Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keep Deer Off! for Deer in Your Garden

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Deer Off. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you live in the foothills, mountainous area or anywhere near nature, the one product you will need is Deer Off. As spring rolls around, so does the Deer population. As lovely as it is to see Deer up close and personal, they are not welcome in your garden, at any time. Before Deer make their appearance in your garden, it is best to spray the Deer Off repellent on or around your flower garden and vegetable garden. After seeing your garden and flowers grow, it would be disheartening to see Deer and their young eat your labor of love, your garden.

This deer repellent is necessary to move a Deer family or population away from your home, especially since Deer are known the carry Lyme Disease and ticks. These diseases should not be taken lightly, especially if you have young children or an elderly person living at your residence.

Before you see any sign of Deer and their family waltz in your garden, you should learn about deer control. When using Deer Off, you should know that Havahart® Deer Off® II is a battery-powered sprayer and also has a patented Dual Deterrent System™ formula. Depending on how small or large your garden area is, you will find the motorized sprayer useful as this cuts down on the time you take to protect your flowers and vegetables. The Havahart® Deer Off® II battery-powered sprayer is provided with scents and taste barriers which will repel not only deer, but rabbits and squirrels. This formula contains ingredients such as putrescent eggs solids, garlic and capsaicin. These ingredients are safe for deer, rabbit and squirrels. Along with the use of egg and garlic scents, the taste of hot peppers will dissuade deer, rabbit, and squirrels from eating your plants. It is highly unlikely these critters will get past the odor and will be repelled by the taste as well.

The best thing about this Havahart® Deer Off® II battery-powered sprayer is its design. The design makes it perfect for carrying around your yard when spraying. In not time at all, your garden will be sprayed without spending all day protecting your garden some other way. This way of spraying also reduces hand fatigue from typical sprayers. When spraying this repellent as directed, animal will stay away up to 90 days. It is possible that you will need to spray more than once.

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