Thursday, September 30, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Receives Many Gifts

This was an amazing birthday. I am guessing it had to do with me turning 40. So, this year, I received a lot of gift cards from places I really love to shop. Some gift cards were from clothing stores and some from specialty shops that sell yummy foods and exotic items. Along with gift cards, I received this bedding set from my hubby and an amazing painting, from my parents, to put either over my bed or my dresser drawer. The bedding set and painting both came from the same place in SoCal where my parents live.

Other wonderful gifts I received were a very fancy and floral spaghetti strap top with an almost matching necklace and very soft sweater with shell tank top underneath. These were the gifts I received at my birthday party.

When I was in SoCal, staying with my parents, they gave me very nice gifts. My Mom gave me these rocker style boots and a black outfit. The tank and thin pants are black and the flowing jacket is black/grey stripped. The whole outfit is awesome.

Let's see, I also received some See's Candy, this perfume I liked from A/E, a matching necklace/earrings set to go with my black outfit, two lovely boxes I really like a lot and so much more.

Oh, at Chevy's, I worn a BIG purple Tiara and a Blue "40" Necklace.

Wow, I had so much fun....This is a birthday I will not forget..

TwiceToddlers Mom Birthday Surprise!

I received the best birthday surprise of all parents drove up from SoCal for my birthday in NorCal!!! I had dinner at Chevy's, due to the loudness and my twins, Chevy's is the best place to eat at.

So, I am walking into Chevy's and had NO idea my parents were coming up to celebrate with me. My hubby keeps very good secrets.. I mean, we had just celebrated my Gramma's 90th birthday last weekend in SoCal and stayed with my parents for that weekend.

So, I walk into the dining area, I look up and who to my surprise do I see standing before MOM and DAD!! I began to cry..with my sunglasses on..I was in such shock!!

We had a great time with my hubby, twins, all my in-laws and my precious parents!! This was the best birthday I have ever had...My twins were in a much shock as I was and they wanted to sit on my lap the whole time..

When I was getting ready to sit..I got another Aunt and Uncle from San Jose drove up to my city for my birthday too!! Two amazing surprises in one day...

I certainly am blessed with a loving family...

Thank you Mom and Dad for driving that very...long...and boring ride up north for my birthday... I love you!!

Thank you Auntie Leenie and Uncle Mike for driving in work traffic to celebrate with me too.

The PlayStation That Gets You Moving

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is such an amazing gaming system. Wow, when I purchase this Playstation Move for my family, I already see some games we could play on game night. The games that look the most fun for my five year old twins, Daddy and Mommy are the Brunswick Pro Bowling, Start the Party, EyePet, Get Fit with Mel B and probably Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. These all look like fun games to play on our family game night.

If you know how siblings are, sibling twins to be exact, they certainly do fight. I am looking at the EyePet game and totally see my twins playing this together. As for my husband, and twins, I see them playing the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 game on more than just game night. Right now, my twins love playing golf in our backyard with Daddy, but when the weather gets colder, I totally see them playing this indoors.

As for the exercise game, this Get Fit with Mel B game looks like something for Me. Yeah, I could see myself and my whole family, playing (or exercising) with this game at least three times a week to stay fit and healthy.

In case you are wondering, yes, this PlayStation Move bundle can be used with your existing PlayStation®3 for only $99. That is a great price, especially since you already have the PlayStation attached to your television.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom and Twins Love TrendyTwinShop Dresses

When my twins were born, they were preemie's, less than 4 lbs each. I only wish I knew about this website when my twins were that little. I rarely, if ever, had my infant twins dressing alike. Just recently, I found this website, TrendyTwinShop, and they have the most adorable preemie clothing for your little preemie. If I had found this website, in November 2005, I would have purchased two of the tiny pink preemie pants and pink beanie hats for my girls. When my twins were preemies, it seemed I rarely had any matching clothes. As my twins got older though, I was able to get more matching clothes and even today, at almost 5 years old, they still like dressing alike. The one article of clothing my twin girls love to wear most are dresses. They love dresses and really, do not want to wear anything else. Sometimes, I have to beg them to wear shorts or jeans.

