Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween #2 for my Twin Girls

Here are my girls on their second Halloween. This year, they were little princesses. Last year, they were angels.
We went to three places this year, our neighbors across the street, Grammie and Poppas, Auntie Cheryl's and Auntie JuJu's/
That was a lot of places for our girls. When we got home, we changed them into their nightwear's and they went down without a fight. Unbelievable!

When Your Twins, or child, Does Not Listen To You

What do you do?

Do you keep putting them in timeout?

Do you allown them to disobey you and let them go about their merry way?

Do you allow them, that is right, allow them to walk all over you and control you?

How do you handle these types of situations?

Ever since my twins learned to walk at age one, they have been into everything, tearing things apart, climbing on everthing and they think this is funny.

Now, I really do understand this is all curiosity, but to what end will this curiousity, well, end?
Will I have to be at my wits end and allow them to tear apart my home all for the sake of curiosity and learning.

Will it take me raising my voice to them in disgust when they enjoy, with glee in their faces and smiles to go with that glee, to get my point across that Mommy is not a happy camper?

The thought of me having to take everything out of my home to protect them and my "things" sounds more lik a possiblity these days. I intend to sell the "things" I used to have in my home over a year ago next month.

So, to what end will you or do you allow your twins, or child, to go until you just go crazy?
Do you pray about their behavior and your patience? I am afraid to pray for patience because I know what will happen. I prefer to pray for grace and peace.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday, playing and driving with my Twins

Today, after my girls got up from their nap, a nap I was surprised lasted as long as it did, my girlfriend from church called about inviting me and my girls to her daughter's 1st birthday this weekend. I had to decline because my twins birthday is on the same date her daughter was born. Only, my twins will be two and she will be one.

Well, I had to decline, of course. But then, I called her back and let her know I was going to be having a garage sale with one of our other friends from church in mid-November and that she might want to come over to look at the 12 month clothes I have for sale.

So,she and her daughter came over, she purchased some clothes and I let her borrow one of the two angel costumes for her daughter for tomorrow.

After that, I took my twins for a long, long, long.....long drive around town. I think I drove for over an hour with them. Within that hour of driving, they finally fell asleep and so, I had to keep driving so they would not wake up. When my girls wake up, they are not happy all...

While on this drive, I drove on roads I had never been on my myself and I was getting lost. So, I called my hubby and asked him to help me get home. You see, I was in the country part of my city and these country roads lead to other cities around my city. It is a good thing I called him because it was getting dark real fast.

Once we got home, in my city limits, my girls were up and I was singing to them and they were having fun. I would say, "We are going to see Daddy." It is a good thing my girls love their Daddy.

The Natives (My Twins), Actually Are Napping Today

That is right, I did no have to force them to sleep or stay in their cribs. They just went to their cribs and fell asleep.

What is this all about? I was shocked, stunned and quite amazed.

My twins have not been getting a lot of sugar lately so this can not be the cause of their lack of sleep. I wonder what it is. Do you think it could be because they have little colds and Croup?

Twins, well, actually babies and toddlers, they are so unpredictable!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

And the Restless Natives... Finally Fell Asleep

That is right, can you believe it!

They finally fell asleep around 9:20ish. My husband and I only noticed they actually fell asleep at 10 something.

Who wants to guess where they actually ended up sleeping?

Who wants to guess their crib? Crib, Crib anyone....

Who wants to guess the carpet? Carpet, Carpet anyone....

Ding,Ding, Ding, if you guessed the carpet, YOU! would be correct.

Awe yes, it looks like cribs will be gone next month and sleeping on the carpet or mattresses on the carpet, is in. Hey, whatever will get these little stinkers to sleep will work for Daddy and Mommy.

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Did Your Twins Ever Sleep on the Carpet?

What I mean is, if your twins were constantly climbing out of their cribs and were so tired from doing so, did they eventually just fall asleep on the carpet because they were not able to climb back into their cribs?

I think my twins are getting to this point. They just get so exhausted from all their climbing, that they can not get the strength to get back into their cribs and they just crash on the carpet they play on, throw their stuffed toys on, their clothes on...

My goodness.....that is all I have to say....

Any comments would be appreciated....

My Twins Just...Will....Not...Sleep....

Oh goodness, what will make my girls sleep? They are just not tired. They had no sugar today so they should not be full of energy. Tell me, is this really what toddlers, even girl toddlers, are like? Or, is this just my twins who will not sleep.

Wear me out, oh no, they would never wear Mommy and Daddy out, why would they do that?

I say this because Daddy keeps getting up to corral them back into their cribs. They keep climbing out, as if it is a game, opening up those dresser drawers and jumping in them!!! They are jumping in them and, could quite possibly break them and fall through them as well.

Do you think this stage, what ever this stage is called, will ever just go away and my twins will listen to Mommy and Daddy and actually take direction? My twins, I think they are afraid they will miss something and when Daddy walks into their room to tell them, "No, No", they say, "No,No" back and then proceed with what they were doing before Daddy went to their room. Nothing is working with them.

