Saturday, April 3, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Easter Gifts from Auntie JuJu

This evening, Auntie JuJu brought the girls over their Easter gifts. Oh my, as soon as Auntie JuJu pulled up our driveway, Twin "B" went crazy! Twin "B" was in the house and when she turned around, looked at me, her face lit up like a Christmas Tree and she said, "Auntie JuJu! Auntie JuJu!"

I was sauteeing onions and she just bolted right past me and outside! I knew Auntie JuJu was here with gifts for the girls. Twin "A" was already outside with Daddy, but I did not hear excitement in Twin "A" like I saw and heard in Twin "B".

Of course, their favorite gifts were their stuffed animals: Lion and Tiger. When you pull the tails, they PURR!!

Here are some photos I took of them opening their gifts:

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