Well, when I looked on this website for dresses my twins would like, I found these pink and very adorable girl's personalized dresses. My goodness, when I found this dress, I knew my twins would just love this. This dress would be great to wear in the late fall and all though the cold winter months. I showed my twins this dress and they loved in because their first initial could be put on the front of their dress. When my twins dresses arrived, I just fell in love with them. They are long sleeve, a very soft cotton with a ruffle at the end of the dress. The best thing about this dress, of course, is the capital letter in each of my twins name in the top portion of the dress.

The clothing just for twins is adorable. The onesies for twins, do come in pairs, and they range in sizes 0-18 months. Some of the onesies are also available for toddlers in sizes ranging from 2T-4T. As for the regular T-Shirts, they come in sizes 12 months to 10 year old. All these clothes are for both girls and boys and come in a variety of designs and colors that will not disappoint.

When you look at and place your order at the TrendyTwinShop for a friend having twins or for yourself,you will come back over and over again. Especially since the clothes are for more than preemies and infants. One more added bonus for all my readers, you will receive 20% off your first purchase until October 11th.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

American Comfortwear is the Rambler's Way

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rambler's Way Farm. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I first found this website, I thought, wow! I love wool, but had no idea wool could be soft and light like this. In fact, the wool clothing that this family farm, Ramblers Way Farm, makes is soft and light. The Ramblers Way Farm is a family business creating soft, comfortable next-to-skin worsted wool apparel entirely on American soil. For those who only want America made clothing, this is the best place to make your wool clothing purchases. 

Ramblers Way Farm grows Rambouillet wool on our own sheep farms in Maine. There are also ranches in Colorado, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah who partner with the Ramblers Way Farm’s to meet their customer standards in making superfine soft wool clothing. These farms also practice sustainable farming like the Maine Farms do. 

The owner’s of Ramblers Way Farm believe a business can be a financial success along with being socially-responsible. Once customers see how Ramblers Way Farm treats their sheep, the land and their clients, they will become clients for life. Just as important as it is to take care of the sheep, it is also important to take care of clients and keep them dressed in personal warmth and comfort. 

Now, if I were given $200 to go on a shopping spree at Ramblers Way Farm, I would get the Next-to-Skin Women’s Cross Neck top and the Next-to-Skin Women’s Camisole. These would be especially great to wear in the summer and early fall. 

Before I found this website, I always thought of wool, wool sweaters to be exact, as being itchy and not comfortable. In the past, when wearing wool, the sweaters were always heavy and made me so hot. Now, I no longer have to worry as these wool clothes are not itchy, heavy or hot at all. 

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It is Child Saftey Week. Are You Booster Seat Ready?

**The information in this article was provided to me by Chicco.**

If you have not already read in a recent survey, significant statistics supporting the fact that parents have been misinformed about booster seat safety. If you have been misinformed, this is what you might want to know to keep your booster seat child or children safe:

* When it comes to knowing the guidelines for when it’s safe for a child to ride in a car without a car seat or booster seat, 88% of parents of children ages 0-10 years did not correctly answer that it’s a combination of child’s height and proper fit of a seat belt.

* Fewer than half of parents correctly identified the most important feature to look for when choosing a booster seat, a design that positions the shoulder and lap seat belt across the child’s chest and lap properly.

* When it comes to knowing the guidelines for when it’s safe for a child to begin using a booster seat instead of a convertible car seat, more than 95% of parents of children age 0-10 years did not correctly answer that it’s a combination of a child being at least 4 years old and mature enough to sit still in a booster seat.

Given these statistics, I’d like to introduce you to Chicco’s KeyFit Strada Booster, which was announced this month as one of the “Best Bet” booster seats out of 72 booster seats that were evaluated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Chicco is committed to safety and providing consumers with products that meet industry standards.

Please visit the Chicco website and do your part with rotecting your child or children in your vehicle.

