Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TwiceToddlers with Their Friends and Grandparents

While I was at the Seder dinner with my church, my twins were playing with their friends, at my friends home (who also went to the Seder dinner) for about an hour, maybe a little more, until Daddy came to pick them up. Daddy was working a lot last night,which is good thing. The more business, the better for our household.

Afer Daddy picked up the girls, they went to see Grammie and Papa on their regular Wednesday outing to their home. I go to bible study on Wednesday's so the girls go see their grandparents, Daddy's Mom and Dad.

Yesterday, since the weather was so nice, Twin "A" was feeding the fishes outside and playing in the yard, while Twin "B" went with Daddy to dinner.

I love when the weather gets warmer, my twins can go outside more often and release all that engery they have from the past three-four months of cold and wet weather outside. I am not a fan of weather below 79 degrees and windy, so if the weather dips below 79 and it is windy, I will stay indoors. Thank goodness Daddy likes all weather conditions.

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