I only hope and pray for that day because it is not today!!

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The Twins Who Would Not Sleep

It was a Monday, we woke up around 7:47 a.m. It was a bit overcasty outside, but we could still go outside and let loose all the energy we had stored up from the night before. Mom was in the house, cleaning and doing whatever she does around the home to keep it clean and looking nice for Daddy.

When it was time for out nap, Daddy came home, he always comes home for lunch, he saw Mommy in our room, none to happy with us for creating a cyclone like environment. That is right, everything was on the floor, pulled out of our drawers and closet.

Do you think Mommy was happy to see my sister and me outside our cribs and destroying our room Mommy, Nana, Papa and Daddy had worked so hard to make pretty? No, she was none to happy. She was indeed not, a Happy Camper.

Eventually, my sister and I took a nap, a very.. small.. nap.

When we finally made a break from our room and headed out towards the living room, Mommy said, "Okay, let's go out for a drive and get out of the house."

So that is what we did. Mommy took us for a drive around where the farms, corn, sheep and cows live. The smell was not nice, but we were able to see things we have not seen before, or in a long time anyway.

After our drive, Mommy took us to a park. It was a new park for us, but we did not care. It had more slides and a play place for us to jump on and go through this to the other side. My sister and I liked this park and want to go back again real soon.

That is, when the weather cooperates with us, no clouds or rain in the sky.
When it was time for bedtime, around 7PM in the evening, Mommy and Daddy took us to our bedroom, but did we sleep? Are you crazy? Why would we want to sleep! There is so much for us to do in the evening, like climb into our drawers still, and take out all our stuffed toys, we have to take down all our diapers from the top of the dresser drawer and make our room the cyclone we did in the afternoon.

We are destructive machines, not babies! Come on now, we want to explore and destroy Mommy and Daddy's home. What do we care, we are just little babies!

Mommy and Twins found a New Park Today

After my twins woke up from their "nap" this afternoon, we took a long drive around the country or farmland in my city. Then, as I was approaching the street that takes me to my home, I decided to go straight down the street I was on which goes into a home subdivision.

When I passed the intersection, I found there was a park in this small home subdivision. I never knew there was a park there. Well, how would I know if I had never driven down there, right?

So, we got out and they played on the two small slides and I found a semi tall, winding slide I went down and Twin "A" followed me down the slide. Then, Twin "B" went down after Twin "A".

We had a fun time and will have to go again. Anything to keep my girls busy when the weather is good, no rain or if it is too windy.

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When Your Twin or Baby Has a Croup Cough

When you baby or one of your twins has a cough that is really deep and does not sound like a normal cough, it is more than likely croup. Croup involves inflammation of the upper airway that leads to a cough that sounds like a bark, particularly when a child is crying.

So, what is croup you may ask. Well, it is actually a form of a virus. There are also similar symptoms of croup which might be caused by bacteria or an allergic reaction. The viruses most commonly involved are parainfluenza virus (accounting for most cases), adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza, and measles.

Some children who have a viral croup can get this from ages 3 months to 5 years old and young children can get this croup more likely than not in the winter months and early spring. Symotoms of croup can be really bad for children 3 years and younger.

Croup, due to viruses, is at time mild and this can be treated at home. Rarely, viral croup can be severe and possibly life-threatening. If your baby was premature (like my twins were), that baby or child is more prone to developing croup.

Ever heard of spasmodic croup? If not, this refers to a condition similar to viral croup. The difference is, this type of croup has no accompanying symptoms of an infection. This type of cough usually begins in the evening,when you baby is lying down for their evening sleep time and your baby will probably not have a fever with spasmodic croup. These symptoms are treated the same for either form of croup.

Are you wondering if this croup is contagious? Well, croup will occur in outbreaks most likely in the winter and early spring when the viruses are usually cause its peak. Many children who come in contact with the viruses that cause croup will not get croup, but will instead have symptoms of a head cold.

So remember, if your baby or child sounds like a barking dog accompanied by a squeaking sound on inhaling, your child more likely than not has a croup cough. If you decide to take your baby to see their doctor, they will check for a fever, cold symptoms (like a runny nose), or a recent viral illness, and ask questions to find out if the child has a prior history of croup or upper airway problems.

If you have a cool-mist humidifier, they will help your baby breathe better as this will open up their airway. Also, some doctors will probably subscribe a steroid to help with the airway swelling. If you do not have a cool-mist humidifier, you can also close your bathroom door, with shower on and let your baby breathe in and out with the steam filling the bathroom for probably 10 minutes.

Oh, there are so many ways to treat this croup your child or baby has.

For more information on Croup, you can visit these websites I found:

I am sure there are many more websites about Croup you can check out.

This is not a paid post. One of my twins, since last night, developed Croup and I will be turning on my hot shower and letting her breathe in and out inside there.

