Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TwiceToddlers and their Feeding Habits

Alright, so two weeks ago, I was able to get my twins to begin eating something other than what they have been eating for over a year now. To much of my surprise and joy, they are expanding their food horizons and eating better table food, like Mommy and Daddy.

Two weeks ago, I purchased some taquitos, chicken, and they actually ate them. Well, they ate one a piece, along with green beans. Along with eating taquitos now, they are eating more meatloaf, hamburgers, more green beans, potatoes, apples and sometimes, red raspberries.

Yesterday I gave me twins one flour taquito a piece, sliced apples and some grapes. They did not like the flour taquito at all. So, I guess those will just be for Mommy.

But hey, I am glad to see them finally expanding their feeding habits to somewhat 'better' foods than they have been eating since they were 2.

When I was their age, I too was a picky eater. But, I also did not have a twin to encourage my bad eating habits.

God help me as I try and get my twins to eat better. At least they like apples! Well, I have to peel the skin off (the best part) so they will eat the apples. But, whatever it takes to get then to eat better..

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  1. Monk,
    Go girls !!!!!! You're on your way of having a wonderful time of being healthy and smarter when you eat food that has nutritional value instead of empty calories. Now keep it up and you will be very content little twice babies !!!!! Love ya, Nana