Friday, April 30, 2010

TwiceToddlers T.G.I.F.!!!

Oh,my twins are so happy Friday is finally here. Well, they really have no concept of days, weeks, months or time really. But, they certainly know when the end of the week has arrived. They know this because they get two full days of Daddy and Mommy and they can go to the gym with Daddy or we go to the park together.

This weekend, I have no idea what we will do. If the weather permits, we will probably take a nature walk around our home or at a local park. We can ask the girls what they see around the neighborhood, nature wise, of course. Maybe, we will even walk to our local park.

As of right now, it's a toss up...the weather here is strange and can never be relied upon.

Children's Clartin for Indoor and Outdoor Allergies

Being a BzzAgent means I am able to test out products at home. When I receive a product in the mail or I am given a coupon, I am can go get the product at try it a home. That is exactly what I did with this Children's Claritin Grape Chewable. When I received this product at home last Saturday, I gave one to each of my twins. They had been sneezing a lot, especially with all the flowers and trees in bloom around my home.

Within less than an hour, my twins had stopped their sneezing and they were fine able to play outdoors again.

When I went to my bible study on Wednesday, I handed out coupons I received, with my bible study friends. Oh, they were so happy to get a coupon for an allergy medicine because their kids have seasonable allergies.

If you want to learn more about Claritin, you can visit the Claritin website right here. The grape flavor chewables will make it easier for your children to take.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

TwiceToddlers Like Hooked on Phonics

Today, after my twins woke up from their nap, they asked for a snack and juice, as usual. Then, they asked if we would "play with the letters again". The Letters means the Hooked on Phonics letter flash cards. I said, "Sure we are going to play with the cards again."

So, I got my laptop ready with the Yellow CD already uploaded to my iTunes music player and got out the HOP box of goodies. Then, we all sat on our couch and we began to listen to the lady, from the beginning, tell us to listen to her as she reads the letters A-Z, 1-2-3, with picutures at the bottom right of each flashcard.

Repetition is how we learn and this reading program just does that. So, after the third time around of us learning to sound out the letters, my twins were getting tired. Well, of course they do not understand the concept of "repetition" yet. So, until they can learn to sound out each letter, that is the #2 on the flashcard, we will stay at this level. That is fine though, because sooner than later, they will "get it".

This was only their second day looking at the flashcards and listening to the lady on the CD. I personally like her voice too, as it is soothing and she pronounces all the letters correctly, unlike Mommy.

Go TwiceToddlers!!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Hooked on Phonics Beginning Reading with Bible Stories

Last week I was on eBay and had bid for a Hooked on Phonics program for my twins. The one I wanted was with Bible Stories. Well, the one I had bid on, I lost. So, I looked again for another box set. As I turns out, the one I found was cheaper and I did not have to bid on it. Instead, I just purchased it right there. So, yeah Mommy!

Today, I received the Hooked on Phonics Beginning Reading with Bible Stories in the mail. I opened it and was wowed by it. It looks so cool. I was listening to the Yellow CD with all the alphabets on it. The lady on the CD sings the alphabets and sounds out the letters too.

Along with this CD, there is a CD with games, a workbook, flash cards, two bibles stories and five HOP beginning books with simple words to learn and a poster to show their progress. These five books are in black and white so my twins can probably color them in too.

Either tomorrow or Wednesday I will begin doing this with them. It would be cool if they could learn to read before August. All I can do is try.

TwiceToddlers and the Mother's Day Surprise

My twins come home from preschool today and as soon as the walk into the home they, individually, say with bright eyes and smiles, "Mom, we have a surprise for you. We can not tell you but it is for Mother's Day." Well, I already knew about this event that will happen next month because it was written on their monthly newsletter to parents.

Their faces looked so cute and I acted surprised for them. Their preschool is going to have a Mother's Day Tea and that should be fun. My twins are all excited about the Mother's Day Tea and what they are making for Mommy.

My cutie pies, they are just growing so much and so fast. They are nonstop and only stop talking when they are asleep.

Like the song says, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers at the Movie "Oceans" with Mom and Dad

So on Friday, Daddy, Mommy and the Twins went to see "Oceans", a Disney Film. It was narrated by Pierce Bronson. The movie was astounding with all its locations throughout the world. It was awesome how far down into the ocean depths the camera crew and divers had to go, to get the footage necessary for this film.