On a Path to Destruction, Twin Style

Did you know if you have twins, they quite possibly could lead a path to destruction, in their own bedroom? If you did not know this , you do now.

My twins, are totally destructive, in all they do in their room. I have photos to prove it. Here are just a few photos I have:
They are driving me crazy and they seem to have no idea what they are doing is a bad thing. They open the bottom drawer of there tall dresser drawer, take out the stuffed toys, then Twin "B", climbs inside the drawer and begins to take down everything from top the drawer. Yesterday, they spilled something, I am thinking Vaseline, all over the top of the dresser drawer and totally damaged it. Today, again Twin "B" was inside this drawer, taking stuff down and making a total mess. They are not babies, oh no, they are animals!!!! They think they are having fun and not taking their only nap per day.

Since last month, they have been climbing out of their cribs and now they do it with ease, like it is a game to them. When my Dad and Mom come up for their 2nd birthday, we well be dismantling their cribs and putting their mattresses on the floor. Maybe, we should take out all the climbable furniture as well. What do you think?

Talk about a bare room....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

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So Much Energy, What Is a Mommy and Daddy to do?

Before my hubby went to bed tonight, he walked past me and said, "I wish I had our girls energy. They scale their cribs like it is nothing, open their door (with the doorknob devise on it) and come out all smiles and rearing to play."

I looked at him and said, "I know, they are always on the go and just never slow down."

Yes, you heard, or read me currently, my twins know how to open their bedroom door, even with that doorknob device to prevent them from getting out. It does not really amaze me. My girls are fascinated about everything and will do their best to get what they want, right now. They have been escape artists since they were preemies and in swaddle blankets.

My twins are a piece of work...and I love them...

When one of my twins has a cold or cough

When one of your twins had a cold or cough, did the other twin also get a cold or cough?

Well, both my twins get a cold or cough at the same time, if not two or three days apart from each other.

Twin "A", had a cough and runny nose two weeks ago. Now, that cold, runny nose and cough, have returned and her sister, Twin "B" has caught her cough and runny nose. Right now, Twin "A" is coughing a lot, but I am not sure if it is croup or not. How do you tell if it is croup?

We have just been giving her OTC medicine.

Hopefully her cold, cough and runny nose will go away before her and her sister's birthday next week.

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Did Your Twins Love Each Other as Toddlers?

What I mean is, did they love each other so much they pushed one another, or pinched one another or bit one another and though this was a good thing?

Twin "A" is the instigator in all things pertaining to Twin "B" and fighting. I think she thinks this is a good thing and wants to see how far she can go before Mommy tells her to stop hurting her sister or Mommy will send her to her room.

Twin "A" does not like time out or being told NO. She also is not a fan of me disciplining her. But if I do not, then she will think what she is doing to her sister is acceptable and that if she can do this to her sister, she can do this to others.

So, what I am thinking is, does this mean Twin "A" loves her sister and this is the way she shows it? Gosh, I hope not and I hope she will grow out of this stage soon.

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My Twins Are Growing Up So Fast

Just tonight, my twins were crying for diaper changes. So, I walked to their room and found them on the carpet, crying. They were fine, just crying for what I could only assume was a diaper change.

Even today, at 23 months, my girls still hate to have a wet diaper. I mean, would you? But when they have dirty diapers, they freak out and scream like crazy. I have no idea where this comes from and wonder how long this will last. Hopefully only until they begin potty training.

Anyway, I was holding Twin "B" after changing her diaper and she wrapped her arms around me so tight. She rarely, if ever, hugs me that hard and with such intensity. I loved it. I want her to do that more. Twin "B" really loves Mommy and always wants me to hold her.

Well, I say they are growing so fast because as I was looking at her holding on tight to me in her room mirror, I realized she is almost half my size! It was just too funny to look at and I wonder, how talk will she be when she finally stops growing.

Yes, my twins are growing so fast, it is hard to believe they will be two next weekend.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

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Saturday Morning and Afternoon with my Twins

I think there was some sort of Halloween parade downtown this morning in my city. Anyway, there were some of those Jumpers for kids downtown as well. When I left my home this morning with my twins, I had no knowledge of this beforehand. I was just going to take them for a walk, after I placed their birthday cake order at Baskin Robbins for next weekend.

After I placed my order, I drove to Daddy's office to change their diapers and stroll downtown for a walk. That is when I came upon these jumpers for kids to play in. Well, I had to let my girls play in one of them. I found one that had all these balls in it and a small slide. They only played in it for 2-3 minutes. But they loved it and I think this would be a good idea for my city to have these jumpers downtown every weekend or every other weekend. I mean, there is really nothing for toddlers to do in my city. It would be a win-win situation for everyone.