Monday, September 20, 2010

TwiceToddlers Love Doing Things Themselves

My twins, they certainly love doing things themselves these days. Well, they have begun doing a lot of things themselves over the past year, but now, they really like doing things themselves. Take for instance turning on the oven, putting their food in the oven, taking their food out of the oven, taking the bread, turkey slices, cheese, bread and drinks out of the refrigerator. My twins also like folding their clothes and sometimes cleaning their own messes up in the Great Room, Living Room and in our Hallway.

The only place they do not really clean is their bedroom. Since my twins are still small in height, Twin "B", now Twin "A" carry both of the step stools around our home. Honestly, I have no idea where they got this idea from. More likely than not, from watching their kids cartoons. Well, both my twins are even learning to speak better and I think it is because I read to them. In fact, their vocabulary is getting bigger. Now, that could be due to them listening to Mommy and Daddy talk.

Anyway, they are growing up so fast in their independence, personalities and vocabulary. I still and will always call them my baby girls.

TwiceToddlers and Half Days

Oh goodness, do your children or twins, have half days in school? What do you think of these half days? Do you like them or do they mess up your day? Is there really a purpose for these half days? When my twins have their half days, they do not take a "snack" to school. They have their lunch when they come home. Is this half day to save on paying the teachers throughout the school districts? I am sure my last "question" is the reason for these half days.

Anyway, so far, the things my twins have brought home from kindergarten, school work that is, is a duplicate of what they learned in preschool. When I see the work they are doing, I put it on our breakfast table and say, "Girls, this is exactly the work you did in preschool. This should be easy for you. But, even though they had 1.5 months off from school, they seem to have forgotten what they learned in preschool. Mommy on the other hand has not and I have to once again, sit with them and show them again, how to trace their letters, the name and shapes.

What this is telling me is the private preschool we had our twins is was totally worth it. Our twins were ready for kindergarten before they entered kindergarten. Now, I just have to remind them of the things they learned in preschool.

Fall TV is Here! Is Your TIVO Ready to Record?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh yes, Fall is here and so is Fall TV. With the season's changing and the new TV shows premiering, you can now watch them all live or TiVO them. If you already have a TiVO, them you know TiVo is not just a DVR! Now, you can use your TiVo to search and  find your favorite TV programs, movies and Web video. In fact, all of your favorite TV shows, movies and Web videos can be found on cable, Netflix, Amazon On Demand, Blockbuster On Demand, YouTube videos or more. Your television experience is now so much more.

Maybe you have seen commercials for Hawaii Five-0, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Event, Fringe and Bones. Now,if you happen to miss the night it is one, you can TiVO it and watch it later. No more missing your new or returning shows. I know I can not wait to see Fringe and Bones again. It is great they are returning this season.

If you are a Facebook Fan, now you can "LIKE" TiVO on Facebook too. Yeah, you can stay up to date on all your television shows and actors. It is fun being connected through Facebook in whatever you do. Now, you can become a TiVO fan with all your family and friends too.

Finally, you can Enter to Win a new TiVo Slide in the "30 Slides in 30 Days" Sweepstakes. How fun for you if you could win a new TiVo Slide. All you have to do is click on this website  amd emter to wm      and win it.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Loves Posh Petals

A couple a weeks ago, I found this awesome website selling floral headbands, clips and beanie hats for infants, toddlers, little girls and tweens. The website is Posh Petals and the owner of Posh Petals is in Central California. The owner, Carie Harris, has designed and sold her amazing floral headbands, clips and beanie hats since 2007. Carie's inspiration for Posh Petals was her beautiful little daughter.

If you are looking for headbands, clips and hats with more flair, Posh Petals does just that. In fact, all the headbands, clips and hats give the illusion of fresh cut blooms. These lovely hairpieces make great birthday gifts or everyday gifts for your little girl.

Whatever style or color you or your little girl choose, it will be sure to fit her age range and personality. Anyone of these headbands, clips or hats are made in an array of colors and patterns. The headbands, clips and hats will make your little girl look sassy or sweet. When purchasing a headband for an infant, toddler, little girl or tween, you can choose from big, bold, small or delicate flowers. Many headbands come with rhinestones or beads for that added flare. This little bit of bling is durable and sewn to the headband, clip or hat for added safety.