As for my twins, just like the last movie we took them to see, they did not sit still, kept getting up and talking. It was a good thing the theater had no more than 25, at most, people in it. I am guessing that if a movie does not have any action in it, it will not be that popular.

Anyway, Daddy and Mommy liked the movie, even if our twins could not sit still and pay attention. But honestly, what 4 year old really wants to sit still and be quite during a movie?

Oh yeah, and of course this movie had an agenda. I will not go into it, but it was not my agenda. For this reason, I will give this movie a B-. I do not want to go into a movie theater, pay over $10 for 4 people and be given the director or producers agenda.

Friday, April 23, 2010

TwiceToddlers, Mommy and Daddy go to Movies

Tonight, we are taking our twins to the movies. We are hoping to get tickets to see the new Disney film, "Oceans". This movie looks nice, from the commercials. Hopefully there will not be anything gross which will scare the twins.

I mean, animals in the ocean are hunters just like their land counterparts. At least this Disney movie will not have any spells in it which turn a man/woman into a frog.

From the commercials, this movie looks totally family friendly and has a big wow factor. I remember, as a child growing up in the 70s-80s watching The Wonderful World of Disney. Now,it looks like they are expanding and making full length films.

I will write a review of this film once my family has seen it, tonight. I think my twins will enjoy seeing Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Penguins, etc. We have taken our twins to the Montery Bay Acquarium two years ago with my sister and her family. But, seeing all these massive animals in a theater should be amazing...hopefully.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom and New Cell Phone

Yesterday after church, we went to a mass retailer so I could get the twins some more sidewalk chalk. While there, I got them a cute new Garanimals summer outfit. The outfit is of hot pink shorts with little bows on each side and a very cute sleeveless top with hearts all over it. Along with these, I got the twins a Disney Parasol and Ballerina Barbies. Oh, I also got them some cute pink gel shoes. I love gel shoes because they are easy to clean up and if they get wet, no problem!!

After leaving the mass retailer, we went to our cell phone store. Daddy and Twins stayed in car while Mommy went inside the store to look for new cell phones. The cell phones we currently had were two years old and I knew we were due for an upgrade. I looked around and saw one that was a good price for both of us and it came with a QWERTY pad, which I wanted so much, a camera, which my old phone had, camcorder, which my old phone did NOT have and I love it, and so much more.

Can you tell I like my new cell phone? Oh, I can also listen to music on my cell phone, but I think I will just use my iPod instead. I do not want to increase my monthly cell phone bill, it is high enough as it is.

TwiceToddlers Mom and Honey Bees

This morning, as I was checking out my new Samsung cell phone and looking for some ring tones to download, I hear this buzzing going on in my home. At first, I thought it was just flies. But the buzzing sound was different than a fly. So, I got up and went to investigate that sound.

Well, lo and behold, there were Honey Bees in my home. Now, they could have come in my home from last night or through my fireplace. We have this pretty blueberry bush on our long driveway which is in bloom right now. There were a lot of honey bees swarming this blueberry bush last night and this blueberry bush is right at the door to our laundry room.

As I was investigating the sounds, I went to the fireplace, opened the glass doors and there were two Honey Bees on the black grid door. Well, I was not going to kill these bees because we in America are losing our Honey Bees like rapid fire. So, instead of killing them, I went and got a plastic cup and paper towel. With the plastic cup, I put the bees, one at a time, in the cup and placed the paper towel over the top. Then, I opened my front door and let the Honey Bees go.

There were three Honey Bees in my living room. Two in the fireplace and one on this big window over my dining table. They did not sound mad, they just wanted out I am sure. So now, they are free and able to do what Honey Bees do best, pollinate.

Friday, April 16, 2010

UCSF Students on my Street Today

This morning, around 10ish, there emerged on my street, in front of my home, several people with film cameras, lighting and sound booms. Now, I was not going to go outside and ask what they were doing and who they were. But, one of my neighbors did call the police. The police came down my street and began asking them questions.

When my hubby and twins came home, my hubby asked who they were and what they are doing. As it turns out, they are UCSF students working on their thesis for graduation. Why they choose my city and street, is beyond me.

But,here are some photos I took from inside my home of some of the students.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

TwiceToddlers Plant Flowers and Veggies

This morning my twins and I planted some veggies and flowers in the ground. In my home, I had from seeds, planted in those tiny greenhouses some Jalapenos, carrots, zucchini, sweet pea flowers and morning glory flowers. All of these seeds had sprouted much faster than I had anticipated.

