Saturday, April 3, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Auntie Leenie and Uncle Mike on Easter Day

This year, I have invited my Aunt and Uncle over for Easter. Funny, I never thought of inviting them until this year. So, tomorrow, they are coming over for fun with the twins, playing their guitars and looking for hidden Easter eggs in our backyard.

Then, we will be having dinner and chilling at home. My hubby's family, since my hubby was a child, are going up to the foothills. But, it looks like it is supposed to rain and I doubt Easter will be celebrated up there this year as the ground gets all soggy and muddy.

Anyway, before the Easter festivities begin at home, we are going to Easter Service at church to remember, which should be daily, why we are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus. Actually, I do not call it Easter, but Resurrection Day, instead. Then, after the Easter service, there will be an Easter Egg hunt for the toddlers and kids up to 5th Grade.

Yeah, I know, there is a contradiction here, but the kids love looking for the eggs with candy in them. My twins know Resurrection Day has nothing to do with this Easter Bunny, at all.

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