Sunday, April 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers at the Movie "Oceans" with Mom and Dad

So on Friday, Daddy, Mommy and the Twins went to see "Oceans", a Disney Film. It was narrated by Pierce Bronson. The movie was astounding with all its locations throughout the world. It was awesome how far down into the ocean depths the camera crew and divers had to go, to get the footage necessary for this film.

As for my twins, just like the last movie we took them to see, they did not sit still, kept getting up and talking. It was a good thing the theater had no more than 25, at most, people in it. I am guessing that if a movie does not have any action in it, it will not be that popular.

Anyway, Daddy and Mommy liked the movie, even if our twins could not sit still and pay attention. But honestly, what 4 year old really wants to sit still and be quite during a movie?

Oh yeah, and of course this movie had an agenda. I will not go into it, but it was not my agenda. For this reason, I will give this movie a B-. I do not want to go into a movie theater, pay over $10 for 4 people and be given the director or producers agenda.

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  1. Still to take my 3 yr old twins to the cinema. Not sure they would behave/sit long enough to watch an entire film. They do like watching dvds at home but have a short attention span lol.