Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mommy and Survivalist Seeds

Yeah, Spring has finally sprung and a friend of my husbands came over and added got my garden ready for planting. This year, I planned to plant a lot of vegetables for myself. I mean, we all need vegetables to stay strong and healthy, right? If I had more room, I would plant some fruit trees. I really want a lemon, lime and pear tree.

Anyway, I recently found this company called Survialist Seeds online. These seeds are called heirloom seeds and are non-GMO. GMO means genetically modified organisms and this is what a lot of the crops which feed us are using. The biggest company creating GMO crops and buying out family farms is a company called Monsanto. It would amaze you how Monsanto is cross breeding plants and animals into seeds which are feeding humankind.

So, when I found Survialist Seeds, I had to purchase two containers for myself. In this season's garden, I am planting beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and red peppers. My garden is small, but these are vegetables I like to eat.

Survivalist Seeds has 20 grow anywhere heirloom seed varieties, 6,000 heirloom seeds and nearly 30 pounds of rare heirloom seeds for your home garden. These are the best seeds to invest in because they are all natural with no chemicals in them.

If our food supply ever dwindles or becomes unhealthy, having Survialist Seeds will be your mainstay for you and your family.

TwiceToddlers are so Talkative


My twins are so precious, and wild and so talkative lately. My goodness, they wake up at the crack of dawn and want to be dressed, want to be fed, want to do this and want to do that. They have certainly found their voices and are not afraid to use them.

They tell each other want to do and what not to do. Oh, and when Mommy, that is me, tells them not to do something, they now use that against each other. One day, I told Twin "B" to stop acting like her sister, Twin "A". I said, "Be yourself and stop acting like your sister."

Now, Twin "A" is saying what Mommy said. The only reason I say this is because right now, they do everything alike. They already dress alike, have the same stuffed and not stuffed toys. Everything they do is identical and they are not identical twins.

Anyway, already at 3.5, my twins are very talkative and do not hold back on anything.

Oh, one of their friends from daycare left and went to pre school now. It was so sad for me and our day care provider. I am not sure if it really affected my twins, but if it were not for they friend who left, they would not be daytime potty trained. Their friend is 4 years old and was already potty trained. When my twins saw her going potty, they too wanted to do what she did. That is one good thing I can say about having friends.

Mommy could not potty train them, but their friend helped them, by my twins watching her. Oh, and she was a talkative little girl too. Maybe this is where my girls picked that up from.
Who knows, it could also be from the Disney cartoons they watch.

God Bless all my readers...

TwiceToddlers Mommy had a Root Canal

Okay, I have never been a fan of the dentist. In fact, the only thing I fear at the dentist is the
x-ray exams. Placing those things in my mouth creates a total gag fest. Monday I went to this dentist and tried to take some x-rays, and was only able to take one.

Today, I went to my appointment and because the bottom, left side of my mouth was numb, it was easier to take the x-rays. Once the bottom, left side of my mouth was numb, I had two more x-rays taken showing I had two cavities which need to be taken care of soon.

Then, the dentist and the assistant, began drilling into my tooth. The dentist put this new thing over my tooth that keeps my tongue away from the drilling and any bacteria that might get in the way.

After the procedure, the assistant gave me two pain prescriptions, Amoxx and a high dosage of Ibuprofen. The pain has not reared its ugly head, yet, but I am sure it will tonight.

Anyway, I have to go back again, for another procedure and to get all this mercury out of my mouth. Getting dental work, without any insurance, is outrageous. Have you ever paid for dental work without dental insurance? My health care coverage does not cover dental, vision only.

So, it would be great if my readers would read and rate my eHow articles. The more moola I make there, I can more likely than not, help pay for my dental work. I will not tell you how much, but will leave that to your imagination.

God Bless everyone!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TwiceToddlers and their Feeding Habits

Alright, so two weeks ago, I was able to get my twins to begin eating something other than what they have been eating for over a year now. To much of my surprise and joy, they are expanding their food horizons and eating better table food, like Mommy and Daddy.

Two weeks ago, I purchased some taquitos, chicken, and they actually ate them. Well, they ate one a piece, along with green beans. Along with eating taquitos now, they are eating more meatloaf, hamburgers, more green beans, potatoes, apples and sometimes, red raspberries.

Yesterday I gave me twins one flour taquito a piece, sliced apples and some grapes. They did not like the flour taquito at all. So, I guess those will just be for Mommy.

But hey, I am glad to see them finally expanding their feeding habits to somewhat 'better' foods than they have been eating since they were 2.

When I was their age, I too was a picky eater. But, I also did not have a twin to encourage my bad eating habits.

God help me as I try and get my twins to eat better. At least they like apples! Well, I have to peel the skin off (the best part) so they will eat the apples. But, whatever it takes to get then to eat better..