Friday, September 17, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Loves Posh Petals

A couple a weeks ago, I found this awesome website selling floral headbands, clips and beanie hats for infants, toddlers, little girls and tweens. The website is Posh Petals and the owner of Posh Petals is in Central California. The owner, Carie Harris, has designed and sold her amazing floral headbands, clips and beanie hats since 2007. Carie's inspiration for Posh Petals was her beautiful little daughter.

If you are looking for headbands, clips and hats with more flair, Posh Petals does just that. In fact, all the headbands, clips and hats give the illusion of fresh cut blooms. These lovely hairpieces make great birthday gifts or everyday gifts for your little girl.

Whatever style or color you or your little girl choose, it will be sure to fit her age range and personality. Anyone of these headbands, clips or hats are made in an array of colors and patterns. The headbands, clips and hats will make your little girl look sassy or sweet. When purchasing a headband for an infant, toddler, little girl or tween, you can choose from big, bold, small or delicate flowers. Many headbands come with rhinestones or beads for that added flare. This little bit of bling is durable and sewn to the headband, clip or hat for added safety.

There are many headbands to look at and choose from. One of my favorite headbands are the crochet headbands. These headbands are just so precious and have so many colors and designs to choose from. Each set of crochet headbands has a girls name, a beautiful flower with either, sequins, tulle, chiffon or rhinestones in the middle of or around the flower attached to the headband.

As sweet as the headbands are, you can not forget the knit beanie hats. There are ten styles and colors of knit beanie hats to look at and choose from. When it came to my twins, the one I knew my twins would like was at hat. They just love hats, like Mommy. This Miss-Daisy Flower on Fuchsia Knit Hat was the one they looked at and decided on. My goodness, was this a good choice of hat or what. My twins look just stunning wearing not only this color, but this hat too. Well, they are like their Mommy when it comes to wearing hats, headbands and clips. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always adorned my head with something cute and or sassy. These are just some of the photos I took of my twins wearing this adorable beanie hat.

Finally, after purchasing the headband, clip or beanie hat for your infant, toddler or tween, they can be placed on one of these headband and clip displays. The best way to keep the shape of the beanie hats and headbands are to place them on these displays. There is the Ballerina Clip Dress, Stand Up Bolster, Lye Down Bolster and a large and small hat stand. Placing your headband or hair accessories on any of these displays will keep their shape and allow your daughter(s) to wear it longer.

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