Monday, September 21, 2009

TwiceToddlers at Micke Grove Park

**Forgive me for not writing on my blog lately, I have been busy on other assignments.**

Yesterday, Daddy, Mommy and our twins went to Micke Grove Park. We had intended to go to Pixie Woods but they were closed for the Winter Season. Well, if yesterday was an indication of the winter weather, they should have been open. Pixie Woods would have made lots of money indeed with the very nice weather.

So, instead of going to Pixie Woods, we drove to Lodi and went to Micke Grove instead. At the Micke Grove Park, instead of going to the zoo, we played at that amusement park for kids. Our twins had so much fun. They went on the mini train ride, mingo-round I(merry go round), a cool roller coaster for small children and other small rides for kids.

I think we stayed there for two or three hours.

So, just in case you live in our near Stockton, do not waste your time driving to Pixie Woods ,they are closed for the WINTER season. Micke Grove Park, on the other hand is open year round.


Now, after our Micke Grove outing, we went to Trader Joe's. Mommy had to get some more food stuffs. The only thing I forgot, which I really needed was the small waters!! I get the ones which come in a large pack surrounded my plastic. They cost $7.99 and are usually at the front of the store. Oh, I will see if my Aunt can purchase two for me and I will pay her for them. Anyway, I got some more wheat thins, (TJ style), fruit, drinks, soaps, JoJos cookies and other yummy stuff. While at TJ's, the girls were asked to look for JoJo, the TJs mascot. Well, TwiceToddler "B" found JoJo, up on top of the egg cooler. So, for their reward, both my twins got a balloon and lopipop. Oh, TwiceToddler "B" was so proud of herself and so was TwiceToddler "A"when she found JoJo too.

Well, have a blessed day everyone!

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