Saturday, September 4, 2010

TwiceToddler "B" and the Snoopy Wag of Approval

On Thursday, Twin "B" came home with a Purple Snoopy Wag of Approval. Oh, it is so nice when she comes home with something like this. I am hoping as she receives more rewards, for behaving and doing good in school, she will continue this trend at home.

For some reason, when Twin "B" gets home, she changes and goes back to misbehaving and not obeying. Yeah, I know, this is the thing children do. They do this all around the world. They know when they come home, and misbehave, Mommy and Daddy still love them, period. This is why they **think** they can get away with their misbehaving.

Well, I am so proud of my Twin "B". It certainly is nice receiving awards.

I have linked to my post on Twin "A" also getting the Snoopy Wag of Approval.

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