There are many headbands to look at and choose from. One of my favorite headbands are the crochet headbands. These headbands are just so precious and have so many colors and designs to choose from. Each set of crochet headbands has a girls name, a beautiful flower with either, sequins, tulle, chiffon or rhinestones in the middle of or around the flower attached to the headband.

As sweet as the headbands are, you can not forget the knit beanie hats. There are ten styles and colors of knit beanie hats to look at and choose from. When it came to my twins, the one I knew my twins would like was at hat. They just love hats, like Mommy. This Miss-Daisy Flower on Fuchsia Knit Hat was the one they looked at and decided on. My goodness, was this a good choice of hat or what. My twins look just stunning wearing not only this color, but this hat too. Well, they are like their Mommy when it comes to wearing hats, headbands and clips. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always adorned my head with something cute and or sassy. These are just some of the photos I took of my twins wearing this adorable beanie hat.

Finally, after purchasing the headband, clip or beanie hat for your infant, toddler or tween, they can be placed on one of these headband and clip displays. The best way to keep the shape of the beanie hats and headbands are to place them on these displays. There is the Ballerina Clip Dress, Stand Up Bolster, Lye Down Bolster and a large and small hat stand. Placing your headband or hair accessories on any of these displays will keep their shape and allow your daughter(s) to wear it longer.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste Works for All Diaper Rashes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is the best gift to give at any baby shower. Baby's do tend to get diaper rashes quite often. It is great to have more than one tube or tub of this in your baby's nursery. The Boudreaux Butt Paste is made from 16% Zinc Oxide, a Peruvian Balsam and treats and any all diaper rashes. This butt paste also soothes irritated skin as your baby tosses and turns while wearing diapers.

I remember when I was pregnant, seeing advertisements on TV and online about this butt paste. When I was pregnant, I had three baby showers. If memory serves, I can recall receiving at least one tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste from each baby shower. With twins, I used the Boudreaux's Butt Paste rather quickly. Once I was out, I went out and purchased three more.

Here is another little tidbit for you about Boudreaux's Butt Paste®. It was specifically formulated by a pharmacist with direction from a respected pediatrician to provide effective diaper rash care. If this information is important to you, then this here is another great reason to purchase this for your little one's bottom or for family or a friend who has a baby or babies.

When looking at any grocery store or mass retailers for Boudreaux's Butt Paste®, you are sure to see it in convenient sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz tubes, 16oz jar. With a all these sizes, you can purchase a 16oz jar for your home and any of the tubes for your diaper bag and vehicle. The tubes are made with a flip top cap and have a handy travel size too.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste® also goes on and cleans off easily with a pleasant scent and will always provide your baby or babies extra skin protection. With sensitive and new skin, babies must have the gentlest of creams, soaps or lotions touching their skin.

Finally, the Boudreaux's Butt Paste® is so popular, it has been featured on The Oprah Show, The Tonight Show, The Today Show, People Magazine, ESPN and While You Were Out on TLC.

Just remember, if you are having a baby, or babies, or you have family and friends who are expecting, it's time you visit the Boudreaux's Butt Paste® site and receive your own free sample of Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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TwiceToddlers and Their School Photos

When my twins came home from school this afternoon, they can bearing gifts. They finally brought home their class/school photos. Oh,they are just adorable! On their picture day, I put them in the blue floral dress my Mom/Nana made for them. Along with the dress, I put a hot pink bow headband on their head. The headband somewhat matched the hot pink bow my Mom/Nana sowed on each side of the straps.

For their photos, my twins tilted their head, ever so slightly, and smiled that lovely smile Mommy has had them put on since they were one years old.

Since my twins were wearing a blue floral dress, I choose a grey background. The grey background worked out well. If I had chose a blue background, the twins would have been hard to see.

With all the photos we received, I will give one to anyone in our family who wants one. Well, that will be everyone!!

TwiceToddlers and Pulling a Card

When my twins first began kindergarten, the parents had the Open House meeting with their teacher. One of the first things she went over with the parents was the Colored Card System. If I can recall, there are four colors. The children start out the day with a GREEN card. If a child is not respectful to their classmates, hitting, touching, disobeying the teacher, they pull a out the GREEN card and are given a YELLOW card.

