Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bzz Agent President Cheese Campaign

Last week, I was assigned the President Cheese Campaign through the BzzAgents website. This is my second assingment, so to speak, with BzzAgents. At BzzAgents, you start out as a Solidary Bee, move to Carpenter Bee(that is me), then move to Busy Bee and so on. The more honecombs you receive, the more options you are given to test out and review products already on the market.

My first BzzAgent assignment was for ROC Wrinkle Night Cream and now I am doing the President Cheese Campain. My Aunt, Uncle and I just had some this past Easter Weekend and it was delicious. It spreads nicely and goes well with any cracker, think or thin and also goes well with Red or White wine.

If you are a cheese lover, you will most definitely love any of the President Cheeses. They make more than one, I tried out their Brie in a triangle shape covered in aluminum, not the one in the white, plastic container.

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