So after the jumper fun, I walked with them to this lunch cafe and ordered a sandwich, which I never got to eat because they fussed and cried the whole time. I fed them a little bit of what I had in the diaper bag, then without eating my lunch, strolled back to my husband's office and along the way, my drink fell off the stroller into the street. Oh, that was just the icing on the cake. I was in the intersection and the light turned red when my drink fell in the street, I had to pick it up three times. Oh, I was not a happy camper.

Once I got to Daddy's office, I piled them in the truck and was about to leave, when Daddy comes up to my window and my eyes begin to well up with tears. I was so embarrassed because of their actions. Is this behavior normal for almost two year olds? It if is, this is a real big surprise to me. Everything in my head, how I thought it would be, is anything but.

I suppose this is a reality I had not anticipated.

Welcome to Mommy hood TwiceBabiesMom, there are more day like this to come...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Church Carnival and Our Twin Girls

Tonight, we went to a carnival a a local church. In fact, it is just down the street from our home. It was kind of like a safe Halloween for the children. My girlfriend's son goes to daycare there and she asked if I wanted to go. So, we went and once there, I realized we could have gotten our girls dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

Anyway, we only stayed a short time because these two's are setting in quickly and it is too much for me right now. I am not a happy camper when one of my twins refuses to do what I ask and she just sits down or has a tantrum. So, we left and that was that.

I also think both of them were sleepy because when they came home, they went to bed rather quickly. Which is a good thing.

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When Your Twins Sleep Good at Night

It is always nice when your twins sleep good at night. I mean, after they stop climbing out of their cribs and running to Mommy or Daddy with smiles on their faces that is.

Oh yes, last night, they slept like little Angeles and I loved it because they did not get up for a diaper change and just slept straight through the night. That is wonderful when they do this. I can not wait for them to be potty trained, but they are not ready yet.

Although, they are in those training pants with the Disney Princesses on the front. They have been in those for three months now.

It would be real nice if my twins would always sleep through the night. No fuss, no buss, just go to sleep.

Insurance, You Can't Live Without It!

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What would we do without car insurance? We would have to pay all this money out of pocket and that could get real expensive. It is better to pay the deductible than the whole amount to the body shop. Sure, your insurance premium may increase, but that is the price we pay for "accidents".

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mommy and Me and Time with Mommy's Friends

Yesterday, I took my twins back to Mommy and Me. You see, I had been going to Bible Study in the evenings and was unable to take them at the time I used to. Then, I received an email from Yahoo! Groups about this other time for meeting at the Mommy and Me room in downtown Tracy.

So, we went yesterday and the girls had a blast. They were jumping, running, playing with those exercise balls and attempting to share with their Mommy and Me friends.

After a while, we put all the toys away and sit in a circle (my twins would not sit). They never just sit, and we sang familiar baby and nursery rhyme songs. It was so fun. I will be going back next week too. My girls need more interaction and need to learn to sit still and take direction. I mean, they will be two in early November.

After playgroup, we went home, I got dressed for a job I went to and Daddy fed the girls lunch. They were, like normal, refusing to eat, or was that in the evening. Anyway, after lunch, we went to my girlfriends home where she and her daughter watched my girls for about two hours. My girls love her daughter and they played hide and seek and just had a great time playing together.

When I I came back to pick them up, they fell asleep in the truck right away. They were exhausted. It was so cute to see. So, I drove around for about 20 minutes so not to wake them. But, I was running low on gas and had to get home. As soon as I turned off the engine, they woke up, cried and screamed like crazy. Twin "A" , after getting her out of the car, had a total tantrum. I mean, she was pissed I stopped the car and interrupted her sleep. Twin "B", she was alright, no fuss, no buss. But Twin "A" would not go near me, and ran into the street two times. It was a sight indeed. My neighbor helped bring Twin "A" into the house since she would not let me pick her up at all.

So, next time I have to be gone for an hour or two, I will not attempt a Mommy and Me that day because as I and my twins witnessed, they need their afternoon nap. Even if they do not think so.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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The Little Jumpers..That's Right, My Twin Girls

My goodness, remember how I said one twin is bold and the other cautious?

Well, now they are taking cues from each other and doing the same thing.

They climb up on this dark brown wicker table, I purchased from Pier One in 2003, stand up on it, with glee in their eyes and smiles all around and without even thinking, they JUMP, into Mommy or Daddy's arms.

That is right, they have total trust that we will catch them. Oh my goodness, princesses, they are not. Maybe Tomboys, but no princesses.

But, I am doing my best to steer them in that direction I mean, I do not want two Tomboy twin girls.

Oh, I love them to pieces and they are total joys, especially when they are playing nicely with each other which is a rarity.

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Wow, that sounds like a lot of work and stress to me.

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My Twins and Trash

Just recently, my twins have discovered where trash goes.

The leaves are falling all around my home and when we play outside on our driveway, Twin A and sometimes Twin B, will open the trash can top and place the leaves in the trash can. It is so cute and she loves doing it.