Well, in just this month, both my twins have had to pull a card. Oh yes, Twin "B" for hitting her sister and Twin "A" for running in the classroom. Well, running and hitting come of no surprise to me. It is all par for the course in my home, but to do this in the classroom, I was hoping they would never pull a card.

So now, everyday they go to school, I pray over them and tell them to behave and not to pull anymore cards. Hopefully, I will not have to see what the other two colors are.

TwiceToddlers Learning Their Colors

Since my twins have begin kindergarten, their task, well Mommy's task, is to cut out the colors they are learning that week. If you keep up with my blog, you see I post photos of my twins wearing the color they are learning that week.

So far, they have learned about RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE and next week PURPLE. I have yet to post about my twins wearing BLUE yet, but I will.

Anyway, when my twins learn or pass an assessment in class, they receive PC BUCKS. No, PC is not for politically correct, but for the initials of their elementary school.

Both my twins have come home now with a PC Buck for learning their colors. It really paid for Mommy to teach them at home, since they were 18 months old and from having them in the most amazing preschool in my city.

Yeah, you could say my twins make me proud...and you would be correct!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bookswim in the Premium Place for Online Book Rentals

Reading is something everyone has to learn. Once you learn to read, a whole world opens up to you. Well, now everyone who reads can stop on by the website, sign up and order all the books you want, for rental. As it turns out, this is the first online book rental library service lending you paperbacks, hardcovers and now college textbooks Netflix®-style directly to your house, without the need to purchase! Imagine how much money college students would save, not having to purchase $80-$200 textbooks.

Bookswim keeps in stock all the latest bestsellers, new releases, and classics! Read your books as long as you want - no late fees! Even choose to purchase and keep the books you love! If you have been looking for a deal like this, it has just arrived on your desktop.

BookSwim is an excellent gift to give your college bound student, as a birthday gift or Christmas gift too. The BookSwim gift cards will always make the perfect gift, anytime of the year.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TwiceToddler "B" Shooting Hoops on Driveway

My sweetie pie, TwiceToddler "B" loves shooting hoops on the driveway. She is amazing and, throwing the ball underhand, is amazing. TwiceToddler "B" can make 30-50back to back. Oh, she loves shooing hoops and has a blast. I think she has found her calling, sport wise, for elementary school to high school.

Well, that is going to far, but right now, she is having a blast.

When her sister, TwiceToddler "A" sees her making these cool shots, oh she gets so mad!! She does not like it when Daddy and Mommy praise her sister. In fact, she gets all mad and walks away. Oh, she is a sore loser.

But, TwiceToddler "A" is an amazing golfer!

Here is TwiceToddler "B" shooting hoops on the driveway.

TwiceToddlers Watching the Sprout Channel

My twins have recently began to watch the Sprout Network. I am not really a fan of Sprout, but their Goodnight Show is cute. I like that lady dressed in PJ's and I like that Star she talks to. My twins do not watch this channel all the time, but here they are, watching The Goodnight Show on Mommy's bed, looking like my precious sweeties.

With summer winding down, I hope to get my twins playing more with all the toys they have and teaching them to read. I do have a reading program I am still working with them. It would be nice to have them reading by what...2nd this the age children normally begin reading? I thought it was 1st grade...well with all the reading I do with them, hopefully it will spark them to want to read sooner than their classmates.

Do your toddler's or your children watch Sprout too? What are their favorite shows?

The English Tea Store and So Much More

If you love drinking loose leaf English tea, you now have a wide variety to choose from. There is no need to search high and low for the brands you want. Every English tea you have ever wanted to try or keep in your home, is right here. In fact, there are the British Tea Favorites such as the English Breakfast Blend Tea Loose Leaf, Regular Earl Grey Loose Tea, Lady Londonderry Tea Loose Leaf, Buckingham Palace Garden Tea Party Loose Leaf Tea, Dorian Grey Tea Loose Leaf and so many more for to your liking.

