Friday, April 30, 2010

TwiceToddlers T.G.I.F.!!!

Oh,my twins are so happy Friday is finally here. Well, they really have no concept of days, weeks, months or time really. But, they certainly know when the end of the week has arrived. They know this because they get two full days of Daddy and Mommy and they can go to the gym with Daddy or we go to the park together.

This weekend, I have no idea what we will do. If the weather permits, we will probably take a nature walk around our home or at a local park. We can ask the girls what they see around the neighborhood, nature wise, of course. Maybe, we will even walk to our local park.

As of right now, it's a toss up...the weather here is strange and can never be relied upon.

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  1. Hi

    I have twin boys aged 3 yrs 2 months. Really like reading about other multiples parents storys so should be posting further once i have read all the posts. Is there a facility to post pictures?