Thursday, April 29, 2010

TwiceToddlers Like Hooked on Phonics

Today, after my twins woke up from their nap, they asked for a snack and juice, as usual. Then, they asked if we would "play with the letters again". The Letters means the Hooked on Phonics letter flash cards. I said, "Sure we are going to play with the cards again."

So, I got my laptop ready with the Yellow CD already uploaded to my iTunes music player and got out the HOP box of goodies. Then, we all sat on our couch and we began to listen to the lady, from the beginning, tell us to listen to her as she reads the letters A-Z, 1-2-3, with picutures at the bottom right of each flashcard.

Repetition is how we learn and this reading program just does that. So, after the third time around of us learning to sound out the letters, my twins were getting tired. Well, of course they do not understand the concept of "repetition" yet. So, until they can learn to sound out each letter, that is the #2 on the flashcard, we will stay at this level. That is fine though, because sooner than later, they will "get it".

This was only their second day looking at the flashcards and listening to the lady on the CD. I personally like her voice too, as it is soothing and she pronounces all the letters correctly, unlike Mommy.

Go TwiceToddlers!!

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