to use CFLs in their homes, business, etc, would qualify.

Please, please do not become a sheeple and blindly follow this master, our government, until they lead you over a cliff. Please do some research on your own and get more facts than I presented here. It might save your life.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies, Diaper Changes and Back to Bed

Tonight when my twins woke up for their diaper changes, they requested Daddy change them. My twins are so fickle it is not funny. One day, they want Mommy to change their diapers and the next day, Daddy.

Well, tonight, Daddy changed their diapers and attempted to sleep in between them, like they had requested. About two to five minutes later, Twin A was crying hysterically for Mommy to come lay down with her. She was crying so hysterically that Daddy had to come get me.

When I walked in their room, I said, "Twin A, I thought you did not want me. You turned me away, twice." She pulled me to lay down with her, in between her and her sister, Twin B.

From that time on, my twins were laying on me as if was their soft pillow. Twin B kept turning over on me and saying, "Mommy, Mommy", with her arms sprawled over my chest. Twin A also turned over on me and also sprawled her arms over my chest. They also had me holding their hands to insure them I would not leave.


Almost an hour looked like they were calming down and I told them, "Twin A, Twin B, Mommy is tired and I am not sleeping in this bed. Mommy needs to get up." They began to freak out a bit, but then Twin A said, "Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss". I knew then it was alright to get up and leave.

My goodness, my twins are precious and a piece of work all rolled into one.

Praise God!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

When You Love Sharing Photos Like Me...

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Personally, I use photo cards year round because to me, everyday is a holiday! When I take beautiful black and white or sephia photos of my twins, I like to upload them and add beautiful borders to them. When my family receives these photo cards, it brightens their day. Don't forget, you can personalize your photo cards by adding a message on the front and or inside the cards. Everybody loves a personalized greeting card, right!

Another thing I do with these photo cards is place them in my twins scrapbooks and timecapsules. Then, when they get a little older, they can open their scrapbooks and timecapsules and see how cute they were and the messages I wrote in the cards.

Oh yeah, one more thing I do is stick these photo cards on my material/ribbon photo holder I have in my kitchen. Then, everytime I walk into my kitchen, I can look at the photos and read the message I had written on the inside of the cards. That always brings a smile to my face.

Make your photo cards special and make them memorable. Your family and friends will love them.

Twicebabies playing in backyard with Daddy and Mommy

When my husband came home from work tonight, we all sat on our patio and ate some delicious BBQ brisket and fries. Well, our twins did not have any brisket, just fries. Before dinner, I had already fed my girls so this was an extra.

After dinner, we played in the backyard by strolling each twin in their new red wagons around the backyard for a while. Then, with the new beach balls I got them from Wal Mart, our twins were hitting them with some PVC pipes around the backyard.

Daddy also cut down some tree branches with the leaves, so my tomato, chili and onion plants could get some sun. You see, I have the plants behind my white picket fence, behind my garage so my twins will not tear out the plants. Anyway, the tree branches were blocking the sun from my plants and those darn branches had to be sawed off. These tree branches are actually very tall and thick weeds. At first, I thought these weeds were 'trees', but not so, they are actually weeds which grow from who knows what and they grow everywhere.

So, after the branch cutting was done, we continued playing in the backyard until the sun began to set.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies and a new Hi-5 Episode

This morning, my twins asked for me to tun on Hi-5 for them. So, I turned on our TV and scrolled to where Hi-5 is under the kids section.

Lo and behold, there was a new episode added to the lineup. It is called Wonderful Days and they loved it. It shows and tells them about wonders of the world and where they are in the world.

I tell you, this is probably one of my twins best TV shows. They wake up every morning asking for either Hi-5, "Bus", "Golf" or "Music".

Since my twins were infants, I had them either listening to the Praise Baby Collection DVDs or listening to the On Demand shows my cable company offers.

God Bless for shows like this...

Twicebaby B and a new Food

While at Target last night, I was looking for something she could eat that would taste good on her pallet. I came across this new flavor from an organic baby food company.

