Saturday, September 11, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their School ID

When my twins came home from school today, in their book bags were their school ID. Oh my goodness, they are so precious! A couple weeks ago, my twins took school photos and the photo on the ID is from their school photo session.

Well, we have yet to get their school photos, but we did get their school ID today and what sweet, and oh so adorable, photos my twins took. My twins just love the camera and take adorable photos.

Mommy should know, I have taken photos of them since they were infants. By now, my twins have become used to Mommy always having a camera around her neck. In fact, my twins ask me to take photos of them on a daily basis.

You would think by now, my twins would be tired of Mommy taking photos of them, but no, they want me to take more.

**I will not be showing you their school ID...sorry**

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