I mean, I had only planted the seeds three weeks ago. The sweet pea had sprouted so much so that it had begun to wrap itself around my kitchen window blinds last week. Today, I finally had the time and the weather was perfect to plant these now grown seeds in the ground.

Hopefully, where I planted them,they will continue to grow. I would really like to see the sweet pea's continue to grow and wrap around the fence where I planted them under. I also planted the morning glory right next to the sweet pea.

As for the zucchini, carrots and jalapenos, it would be a miracle if they actually continued to grow and live. I would love to eat these veggies. What I really need to do is get some fresh and new peet moss to re-plant my veggies in.

I do have a place in my backyard that I did plant seeds last year, but the ground was all clay and I had not had time to add peet moss to the mix, therefore, my seeds did not sprout.

Anyway, it was fun, nonetheless, digging holes in the dirt and giving my twins some plants to put in the holes and cover then with the remaining dirt.

TwiceToddlers and our Picnic on the Driveway

My girlfriend from church/bible study told me yesterday, when she picked me up, that her 3, almost 4, year old son, and her sometimes have picnics at a local park. Well, a couple days ago, the weather was overcast and rainy. Well, her son, whom my twins just love, had suggested to his Mommy, "Why don't we have a picnic indoors." He is just so adorable and bright.

So today, I thought I would have a picnic with my twins. But, since the weather has been nice all day, we had our picnic outside, on our driveway, on a big blue blanket. I made us a PB&J sandwich, gave my girls some Mandarin Oranges, I had a PB&J and Cantaloupe. It was interesting because my twins do not know how to sit still. They kept getting up and looking in through the cracks of our fence to see what our neighbor was up to.

The sun was high in the sky and shining in our eyes. So, we each had sunglasses on to protect our eyes and keep the sun out.

I am thinking of inviting my girlfriend and her youngest son over to our home next week for a picnic.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TwiceToddlers, Ballet Moves and Speaking French in LivingRoom

One of my twins friends from Sunday School had her first day today. Their friend also shares one of my twins names. Their new friend also lives down the street from my pastor and his wife, who their daughter is also in ballet class. Today, it seems they learned more ballet steps and some more French. When we arrived home from ballet class, my twins wanted to show me their new steps. So, here is some video of my twins dancing in the living room. They are speaking French and just dancing, well, just wonderful.

I am so proud of my twins and hopefully they will want to get back into ballet in the Fall. Oh, their recital outfit arrived last week, if I had not written about that. It is really cute and I can't wait to see them in it in late May for their recital.

Monday, April 12, 2010

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Friday, April 9, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their Dr Appointment

My twins had their doctor's appointment today. For this, their 4th year doctor appointment, they had their hearing and vision checked. Praise God, they are great. No issues with hearing, except for selected hearing, and their vision is great too.

Their doctor asked them what their name was, what city they live in, if they know their ABC's, if they can dial 911. Well, since our city will now be charging a homeowner a $300 fee for any false 911 calls, I will not be showing my girls how to dial that number.

My twins were asked to hop on their left and right feet, if they knew their colors and shapes and some other questions I can not recall. Well, of course they will know these,they have known them since before preschool, at home via Mommy and Comcast Baby Boost, and even more now that they are almost done with preschool.

Something I had not expected to be asked, I have to fill out this form on their annual checkup was, "Do you have fire arms in your home?" Well, personally, I think this is none of my twins doctor's business whether I do or do not have fire arms in my home. I was quite offended by this question and talk about an invasion of privacy. Last time I checked, I am still a free American, who lives in a state that allows fire arms. I had forgotten, for a moment, that the doctor's office is now working for the police department and federal government. It reminded me of that song, "I always feel like, somebodies watching me, and I have no privacy." (Rockwell)

My twins were supposed to go the the bathroom to get a urine sample, but could not give one to me or the doctors. So,we will have to try next time. We do have to go to lab to get some other tests done to check on possible diseases, God forbid. I pray my twins do not have any diseases. They do not seem to be slowing down so I just pray they will stay healthy as they are. They do not have allergies and that is great.