Now, once inside, when Twin A and Twin B are ALL DONE with their milk sippy cup or whatever food they are eating, they walk over to the sink and drop them in the sink to say they are done.

My twins, they really do crack me up and they love knowing that the sink, for them, is where they place all their finished food or drink items. The look they give on their faces is priceless too.

Oh, and they also put whatever in the sink. This morning, they put Mommy's Sony Walkman in the sink, they sometimes put hair accessories in the sink, they put their binkies in the sink. It is hilarious.

Silly babies, what will they do next....

Coffee with my girlfriend and my Twins

Yesterday, my twins and I met my girlfriend for coffee at Starbucks. It was nice because she has not really seen them since their 1st birthday. The only time she really gets to see them is when she works in our church nursery.

So, we planned to meet for coffee and my girls just love her. I had them sitting in their stroller for a while, then we took then out and let the sit on chairs next to us, while eating their Cheerios.

Because my girls were getting fidgety, we decided to go to the park for a while. Well ,the girls, and my friend and I had lots of fun. We all went down this winding slide, each baby on our lap as we slid down the winding slide. Twin A loved it and as we reached the bottom,she would laugh.

Since I was not holding Twin B, I could not see her reaction or hear her laughing.

Anyway, we will be doing this again in a couple of weeks. This time, we will go to a different park, and probably go to the same Starbucks.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

When Twin B Slept on the Nursey Room Carpet

Oh yes, so much happened yesterday, I could only write about it today. I was exhausted from all my twins antics yesterday.

So in the afternoon, late afternoon, Twin A had begun waking up from her nap. I could hear her talking and playing from the living room. This is when I went into their room and found Twin A in her crib, standing up with blankie and tiger in hand, but Twin B, Twin B was sleeping on carpet, next to Siss with bottom in air.

I am guessing after climbing out of crib so much, she finally got tired and could not climb back into bed. Oh, she looked so sweet and peaceful. I should have taken a photo, but I did not. Instead, Twin A saw here Sss on floor and had to wake her up by poking her as she loves to do when she is still sleeping.

My twins, they certainly crack me up.

If you have twins, do your crack you up too?

Climbing Twins in the Laundry Room

Yes, the laundry room is where my twins and I tend to congretate in the morning because this is when I do most of my household chores.

This Friday morning, I was making my bed when who comes into my bedroom with the clothes basket and static sheets but Twins A & B. That is right, they, being so bright and using inginuity, climbed up on the clothes hamper, to the dryer and washer, threw down the clothes basket, tan mat in top of dryer and static sheets from on top of dryer.

As soon as saw the clothes basket, I knew they climbed on the dryer from the clothes basket.

My goodness, they are such stinkers and nothing can stop them from doing anything once their minds are made up to do it. Right now, all they want to do is climb on this, climb on that, climb out of this and climb out of that.

What is a Mommy to do? Nothing can contain my little darlings. They are unstoppable and they love it.

When Baby Fingers Get Stuck in Door

Yesterday, Twin A's right hand fingers got stuck in out utility room door.

Oh yes, she began to cry, but not scream, which was amazing to me seeing as my twins have a thing for screaming, whether it be a good scream or a bad scream.

I was putting laundry in the washer and she was behind me when I heard her crying. So I turned around and what do you know, her little, itty, bitty fingers (right fingers) were stuck in the door. So, I went over to her and ever so gently, pulled them out.

Twin A cried for a while, I held her in my arms then on my lap and she continued to cry as I kissed her fingers. There was no blood or swelling. I think she was just shocked that after playing with all the doors in the house,this one had to squeeze her fingers in it.

Silly baby girl...this is what happens when baby/toddlers do not listen to Mommy about staying away from the doors. The scary thing now is, both my twins have been opening all our doors since they were 21 months old so I am just surprised this is the first time this has happened to her or her sister.

Friday, October 19, 2007

How To Make a Baby Diaper Cake

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Thanks everyone!

Mom of Twin Girls

The Sneezing Twin Baby Girls

Since I have been teaching my twins how to cough with their hand over their mouths, I thought I should also teach them how to sneeze with their hand over their noses.

This is also cute to watch. They see Mommy *fake sneeze* with my hand over my nose, and they follow suit. I love it. Although, I do have to remind them to put their hand over their nose because I just taught them this past week.

What is cool though is that I do not even have to tell them of the things I do at times, they just do it on their own.

Learning by example is what it is all about. Especially in word, more than action. But at this age, almost 2, my twins are learning by Mommy's actions. When they learn to speak in sentences, that will open up a whole new chapter for Daddy and Mommy.

"Put Your Hand Over Your Mouth When You Cough", says Mommy to Twins A and B

Over the past two months, I have begun showing my girls how to put their hands over their mouths when they cough. Since they always do what I do, in actions, not words yet, I thought it would be easy to show them how to but their hands over their mouths when they cough.

When they do this, they think it is a game they are playing. They laugh and think it is funny. When they do not put their hand over their mouth, I have them watch Mommy *fake* cough with my hand over my mouth and they follow suit.