When you purchase your English tea's online from the English Tea Store, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you are sure to come back over and over again. You will love these tea's so much you will make tea when your family and friends come over. Once your family and friends drink these tea's, they will make a purchase themselves.

With Christmas coming upon us soon, another great gift for your family and friends will be Christmas candy from the English Tea Store. Right now, you can purchase chocolate candies like the Cadbury Christmas Candy and Biscuits, Mars Christmas Candy, Christmas Toffee and Fudge and various over British chocolate favorites.

Christmas crackers have always been a Christmas tradition for the British. If you have never purchased then, it is time you did. They are fun to do and are like a grab bag of sorts. It takes two people to open them. Once the cracker is popped open, out comes a bright paper hat, a balloon, a small gift and a joke or motto. When a gift pops out, you might receive a puzzles, tiny treasure, masks, jewelry, tools, tricks and novelty items. These crackers are fun for children and adults as well! What a great way to end the year than to open up some crackers with family and friends.

One Stop Shopping For Honda Accessories

Owning a Honda, any Honda, is so much fun. Not only are they fun, they are fuel efficient and you can do so much with them and to them. Take for instance purchasing the honda accessories you want. Sure, your Honda might come fully loaded, or not, but when you decide to add more to your Honda, it can all be done right here.

The Honda accessories you can look at and choose from are Honda Dash Kits, Grill Kit, Spoilers, Headlights, Tail Lights, Floor Mats, Wheels, Bug Shields, Light Covers, and so much more. These kits can be Do-It-Yourself as well. If you are the kind of person who likes to do things themselves, these Honda Accessories are what you want.

When you decide to purchase a Honda, it is not just another car. This is the car you have always wanted. In fact, this is the car you love and you want to show it off to your family and friends. Your new Honda makes a statement about you and therefore, you want to enhance your investment as much as possible.

Now, you have a one-stop-shop to go to for all your Honda Accessories. There is no need to look all over for Honda accessories anymore. Whether you want interior or exterior accessories, all you have to do is bookmark the CariD website and shop here for all your Honda accessory needs.

Monday, September 13, 2010

TwiceToddlers at Joe's Crab Shack in Old Sac

On Labor Day Weekend, along with us having fun during the Gold Rush Days in Old Sac, we ate lunch/dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.

After my twins horse fix, it was getting late and we had not had lunch yet. So, as always when we come to Old Sac, we went to Joe's Crab Shack. I love eating at Joe's. The last time ate there with the twins they were two years old and it was winter so we ate indoors. This time, we put our names in and waited for 40 minutes to sit outside.Once our name was called, we sat outside on the patio across from the waterfront. It was nice seeing the sailboat's go by and other big boats.

Here are photos of my twins sitting down at the table, waiting for our waitress and checking out the scenery.

Now,if you have ever eaten at Joe's, then you know they dance every 30 to 40 minutes. This time, with all the kids eating outside, the waitresses asked the kids to get up and dance with them. So, here are my twins and another girl, dancing to one of my favorite songs by the B52's, "Love Shack" on the patio.

On this last dance move, you can see my twins doing the "BANG, BANG! ON THE FLOOR BABY" move. I remember doing this when I was.....

Oh, my twins had a great time, if you can tell, dancing with the waitress and just moving on the outside patio.

It certainly was a fun day in Old Sacramento, especially with our twins growing up.

Hanna Andersson has Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

If you have not shopped with Hanna Andersson yet, it is time you did. Especially with the season's changing. From where I am sitting, the leaves are falling and the temperature is falling as well. When these two things occur, it is time to get your children into warmer clothes. This is especially true if you live in a cooler climate.

Right now, Hanna Andersson has over 70 markdowns for in their Fall Favorites Sale. For girl dresses and skirts, there is the It's A Playdress, Its a Daydress Sale. There are over five styles to choose from. Then, there are the Look and See Tunic Dresses. There are five styles to choose from in these designs. There are three Hopscotch Jumpers that are just adorable and a must see, and if your little girl likes skirts, there are three Rah Rah Skirts and five Ruffle and Twirl Skirts to look at. Oh, there are so many more adorable markdowns for you to look at too. This is just a portion of what is being offered.

