Monday, September 28, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Their New Musical Instruments

So, Daddy goes to Costco one day and sees this cute Instrument Set. He purchases it, brings it home and the set sits in our utility room for a week. We had not given it to our twins yet. This is because we already know they would fight over it. They fight over everything.

Alright, so now we are in the new week, beginning at Sunday. After church, Daddy took Twin "B" to Costco to get us some AAA batteries and happened to stop by the toy aisle. While in the toy aisle, Daddy picked up another Instrument Set. Daddy said because they were a good price, we could afford to have two sets.

While Daddy and Twin "B" were at Costco, Twin "A" and Mommy went to get some lunch at Wendy's. That is all we did, nothing real special, just pick up lunch for the twins.

When Daddy and Twin "B" arrived back at home, Twin "B" was holding the new Instrument Set so I went to the garage and retrieved the other New Instrument Set, never opened.

After their nap, or rest, Mommy and Daddy opened the Instrument Sets and ever since then, they have been going crazy with the drum, maracas and other instruments I can not name right now.

I do like these toys 1) because they are real instruments and 2) hopefully it will take them away from the TV.

God Bless instruments for children...

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