Go TwiceToddlers!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

TwiceToddlers and the Wonderful Weather

This morning the weather was a bit chilly, but when 10AM came around the sun was showing its face around my home, I let the twins go outside. They were playing on their bicycles and in their fort/swing set. I, on the other hand, was making fresh coffee, cleaning dishes and bringing out my Spring/Summer clothes.

Oh, how much I love Spring/Summer. Being indoors all Winter puts a damper on my attitude. I love the sun and what it can do for me. I love the warmth of the sun, the Vitamin D it provides for my body and it allows me and my twins to be outside more often.

One time, I had attempted to let my twins take a nap in their fort, well as you can imagine, that did not work out so they have to come indoors. I only attempted this nap in their fort because the weather was so nice. But alas, this will not work with my twins. I mean, would you, being a toddler, want to sleep outside when the weather is so nice?

So, after their nap this afternoon, they will go outside and play again before the sun goes down and the wind begins to pick up.

Date Night is a Must See Movie

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Goes to a Seder Dinner

Tonight I went to my first Seder dinner at my church. The Youth Pastor had invited a Messianic Jewish Rabbi to officiate our Seder dinner. It was just amazing. I think we, even the Youth Ministry children, Remedy, were impressed.

I took a lot of photos, but will not post all of them. This Seder dinner had room for 50 guests, but there were probably 38-40, with some babies and young children present.

Our Messianic Jewish Rabbi came to our city from a neighboring city to show our church what the table looks like and what is eaten, read and sang during the Seder. Some of the songs and reading were changed, adding our Messiah, Jesus Christ, into what we all read aloud.

This was certainly an eye opener to me and I am sure to others in my church who attended. I Praise God for bringing His people, out of Egypt, through the desert and for Jesus coming to Earth and being our sacrificial Lamb, taking away the sins of the world.

**These photos are NOT in order of event, but as I had uploaded them**

TwiceToddlers with Their Friends and Grandparents

While I was at the Seder dinner with my church, my twins were playing with their friends, at my friends home (who also went to the Seder dinner) for about an hour, maybe a little more, until Daddy came to pick them up. Daddy was working a lot last night,which is good thing. The more business, the better for our household.

Afer Daddy picked up the girls, they went to see Grammie and Papa on their regular Wednesday outing to their home. I go to bible study on Wednesday's so the girls go see their grandparents, Daddy's Mom and Dad.

Yesterday, since the weather was so nice, Twin "A" was feeding the fishes outside and playing in the yard, while Twin "B" went with Daddy to dinner.

I love when the weather gets warmer, my twins can go outside more often and release all that engery they have from the past three-four months of cold and wet weather outside. I am not a fan of weather below 79 degrees and windy, so if the weather dips below 79 and it is windy, I will stay indoors. Thank goodness Daddy likes all weather conditions.

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TwiceToddlers Napping and Mommy is Getting Ready for Seder

This afternoon, as I have stated before, I am attending my first Seder dinner with some of my 50 most closest friends. My church is having, I think, our first Seder dinner. I made,what looks to be a delicious Apple/Matzo/Cranberry/Cinnamon/Sugar dessert. I have never used Matzo before, it is probably what the Lord sent down to the Israelites as they left Egypt, Manna (what is it). But, I doubt it. I mean, man is not meant to duplicate what God has created.

Anyway, my twins are "napping" or "resting" on their beds while I am here, writing my blog and some paid advertisements for clients. I do love writing, especially when I am highly compensated for 200-600 words. Not only does writing ads for companies only or in brick and mortar stores help them in marketing, it helps me monetize my blog and pocketbook. It is a win/win situation.

In about an hour, I will wake them up and get them and me ready for my friend to come pick us up and take us to the ministry center. My twins and her kids will go back to her home when her hubby gets home from work. Then, when my hubby gets off work, he will go pick up our girls and do their Wednesday routine of seeing his parents.

Usually, today, Wednesday, is my bible study day. But, it is Spring Break for our school system and we have taken this week off. Next week, my bible study will complete our study in II Peter and hopefully begin in Isaiah.

I am looking forward to this Seder dinner and seeing all and eating all that is eaten on this special Jewish holiday.

TwiceToddlers Back in Preschool

This morning my twins when back to school, preschool, that is. I know they loved it because as you know, toddlers like routine. They do not like change and what happens when change occurs. Hmmm, that kinda sounds like adults too, we do not like change and have a hard time adjusting.

