Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TwiceToddler "B" Shooting Hoops on Driveway

My sweetie pie, TwiceToddler "B" loves shooting hoops on the driveway. She is amazing and, throwing the ball underhand, is amazing. TwiceToddler "B" can make 30-50back to back. Oh, she loves shooing hoops and has a blast. I think she has found her calling, sport wise, for elementary school to high school.

Well, that is going to far, but right now, she is having a blast.

When her sister, TwiceToddler "A" sees her making these cool shots, oh she gets so mad!! She does not like it when Daddy and Mommy praise her sister. In fact, she gets all mad and walks away. Oh, she is a sore loser.

But, TwiceToddler "A" is an amazing golfer!

Here is TwiceToddler "B" shooting hoops on the driveway.

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