Saturday, September 11, 2010

TwiceToddlers In Old Sacramento on Labor Day Weekend

On Labor Day Weekend, my family went to Old Sacramento for the day. It was a real nice day. The weather was not too hot and it was the Gold Rush Days Weekend in Old Sac. We did not go for that reason, it just happened that it was Gold Rush Days when we decided to go to Old Sac.

Anyway, there was almost NO parking anywhere. So, my hubby dropped his girls off near one of the entrances and he went looking for a parking space. While he was looking for a parking space, my twins and I went into the old style school house. It was really cool. It looked just like the one you might see in "Little House" or doing that time period. Here are photos of my twins sitting at one of the desks, writing on a chalkboard. It is a shame our schools are no longer small like this, where a teacher is teaching all grades to about 20 students. If, of course, this scenario every really happened.

While my twins were still doing this, Daddy was still looking for a parking spot. While my twins were inside writing their names, a woman came in saying there was going to be a pinata outside for the kids to hit. This pinata was made with a brown paper bag and tied to a rope. There was a lot of candy inside because when the pinata was opened, it fell all over the ground. Here are my twins with a bandanna around their eyes, being turned around and hitting the pinata.

While the twins, first 5 photos are Twin "B" and the next five photos are Twin "A". I can tell because Twin "A" wears a headband.

Anyway, while the twins were hitting the pinata, Daddy was trying to call me. I was not able to get to my phone as it was in my clutch. When I was able to get to it, it went to voicemail. I saw him walking around and finally, he saw us in the schoolyard. One of the kids opened up the pinata and all the candy fell to the ground. With their baggie in hand, my twins went to get about six pieces of candy. Candy they never ate.

From the schoolyard, we walked down one of the streets and kept walking by horse buggies and carriages. My twins loved the horses and wanted to ride one. Before we were to do this, we went to see how much it would cost for a boat ride. Well, it was $20 for adults and $10 for kids 4-12. So, we had to forget this and go with the horse ride instead. Twin "A" was not a happy camper at all. She so wanted to go on the boat ride.

So, back to the street again, looking for horse ride. It was funny, although I have never hailed a cab ride, I did hail a horse and buggy ride. While I hailed a horse ride, this ride was a lot more affordable and we went for a ride around the city. It was fun, even though the girls wanted to stand up all the time. Here are some photos of them from my point of view.

Here is the boat we did not go on:

And here are the photos of my twins in the carriage ride around
the downtown area.

Once we got off the carriage ride, my twins wanted to pet the horses. Here are Twin A and E petting and kissing the horse.

From the horse carriage ride, our twins saw a pony ride!! Oh yes, we had to give them a pony ride too. So, once we were off the horse carriage ride, we got a drink first and rested, then walked down to the pony ride. Daddy had to get more cash for the ATM, then purchase two tickets. The twins and Mommy waited in line for their turn. While waiting line, it began to get hot. This nice family in front of us let us use their sunscreen. It was the spray on sunscreen. I put some on the front and back of the twins necks, arms and legs. Thank you nice family for letting me add some sunscreen to my twins skin.

When it was my twins turn to get on the pony's they gave the lady their ticket and they were put on a pony. Here are photos of my twins having fun on their pony.

Once my twins pony ride ended, we went back to the waterfront and put our name in for some Joe's Crab Shack. This story can be read on my other article post. I will link to that story on here, and visa versa, so you do not have to go find the article.

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