Anyway, when my twins were in preschool today, some of their friends were not there because they were sick. It could be they have allergies. Thank goodness my twins do not have allergies or get sick often. In fact, I praise God my twins have really healthy immune systems. In 365 days, they are probably only seasonally sick for one month. And this is not consecutively sick either. Also, we just give them OTC or homeopathic remedies which works really well. More than anything, I use homeopathic remedies as they not only cost less, but are more effective on a weak immune system. But, this is just what works for me. If you have never used a homeopathic remedy before, this is the best time, Spring, in all its glory.

But I digress...

My twins are happy to be back on schedule and glad to see their teachers and friends once again. I love seeing them come home with homework and ready to learn.

Go Twins!!

TwiceToddlers Going Back to School

Today was my twins last day of Spring Break and they are back to preschool tomorrow. While they are back in preschool, Mommy, that is me, will be trying to complete the other half of the Mother's Day gift for all the Mom's at my church, Calvary Chapel. Along with completing this second part of the gift, I will be preparing and baking a Seder dessert for my first Passover Seder at my church. I have always wanted to attend one and see what the table looks like, what dinnerware is used and of course, what is served at dinnertime.

There will be a Rabbi from a neighboring city officiating us in this Seder dinner. The dinner begins at 5:15 and is supposed to last two hours. While I and my friend are at this dinner, our children will be playing together at her home, with her hubby watching them. My friends older daughter will be assisting in the dinner and that should be interesting for her.

Wow, we all have a busy day tomorrow..Happy Hump Day, Indeed!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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If you think this is a lot to enjoy on your vacation or honeymoon, there is more. In fact, for another romantic town, you can visit Ponte Vedra. Ponte Vedra is just a stones throw away from St. Augustine. When visiting Ponte Vedra, you can sit on the warm, white sandy beaches, enjoy a spa day where you will be nestled among the magnolias, lagoons, and amazing twisted palms and don't forget a day of golf.

Finally, there is The Beaches which is very close to St. Autustine and Ponte Vedra. When planning on visiting The Beaches, you will not be surprised at what you find here and what you will take home with you. While vacationing at The Beaches, you will have to stay at the Casa Monica Hotel. While staying at Casa Monica Hotel, you will be able to stay busy fishing, scuba diving, playing tennis, volleyball, golfing ans so much more. When spending your vacation or honeymoon at Casa Monica Hotel, this will be your all inclusive vacation. The Casa Monica Hotel also has High-Speed Internet Access, WiFi, Shopping, Restaurants, Gift Shops, Spa Treatments and again, so much more.

To learn more about this one of a kinda vacationing or honeymoon spot, it is best for you to visit the website provided right here. These three Florida vacation spots are places you will want to visit time and time again. Romance is alive and full of memories in St. Autustine, Ponte Vedra and The Beaches, Florida.

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TwiceToddlers and ZuZu Pet Hamster

One of my twins Easter gifts came from their Auntie Cheryl. Well, I have heard of these "pets" but have not seen them up close...that is until now. These little toys are mechanical, run on wheels and make little funny noises. They turn around on their own and can go through a Hamster runner, if this were to be purchased.

My twins love them! They go crazy, having them running almost all day and of course, one of the Hamster's did get stuck on their long and curly hair. Daddy had to cut some hair to get the little critter loose.

Well, I knew this was going to happen. I am sure the company who makes these knows this will happen as well and this is why they have a disclaimer on this toy.

TwiceToddlers Wearing Easter Dresses from Nana

My twins, they love wearing dresses. The funny thing is, I never made them wear dress or skirts, they just love feeling girlie and looking like little princesses. They especially love dresses, which Twin "B" calls a 'round and round dress',that is, when they turn 'round and round' they dress gets all fluffy and puffy. This is the very cute Easter dress, well now a dress for church too, that my twins wore and they love. They love the black and white polka dots and little red rose in one corner of the dress.

Bzz Agent President Cheese Campaign

Last week, I was assigned the President Cheese Campaign through the BzzAgents website. This is my second assingment, so to speak, with BzzAgents. At BzzAgents, you start out as a Solidary Bee, move to Carpenter Bee(that is me), then move to Busy Bee and so on. The more honecombs you receive, the more options you are given to test out and review products already on the market.

