Friday, October 23, 2009

TwiceToddler "B" Sick Last Night

Around 3:15 AM, my little princess, Twin "B", was coughing and hacking away. Then, she threw up. I was still in my sleepy mode and thought she has threw up water. When I went to get a wet towel and water, I found she had thrown up food, well, it was red.

My sweetie pie, she was crying and did not feel well. The throw up was on our sheets and my right PJs sleeve. I told her, "this is good, this means you are getting better and getting rid of all the phlem in your lungs."

Twin "B" has no fever or is warm, she has been coughing, off and on, for a month now. Oh, and I have also stopped giving her any milk because the milk causes the coughing to continue.

Mommy and Daddy and Twin "A" just pray for her to heal and get better soon. I mean, we are heading into the long, cold and oh so boring winter months ahead. I would rather Twin "B" be healed now, so as to not remain sick going into the winter months.

God Bless

Friday, October 2, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mommy Loves iHerb!

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My sister introduced me to iHerb in 2002 and I have been purchasing my supplements from them ever since. The products I purchase on a regular basis are Bach's Essential Flower Oil Impatiens, Enzymatic Therapy Acid Free Digestive Formula, Source Naturals Alka Balance and Now Foods Super Colostrum supplements.

The Bach's Essential Flower Oil Impatiens is one I recommend for any Mom of especially small children. If you are looking to increase your patients, one or two drops of impatiens in a cup, glass or bottle of water will work wonders.

So, when you decide to order some new supplements online, this is the best company to order your supplements from. I have a widget on the right side of my blog.

Stay Safe and Healthy, Purchase iHerb Supplements.

TwiceToddlers and High Heels

Oh goodness, my twins love "pretend play" high heels. Twin "A", in particular, loves prancing around the house and outdoor in her high heels. Twin "A" puts on her tiara, tutu and heels. She looks just adorable and calls herself a "princes".

Twin "B", on the other hand, does not like wearing her tiara, but does slip into her tutu and high heels.

Both my twins begin their day in their high heels and then move to their tutu. The funny thing is, I only purchased these items for them, they have decided to play with them, on their own.

And oh,they are just adorable wearing these pretend play items.

TwiceToddlers and Sharing Day

Last week, at preschool, my twins began sharing something from home. Each week, my twins learn a new letter of the alphabet. Last week, Friday, they learned the letter "B". So, that Friday, they had to bring something for sharing and all I could find around our home was their Baby Doll or Teddy "Bear". So, I told them to share their Baby Doll. They loved sharing their Baby Doll and love their sharing day.

Today, they shared something with the letter "G". So, my DH and I searched and searched for something around the home which began with this letter. We could think of nothing, them Mommy (me), looked online for "objects that begin with "G"". I found several in fact. The one I used was "glove". We actually have two different gloves in our home, dress up gloves in fact.

Twin "A" took the pink princess gloves and Twin "B" took the blue Cinderella gloves. Oh, my twins had a great time sharing their gloves with their teachers and friends.