Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bzzing about the L'Oréal® Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse™

A couple weeks ago, I was given this L'Oréal® Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse™ product. Since signing up with the BzzAgent website, I have done various product testing at home. As a BzzAgent, you can test our facial care products already on the market, to food and vehicle products.

This is one of two products I am testing out at home through the BzzAgent website. In fact, this is also called the WOM or Word of Mouth company. I think I found out about this company from one of the social networking websites I am a member of.

Anyway, back to the L'Oréal® Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse™ product. When I received this product in the mail,it can in a box and instructions on how to use it properly. The under the eye cream is on the bottom and the micro-pulse is on the top. There are two steps to removing the puffiness under the eyes.

The first step is to delicately put some eye cream under the eyes. I started in the middle and moved out to the end of my eyes. Once the cream was applied, I went to step two. With step two, I turned on the micro-pulse and like the cream, started in the middle and made my way to both ends of each eye.

It only takes about five minutes for each eye to see results. This is probably the best skin care product you will ever buy and you do not have to have surgery either.

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