My first BzzAgent assignment was for ROC Wrinkle Night Cream and now I am doing the President Cheese Campain. My Aunt, Uncle and I just had some this past Easter Weekend and it was delicious. It spreads nicely and goes well with any cracker, think or thin and also goes well with Red or White wine.

If you are a cheese lover, you will most definitely love any of the President Cheeses. They make more than one, I tried out their Brie in a triangle shape covered in aluminum, not the one in the white, plastic container.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fundraisers are in Great Demand Today

Whether your church, school or business is looking to raise funds for whatever their needs may be, right now is the best time to find the perfect fundraiser for your particular needs. In order to keep any non profit running, they will need to look into fundraising ideas for non profit businesses of any kind.

These are some of the most popular fundrasing products used in churches, schools or businesses today. Products being sold for fundraising are things like candles, fundraising discount cards for places like premade pizzas, restaurants, then there are also fundraising products like 50c Everlasting Lollipops, $1 Jack Link Beef Jerky, $1 Kettle Corn, $2 Fundraising bracelets ans how about magazines fundraisers. When you decide to do magazine fundraising you are sure to reach your goal. Especially when your family, friends and neighbors are looking to keep up with what is happening in the world or entertainment industry.

Now, before you decide to place any order for selling any of these excellent fundraising products, you can request a fundraising kit and info samples. In fact, this is probably what should be done before commiting to any one product to sell. This way, you and the fundraising company are covered.

TwiceToddlers Playing Guitar with Uncle Mike on Easter Day

For my twins birthday last year, they received for their gifts, a guitar from my Aunt and Uncle. They love their guitar but we only allow them to play it when Uncle Mike and Auntie Leenie are at our home, or we go to their home. Here are some videos I took of my twins and Uncle Mike "jamming" in our family room.

I am hoping my twins will like the guitar so much when they get a bit older, they will want to take more lessons. Besides taking dance class, I am hoping they take up any instrument. I know learning an instrument helps with learning math and science or any school subject for that matter.

If You Have Not Used Boudreaux Butt Paste for Your Baby Yet, Now is the Time

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have an infant, or two, toddler or two, then you know how easily their sensitive bottoms can get a rash. These rashes do not go away on their own. I have been told to let an infant, baby or toddler go for a while without a diaper, but when are you to know when they will have to go pee pee next? Well, we do not and this is why using Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the best solution for rashy bottoms.

While you are pregnant and or having a baby shower, this is the one and only butt paste to request. This is because this particular butt paste is not greasy, but instead goes on clean and easy, this paste also comes in various sizes and not just one big tub, the butt paste in tubes comes with a flip top and not twist off, if you want keep the Boudreaux Butt Paste with you as you are out and about with baby, you will want the travel size as well.

Another very important thing about purchasing and using this Bourdreaux Butt Paste is, it comes with 16% Zinc Oxide and of course instantly relieves babies from their uncomfortable rash. Along with this product working well for your baby, the scent is also enjoyable.

When my twins were infants, and even now, I used, still use, this butt rash product. My twins always ask for this rash cream and I also share this butt cream with my family and friends alike. They like this just as much as I do and have thanked me for suggesting this rash cream to them.

Right now, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is offering a free sample to those seeking to try this rash cream out for themselves. This product, for baby's bottom, will not disappoint you at all.

Just in case you were not aware, this diaper rash cream is a skin protectant which not only prevents diaper rash, but protects your babies skin from chaffing. This butt cream actually seals out wetness from you little ones sensitive skin.

If you need more reason's to purchase and use Boudreaux's Butt Paste® spreads, this product has been talked about on such shows as The Tonight Show, While You Were Out TLC and various other popular television shows.

Finally, the Boureaux Butt Paste is available in a convenient foil pack, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4 oz tubes and 16oz jar and can be purchased at your local drug, discount or grocery store chains nationwide.

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TwiceToddlers Opening Easter Gifts from Nana, Papa, Mommy,Daddy and Auntie Leenie/Uncle Mike

After we got home from church, we ate some lunch and took a nap. Well, I hardly, if ever, take a nap. But yesterday, I took a thirty minute nap. After my twins and I woke up, I got them into their cute Easter Dresses from Nana. I also too photos of my twins in their pretty dresses. For some reason, I had the setting on incorrectly and was only able to keep these photos.

I was talking to my Aunt Eileen as I was taking these photos and saying, "This is like Christmas all over again. It just never ends with them and we always have to get two of each."