This afternoon, I tested it on her,without telling her what it was, and she liked it. I would not say she loved it because she kept pointing to her squash.

So, what I usually do is switch from her meat jar food to the squash she likes so much. Then, after all that food was done, I gave her some fruit.

I am hoping Twin B will allow her pallet to taste table foods soon because buying these jar foods is getting expense, even with coupons.

God Bless!

When Bad Credit Finds You

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Twicebabies are becoming more Vocal

Twin toddlers, just like a singlton toddler I am sure, begin to use their voices more around 29 months of age. I could be wrong, but my twins, along with their own private language, are now repeating my every word these days.

They just love talking. I think they like hearing their own voices.

I on the other hand, get tired of their voices constantly rambling on for what seems like hours, but on no, they are only talking for minutes.

Twin A loves PB&Js, but she tells me she wants one like this: "San, San" and she points to where I have the bread and PB&J.

Twin B will have none of it. She turns her head and will only eat pureed foods like squash and the like.

Oh yes, you may think it cute your toddler or toddler twins are talking, but once they begin talking, it never stops....

God Bless!

Twicebabies and their Babysitter

Yeah, my twins babysitter just came to pick them up for two hours. I guess they will be going to the play place for toddlers inside our McDonald's. That is a fun and semi safe place for them to play. I like the play place because it is enclosed, I only wish it was indoors.

But, I can not always get what I want, right.

At least I have a babysitter for two hours, once a week.

My twins love and adore their babysitter. This is a good thing for she will be watching them for an extended period of time soon.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies and their new Red Wagons

Last night, we went to Target to get my girls something with wheels. What I really wanted was one of those yellow shopping carts, but they have been sold out since two weeks ago and I guess my Target does not restock on very popular items such as these.

Too bad!! I would like to assume we, the citizens of my city, drive to a neighboring city and purchase the shopping carts from Toys R Us instead.

The plastic, red wagons cost $13.99 and my girls have been using them since this morning. Lets see, they place their binkies in them, their sippy cups in them and their stuffed toys in them as well.

Oh, I also pushed them around the backyard and they liked that. They are getting so heavy, I could only do it once.

God Bless!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pregnant Bank Teller and Twins Survive Gunshot

This is true and it just happened in Indianapolis at the Huntington Bank Branch. The gunman jumped over the counter, hit the teller Katherine Shuffield, 30, in the abdomen, who is five months pregnant. But praise God, the gunman missed both babies. I mean, wow, that is totally a miracle. This is something only God can do.

I am sure Katherine was scared and thought her babies, not fetuses, were dead.

What an amazing story Katherine will share with her babies once they are older.

Praise God of BIG miracles!!

Pregnant Bank Teller and Twins Survive Gunshot

Twicebabies and Mommy Slept until 4:57 Today

Yes! Can you believe that! We went down for our nap at 12:47 and did not get up until 4:57. Wow, I must have been tired and my twins too. I also think it was the wind blowing wildly outside our window.

The holly tree always scratches and hits against our window. That sound makes for good sleeping weather.

I do not think my twins went down for bedtime until 9:30 tonight. I was a bible study, we are studying Revelation right now. I love Revelation and requested we study this this time around. Right now, were going into chapter 7. I just love this book and thank God for speaking about these things.

Well, I hope tomorrow the weather will be warmer so we can go outside. My twins need to get all the energy out of their system before nap time.

God Bless!

The Health and Beauty Website You have been Looking For

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An all inclusive website like this is what you have been waiting for. It is like a one stop grocery store. Right at your fingertips!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Twicebabies, Mommy and Daddy at the Mall

When my husband got home from work, we all went to the mall.

Inside our mall is a little play place for young children to play in. So, our twins played there for probably an hour, maybe less.

From there, we went to the food court, got some dinner and then as we were leaving, we went on the Carousel. Twin A sat on the KeeKee, while Twin B refused to get on the other KeeKee. So, Daddy and Twin B sat on one of the open seats.

