Friday, September 17, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their School Photos

When my twins came home from school this afternoon, they can bearing gifts. They finally brought home their class/school photos. Oh,they are just adorable! On their picture day, I put them in the blue floral dress my Mom/Nana made for them. Along with the dress, I put a hot pink bow headband on their head. The headband somewhat matched the hot pink bow my Mom/Nana sowed on each side of the straps.

For their photos, my twins tilted their head, ever so slightly, and smiled that lovely smile Mommy has had them put on since they were one years old.

Since my twins were wearing a blue floral dress, I choose a grey background. The grey background worked out well. If I had chose a blue background, the twins would have been hard to see.

With all the photos we received, I will give one to anyone in our family who wants one. Well, that will be everyone!!

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