Eventually, they will not need me to remind them of this.

I think it is cute right now, but when they get older, I will tell them why this is so very important to do every time they cough.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Twins Who Will Not Listen To Mommy or Daddy

Oh yes, I love my twins. I love them so very much and I just wish they would obey Mommy and Daddy. Right now, they have so much energy. Take for instance today. Today I put them down for their normal, regular afternoon nap. You know, expecting them to sleep their normal 2-3 hours. Did they?

Take a guess?

They kept getting out of their cribs, opening up drawers, taking all their stuffed toys out and would like listen to Mommy. Usually, they actually sleep when they are supposed to. Even after I disciplined them, which they have become immune to, they still climb out of their cribs, play with their toys and stuffed toys and make their room look like a Cyclone hit it!

My Mom, I love her so much says, "They are Babies and no,they do not listen. They everything is fun and games. They just do not listen." I also think my twins take after me when I was their age. Lucky me that I got two of me.

If it is that bad right now, I do not even want to see what it will be like when they are teenagers,at the same time, going through the same things. Maybe God will spare me and give me all this disobedience right now, so when they get older, they will respect me and actually listen to Mommy.

But....this is only wishful thinking, right?

The Num, Num Twin Babies

When my twins were itty, bitty babies, I would say to them, "Do you want some num, num?" Of course then, they could not really respond to me then. But when they got to be 6 months and up, they began to understand me and respond my nodding their heads.

Now when they learned to use words or repeat what Mommy says, they began saying "Num, Num, Num Num." And now, they say it all the time, to adnausium too.

What I thought was cute when they were infants is now out of control. They love saying it and when they see something they want to eat, they say Num, Num all the time.

Babies, you gotta love them...especially my sweeties..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mommy says, "Go to your room Twin A or Twin B."

When did your babies begin to understand what you meant when you said, "Go to your room?" Within the last two weeks, I have begun telling either Twin A or B to go to their room if they scream (this is always for no reason), hit, push, cry(for no reason), have a temper tantrum and especially disobey Mommy.

I just think it is a hoot that they actually go to their room. That means 1) they understand what I am saying, 2)they know they are in trouble and 3) they know where their room is.

That impresses me. I love it when my girls understand me and know where I am pointing to. It is so easy to tell them to go to their room. I just wish it would be easy for them to listen and obey Mommy.

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The Love of My Twin Babies

When it comes to the love of your twin babies, nothing else matters. They love you and always want to be around you. My twins, for instance would take a shower with me if I would allow them to. They are practically glued to my legs and hips.

All day long, if we are at home, they re following me, helping me make Daddy and Mommy' bed, putting dishes away from the dishwasher. If I am cleaning the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, they are right there with me, if I am vacuuming the house, you guessed it, they are right there with me.

It feels good to be loved and wanted by my twins and they love to be loved. They just love it when Mommy dances with them and sings to them and especially reads them.

Twin babies are the best and a totally blessing from the Lord.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ron Paul in 2008

Freedom and Protection above all is what Ron Paul is about. The reasons I will be voting for Ron Paul are: he is not Sam Brownback, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, Alan Keyes, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo or Fred Thompson.

Ron Paul shares my beliefs on life and that it needs to be protected at all costs; especially in the womb where life should be safe and protected from all harm. He also believes in the sovereignty of our nation and that the NAFTA Superhighway should not be under construction at all throughout our land. Especially since Spain is the holder of this new deal to let foreign shipments come through our land. I mean, is America for Sale or what? Will we have to give up our sovereignty and became The North American Union? If so, the New World Order will have already won.

Ron Paul believes we, Americans, should all be able to own arms to protect ourselves from anyone. If the UN takes control of who gets to own a firearm, our nation will be no more.

Ron Paul is a true patriot and he has my vote because first and foremost, he is against the government making it mandatory for all citizens to be vaccinated against small pox. I am just wondering we he have to be vaccinated, does our government plan on unleashing small pox on us through chem trails over our cities like I already see over mine?

The fact that Ron Paul wants to and is looking out for my twin babies health and avoiding getting sick from mercury, thermiserol and formaldehyde poisoning is a plus for me. My babies are human beings and must be treated with all the respect as we are supposed to be treated with.

Ron Paul is against vaccines and that is one reason of many why I am voting for him.

RON PAUL in 2008!!
Ron Paul's Straight Talk Newsletter's

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"All Done", says Twins A and B

Recently, like last week, Daddy and Mommy' twins have begun saying, "All Done!".

It is so cute, they say it with a high pitch in their voice and say it so clearly too. Our girls just love to look at our mouths when we speak because they want to learn to talk as we talk.

Being a baby has got to be rough. I mean, they, we, come into to world so small,wet and defenseless. We have to learn everything from scratch and we can only learn through mimicking Mommy and Daddy. Too bad we do not come into this world already knowing how to talk. That would make our communication a whole lot easier don't you think?