Oh, while I was waiting for Daddy to get his food, a mother and her daughter walked by our table and noticed my twins. She said she has twin girls too. She has five girls total. We got to talking about how difficult it is to ever take twins out. She recalled never leaving her house or taking her twins to the park for fear they would always run in separate directions. That was my fear too. She said it got easier the older they got. She also asked if my twins have their own language and again, I said yes they do.

We had a good night at the mall. Good thing the mall was pretty much empty!

God Bless!!

Twicebabies and Mommy Play Outside

Even though it was quite crisp outside today, my twins wanted to go outside and play. So, with the new, not really new, but handed down climb/slide toy, we climbed and slided down this for a while. Well, before we went took our afternoon nap that is.

I love sleeping in between my twins because they sleep on their backs,with their arms up over their heads. Like they did when they were infants. It just looks so cute and they look so sweet. No whining, no crying for my attention. They are calm, asleep and getting the rest they need to complete their day.

Monday, the gardeners come and cut our grass and sometimes our bushes. The sound never seems to awaken them. In fact, they sleep right through the outside sounds. But, if we wake up and they are still here, my twins go to our picture window, put their hands on the bench, look out the window and wave to the lawnmower guy.

They just love seeing them cut our grass.

Well, we had a good day today.

How was your day?

God Bless!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Twicebabies, Nana, Papa and Daddy at the Park

This morning, I decided to stay home and let my twins go to the park with Nana, Papa and Daddy. That is right, Mommy needed a quiet time, all to herself.

My twins, God love them, were again, having their tantrums. Twin B was screaming and yelling because she wanted Nana to change her diaper, not Daddy. She wanted Nana to hold her, not Daddy. It was all about her.

Oh goodness, I NEED HELP!!! This weather is not helping me at all. Today, in my city, it is 65 degrees and so windy. Even with the sun out, the wind still blows and the temperature being 65 does not help either.

It would be so nice to get some extra help with my twins. It is a good thing I am no longer a two year old. Being two, has got to be the worst thing every brought upon a child.

True, many adults, myself included, act like a two year old at times, in fact, now, when I say "You are acting like I two year old", I can say this with experience of seeing my twins acting like a selfish two year old. Although, I do not lay on the carpet and have tantrums as they do when I do not get my way.

So tell me, how long does this last? My twins will be 2.5 in June, so I am hoping and praying they will get over this hump by three or 3.5.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies in the Backyard with Nana

It was so cute, my twins in the backyard with Nana, running around, trying to catch her and playing pee a boo!

Look how much fun they were having. This is something I never do. I guess I never thought of
doing this before. Maybe I should begin doing this..
All I do is watch them play outside, but never interact with them.

They are having so much fun....I will definitely have to begin interacting with them in the backyard more. Especially when the weather is good.
It was very windy in the backyard and I was not going to join in. But Nana just has lots of fun!!
So you my twicebabies!
God Bless!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana, Papa, Mommy and Daddy at Go Bananas!

Yeah! We all went to Go Bananas this afternoon. Let me just say, my twins love it there. They can run around, climb the jumpers, slide down the jumpers, play in the toddler
area with other toddlers and the toddler toys.

Today, we did all that and more. Nana, Daddy and Mommy went down the slides while Papa took photos of all of us just having a ball.

The only downside to taking my twins to any place other than their home is their resistance to leave. Oh yeah, they resist in a big way when we had to leave today.
It is never a pretty site. For one thing, my twins thought Nana Papa were leaving without us and two, they just wanted to have fun..
Well, the fun has to stop sometimes. Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Papa wanted to leave. We were getting hungry. So, on the drive to the pizza parlor, Twin B began losing it. She went totally ballistic and was just in hysterics. She was not getting her way, did not want to leave and wanted Nana with her.

Once at the pizza parlor, she turned from Jekyll to Hyde once again.
Raise your hands if you can tell my why class!!
Yes!! She was able to see her Nana again.
But then, on the drive home, Twin A took over where Twin B left off. This is a constant battle Daddy and Mommy face almost every time we take them out somewhere.
And, this is the reason I keep them home.
Any ideas what I can do to change their behavior will be helpful to me..
God Bless!!