The boys markdown clothing are monster long sleeve jersey's, Slide Stripe Thermal Henley's, Stand Up Sweater's, Quiet Stretch Cargo Pants and many more styles to choose from.

When it comes to baby's, oh the baby clothes are just adorable. There are Jeepers Creepers Onesies in Organic Cotton, Eyelet Collar Jeepers Creepers, Wiggle Pants in Organic Cotton, Easy Leggings, Organic Cotton Cardigans, Supersoft Little Sweater Dresses and so much more.

Right now is the best time to look at what is waiting for you with Hanna Andersson. The best time to make your purchase is before the styles and sizes you want are all gone. Hanna's Fall Favorites Sale Plus FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $100. Hurry Ends 9.26!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

TwiceToddlers In Old Sacramento on Labor Day Weekend

On Labor Day Weekend, my family went to Old Sacramento for the day. It was a real nice day. The weather was not too hot and it was the Gold Rush Days Weekend in Old Sac. We did not go for that reason, it just happened that it was Gold Rush Days when we decided to go to Old Sac.

Anyway, there was almost NO parking anywhere. So, my hubby dropped his girls off near one of the entrances and he went looking for a parking space. While he was looking for a parking space, my twins and I went into the old style school house. It was really cool. It looked just like the one you might see in "Little House" or doing that time period. Here are photos of my twins sitting at one of the desks, writing on a chalkboard. It is a shame our schools are no longer small like this, where a teacher is teaching all grades to about 20 students. If, of course, this scenario every really happened.

While my twins were still doing this, Daddy was still looking for a parking spot. While my twins were inside writing their names, a woman came in saying there was going to be a pinata outside for the kids to hit. This pinata was made with a brown paper bag and tied to a rope. There was a lot of candy inside because when the pinata was opened, it fell all over the ground. Here are my twins with a bandanna around their eyes, being turned around and hitting the pinata.

While the twins, first 5 photos are Twin "B" and the next five photos are Twin "A". I can tell because Twin "A" wears a headband.

Anyway, while the twins were hitting the pinata, Daddy was trying to call me. I was not able to get to my phone as it was in my clutch. When I was able to get to it, it went to voicemail. I saw him walking around and finally, he saw us in the schoolyard. One of the kids opened up the pinata and all the candy fell to the ground. With their baggie in hand, my twins went to get about six pieces of candy. Candy they never ate.

From the schoolyard, we walked down one of the streets and kept walking by horse buggies and carriages. My twins loved the horses and wanted to ride one. Before we were to do this, we went to see how much it would cost for a boat ride. Well, it was $20 for adults and $10 for kids 4-12. So, we had to forget this and go with the horse ride instead. Twin "A" was not a happy camper at all. She so wanted to go on the boat ride.

So, back to the street again, looking for horse ride. It was funny, although I have never hailed a cab ride, I did hail a horse and buggy ride. While I hailed a horse ride, this ride was a lot more affordable and we went for a ride around the city. It was fun, even though the girls wanted to stand up all the time. Here are some photos of them from my point of view.

Here is the boat we did not go on:

And here are the photos of my twins in the carriage ride around
the downtown area.

Once we got off the carriage ride, my twins wanted to pet the horses. Here are Twin A and E petting and kissing the horse.

From the horse carriage ride, our twins saw a pony ride!! Oh yes, we had to give them a pony ride too. So, once we were off the horse carriage ride, we got a drink first and rested, then walked down to the pony ride. Daddy had to get more cash for the ATM, then purchase two tickets. The twins and Mommy waited in line for their turn. While waiting line, it began to get hot. This nice family in front of us let us use their sunscreen. It was the spray on sunscreen. I put some on the front and back of the twins necks, arms and legs. Thank you nice family for letting me add some sunscreen to my twins skin.

When it was my twins turn to get on the pony's they gave the lady their ticket and they were put on a pony. Here are photos of my twins having fun on their pony.

Once my twins pony ride ended, we went back to the waterfront and put our name in for some Joe's Crab Shack. This story can be read on my other article post. I will link to that story on here, and visa versa, so you do not have to go find the article.