Oh, my girls get so frustrated when they want to convey something to Mommy and Daddy and all they can do is point or get mad and fall to the ground in protest.

"No, No", says the Twin Babies

My hubby has just shown our girls how to say, "No, No",while shaking their pointer finger. And they say it so cute because they use the same tone of voice Daddy uses.

Goodness, nothing gets past my girls. They are quick learners,unless they are obeying Mommy, LOL. Oh,and the reading, just continues to increase. They have Mommy and Daddy read to them every, single, day. We have to read the same book to them at least 4-5 times.

Yes, their vocabulary will be very large I am sure.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Lunch with my Girlfriend, her Daughter and My Twins

This morning, I met my girlfriend and her daughter at a Fall Festival where her son goes to daycare at a local church. I would love for my girls to go to daycare there, but it is too much for two babies at once to go there.

Anyway, my girls were so good. 1st, they love my girlfriends daughter and ate some of her french fries. My twins love french fries, and 2nd, they went into the nursery while I looked around and they were taken care of my one of the church ladies daughter and my girlfriends daughter, no tears or nothing...

I wish they would be this good at or church nursery.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Fearless and Cautious Twin Babies

My twins, they just love to play. They would play all day long if Mommy would let them. But no, Mommy does not let this happen.

They do take one nap a day and they sleep for probably 1-3 hours.

Anyway, when my twins do play, Twin "B" is the fearless baby. There is this table in between the recliner and couch which she loves to dive bomb off into Mommy or Daddy's arms. She has total trust that we well catch her I guess. On the other hand, Twin "A" will smile like crazy, just like her sister, and jump up into our arms, but never the dive bomb her sister does.

They personalities are certainly beginning to come through. Right now, Daddy and Mommy are able to see who will take a chance and who will not.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Did Your Twins Love to Be Held?

I mean, as toddlers, did they always hold up their arms in an UP position and want to be held all the time? If not, well mine do. They, especially Twin "B", loves to be held. She just loves Mommy right now. She cries when I sit down with her in my lap, which I am still holding her, or when I put her down altogether.

I am assuming this is normal for babies, even twins. It is nice to be loved as they love me; if this is what you call love from a baby (toddler). It is nice,even when Mommy has house chores to get done like laundry, cleaning base boards, vacuuming, dusting, putting clothes away and toys.

I guess I am blessed because some children do not even want to be near their Mommy or Daddy.

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Oh yeah, these garage storage cabinets can also hold all my baby clothes from my twins. Right now, all my twins infant and early toddler clothes are in paper bags on my garage floor, taking up space. These storage cabinets are the post proficient place to put anything in your garage in one place where you can actually reach your stuff without falling or getting dusty.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

There's a Fungus Among Us

That is right, Twin "A" has a fungus which is creating a redness or diaper rash look. Actually, it is common with babies to get this, but I am assuming this is more with girls because I asked her doctor if this is like a yeast infection and he said that yes, it is.

So, he gave us a prescription and hydrocortizon cream to rub in the diaper area and that her fungus infection should clear up in a couple of days.

Yeah, I am so glad I called the doctor this morning to ask about this,we got in at 11 and when we got home, our twins went right to sleep, after Daddy put the creams on the diaper area.

Now, our twins have been sleeping, like babies, since 1ish.

Praise the Lord!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Going To The Park With Our Twins

Yesterday was Sunday and Daddy, Mommy, Twins "A&B" all walked to our local park.

I have not actually gone to the park with them in over 5 months. I mean, I will not go by myself. They always run in opposite directions and because the play area is so close to the parking lot, I am also afraid they could run into the parking lot and get ran over.

But yesterday, Daddy, Mommy and Twins "A&B" walked to the park and had so much fun.

Our twins got on the swings for a while, then let them play on the toddler child, toddler triangular, climber, sitting area with things to do on that and some standing thing attached to the slide that when moved by toddler, goes forward and backwards.

We all had a good time and I just wish I could do this on my own.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yesterday, Twins and Mommy and Daddy at Dell'Osso Family Farms For a Hay Ride and...

Yesterday, after our twins woke up from their nap, we got ready and drove to Dell'Osso Family Farms in Manteca, Ca. There address is: 26 Stewart Rd, Lathrop, CA 95330 right off the 5 Freeway going towards Stockton.

That was my first time there and it was pretty cool. There is a photo studio, lots of rides for kids, face painting, Hay Rides, Train Rides, Scarecrow Rides, Shooting Gallery and of course their famous Maze to walk through. We did not do that this year, maybe next. Oh, and there is food and drinks of course.

There is also a small maze for children to walk through.

At one of the front entrance's, there is a huge hay pile stacked real high and my twins loved it. They love climbing as it is and they climbed all the way to the top.

Dell'Osso is almost like a mini festival and they are planning to expand the site to add more amenities.

