Friday, September 17, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Pulling a Card

When my twins first began kindergarten, the parents had the Open House meeting with their teacher. One of the first things she went over with the parents was the Colored Card System. If I can recall, there are four colors. The children start out the day with a GREEN card. If a child is not respectful to their classmates, hitting, touching, disobeying the teacher, they pull a out the GREEN card and are given a YELLOW card.

Well, in just this month, both my twins have had to pull a card. Oh yes, Twin "B" for hitting her sister and Twin "A" for running in the classroom. Well, running and hitting come of no surprise to me. It is all par for the course in my home, but to do this in the classroom, I was hoping they would never pull a card.

So now, everyday they go to school, I pray over them and tell them to behave and not to pull anymore cards. Hopefully, I will not have to see what the other two colors are.

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