Friday, October 2, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Sharing Day

Last week, at preschool, my twins began sharing something from home. Each week, my twins learn a new letter of the alphabet. Last week, Friday, they learned the letter "B". So, that Friday, they had to bring something for sharing and all I could find around our home was their Baby Doll or Teddy "Bear". So, I told them to share their Baby Doll. They loved sharing their Baby Doll and love their sharing day.

Today, they shared something with the letter "G". So, my DH and I searched and searched for something around the home which began with this letter. We could think of nothing, them Mommy (me), looked online for "objects that begin with "G"". I found several in fact. The one I used was "glove". We actually have two different gloves in our home, dress up gloves in fact.

Twin "A" took the pink princess gloves and Twin "B" took the blue Cinderella gloves. Oh, my twins had a great time sharing their gloves with their teachers and friends.

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