Friday, April 30, 2010

Children's Clartin for Indoor and Outdoor Allergies

Being a BzzAgent means I am able to test out products at home. When I receive a product in the mail or I am given a coupon, I am can go get the product at try it a home. That is exactly what I did with this Children's Claritin Grape Chewable. When I received this product at home last Saturday, I gave one to each of my twins. They had been sneezing a lot, especially with all the flowers and trees in bloom around my home.

Within less than an hour, my twins had stopped their sneezing and they were fine able to play outdoors again.

When I went to my bible study on Wednesday, I handed out coupons I received, with my bible study friends. Oh, they were so happy to get a coupon for an allergy medicine because their kids have seasonable allergies.

If you want to learn more about Claritin, you can visit the Claritin website right here. The grape flavor chewables will make it easier for your children to take.

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