We will definitely go back next year and hopefully our twins will not get all fussy like they did towards the end.

Yesterday, In The Park with Daddy

Yesterday morning, Daddy took Twins "A&B" on a walk to the park where they played on the equipment and went on the swings. They stayed there for a while before Daddy walked the girls to his office, which is a pretty far walk if you ask me. I walked that walk with my twins last year and it was long to me.

Anyway, they all had a great time and came home ready to eat and take their afternoon nap.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Twins Turned 23 Months Yesterday and....

My newest Nephew, Joshua, was born in So Cal.

Yeah, he is healthy and is just so precious. My twins now have three boy cousins to play and have fun with when we go down south for visits.

Yes, my twins are 23 months, going in 24, next month.

Here is a photo of my newest nephew.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Times...

Today, as I was putting my twins down for a nap, they would not sleep. After Daddy went back to work, they were still up, talking and climbing out of their cribs. I was on my recliner attempting to take a nap with them.

But did they ever sleep...


The first time I went into their room to see what they were doing, I saw Twin "A" and Twin "B" out of their cribs, their clothes from their closet on their bedroom floor and they were both unclothed!!

Twin "B" was totally unclothed, while Twin "A" at least had her diaper on. So, after seeing this, I laughed, put them back in their cribs, put a new diaper on Twin "B" and put their clothes back on.

The first time, it was funny, granted.

But then, I went in again and again, they were out of their cribs, unclothed and had taken the same clothes off their hangers and moved them to the bedroom floor. Again, I put a new diaper on Twin "B" and clothed them once again.

The second time, it was no funny...

For the last time, I went into their room and you guessed it...they were out of their cribs, unclothed and Twin "A" only had a diaper on. This time, I was very upset and for the life of me could not find the diaper's Twin "B" was taking off.

I have looked all over their small room: in drawers, under their cribs, in their closet. Those three diapers I put on Twin "B" are no where to be found.

When I sitter came over today, I told her what was going on and told her I would be taking a nap today instead of going out. So, I napped a long time, while she fed them, took them to the park and played with them. Being able to rest was what I really needed.

Why is it babies do not listen to their Mommy or Daddy? Do they really enjoy being disciplined like going to time out? I do not get it. Are all babies, not just twins, like this? I am a first time Mom and what I had envisioned in my mind is so far from reality.

The Twins Who Would Not Sleep

When I got home from Bible Study tonight, my twins were sleeping. But, Mommy had to go into their room to see how they were doing. When I walked in, they were sleeping, but Mommy woke them up.

Well, they heard my footsteps and that woke them up.

Oh No!

Bad Mommy, Bad Mommy!

Anyway, Daddy and I changed their diapers after that waking fest and played with them for a while.

...An hour later....

They are still giggling and talking and just having fun in their cribs.

...20 Minutes later...

Daddy and Mommy go into their room and play with them again and bring them out to play with our Kitty Kat....

...15 Minutes later...

Our Sweetie Pies are down for the count.

Sleep at last, wonderful sleep at last.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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My Twins Are Almost 23 Months

That is correct, they will be 23 months in 3 days.

It is unbelievable to me that they are growing and getting so big, so fast.

In a blink of an eye, they are no longer preemies or infants, but instead independent toddlers always on the go. Never at rest.

Once they are in motion, they stay in motion almost all day. It is a good thing I am a semi young Mommy and can keep up with them.

Ever since they began climbing out of their cribs, they are even more of a handful. I just praise the Lord they have not injured themselves. They climb, not jump, out of their cribs even in the dark!!

I love my twins, can you tell?

I hope so.

Have a blessed evening everyone!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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When One Twin Is Going Through Growing Pains..

Today and yesterday have been no cup of tea.

Nope! When one of your twins is teething, growing and has a cold, while the other twin is not cutting new teeth yet, not doing so much growing, bone wise, and her cold is getting better, you will not be having a Happy Day...

Twin "A" wants me to hold her, then she gets mad at me, then she screams out of pain she is feeling. All I can do is hold her, love her, give her baby Tylenol and cry with her. Seriously, I cried with her when she cried so hard this afternoon.

Being a baby is not cake walk and I would never want to go back to babyhood or toddler hood. Getting into this world is hard and it never ends.

If your twins are having growing pains, cutting teeth, still at almost 2 years old, when you can not deal with the crying anymore, just put them in their cribs and when they get out, make sure their door is closed..

Monday, October 1, 2007

If I Could Escape..Says the Tomboy TwiceBabies

Remember last week when I wrote about Twin "B" getting out of her crib? If I did not, you are hearing about it now.

Well today, Twin "B" and Twin "A" are getting out of their cribs. Oh goodness...what am I supposed to do now? Get those tents to keep them in our just get them two bed frames to put their mattreses in.

If I get them their own beds, I can guarantee you they will not sleep.

Here are some photos and video of them escaping as it is...

Have a great day!!