Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TwiceToddlers Going Back to School

Today was my twins last day of Spring Break and they are back to preschool tomorrow. While they are back in preschool, Mommy, that is me, will be trying to complete the other half of the Mother's Day gift for all the Mom's at my church, Calvary Chapel. Along with completing this second part of the gift, I will be preparing and baking a Seder dessert for my first Passover Seder at my church. I have always wanted to attend one and see what the table looks like, what dinnerware is used and of course, what is served at dinnertime.

There will be a Rabbi from a neighboring city officiating us in this Seder dinner. The dinner begins at 5:15 and is supposed to last two hours. While I and my friend are at this dinner, our children will be playing together at her home, with her hubby watching them. My friends older daughter will be assisting in the dinner and that should be interesting for her.

Wow, we all have a busy day tomorrow..Happy Hump Day, Indeed!

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