Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mom and Educational Tools

It's that time of year again! You guessed it: School is Back! This means the streets, malls and movie theatres will once again be empty until 3PM. With the kids back in school or entering school for the first time, parents will need to purchase some learning materials for their child or children.

Right now is the best time to order school supplies online because there are some excellent sales! There is a 60% clearance sale on a huge selection of school items right now. There is no time to waste. These items go fast, especially for toddlers and or preschoolers.

Finally, there is a learning company and website that caters to homeschoolers, anyone in public or private school or entering school school for the first time. If you have not heard of this company before, it is time to check them out and learn just about anything!

TwiceToddlers First Day of Preschool

Monday, my twins were not able to attend preschool because TwiceToddler "B" was getting over a bad fever. Her fever lasted almost 5 days. Anyway, today, Wednesday, my twins were finally able to start their **official** first day of preschool. As you can see above, Mommy and Daddy dropped them off. This was a one time thing as Daddy has to work, Mommy works at home.
My twins do not attend preschool all day. This is fine for me because what can a preschooler actually learn at almost 4 years old. My twins already know their ABC's, 123's, colors, shapes, animals, etc. They learned this on Comcast OnDemand BabyBoost section. Since my twins were 18 months old they have been learning at home.
The only real reason I have my twins in preschool is to teach them discipline in school and take direction from their teachers. I am so happy my twins are going to this Christian preschool though. This is where I wanted them to go since they were infants.

TwiceToddler "B" No Chicken Pox

As it turns out, TwiceToddler "B" had an allergic reaction to Amoxicillian. The Amoxicillian she had to take to get rid of an ear ache. It was not chicken pox. Thank goodness. From all the 'red dots' all over her body and face, you would think she had chicken pox, but she had no scabs or itchiness. I had chicken pox as a child, age 7 I think, and I remember the scarbs and itchiness.

TwiceToddler "B" was not itching or fussy. The only thing she had was a high fever. The fever began in SoCal towards the end of our vacation with NanaPapa. When Daddy came down to pick us up, the next morning we had to take TwiceToddler "B" to an urgent clinic. These urgent clinics are a joke. Especially if you have health insurance which you are not able to use. My health insurance is through HealthNet (Hill Physicians Group). Now, because this clinic did not contract with Hill Physicians, I was not able to USE MY INSURANCE CARD! What a joke! Tell me, what the heck am I paying this monthly payment for if I am not able to use this insurance at any clinic, anywhere in my state!! Look, I am not even going to go into why I am anti this new health care plan. If I have to go through what I had to on vacation, I can only imagine it being worse under this new health care plan. God Help Us all!

But I digress..Twice Toddler "B" did not have chicken pox, but was allergic to amoxicillian. That was, more or less, a relief as my twins were supposed to begin Pre-K this week. In fact, they missed the first day, Monday, so Daddy and Mommy could make sure her fever, which reared its ugly head again, was gone.

On Sunday evening, Daddy took Twice Toddler "B" to the ER with a very high fever and body heat. The doctor gave her something different than Amox to bring her fever down and get rid of the low lying ear ache. Yeah, the ear ache was still bothering her and that caused her fever.

Well, all I can say is, I am glad she did not have chicken pox. Yeah~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TwiceToddler "B" has Chicken Pox

Oh yes, yesterday, August 3, 2009, I began to see tiny red dots appear on her body. I first started seeing them on her arms, then stomach, the legs, back and now face. At first, I was not sure what it was. To me, it looked more like a rash. In fact, the red dots were not really bad at all yesterday.

Because I was not sure what it was, yet, I prayed for her and that the red dots, or rash, would go away. This morning, I looked at TwiceToddler "B" and the red dots had increased in numbers and some began to clump together.

That is when I thought they might be chicken pox. So, I called my twins doctor around 9ish and spoke to the nurse. She asked what they looked like and how many TwiceTodder "B" had. That is when she said it sounds like chicken pox. This could last two weeks and then TwiceToddller "A" would get chicken pox next.

So, I called my daycare provider and told her we would not be going today and not until the pox are gone. Then, I called my twins preschool and let then know about the chicken pox as well. So, we might not be attending preschool until last August/early September.

For now, I am rubbing Calamine lotion and Benedryl lotion on TwiceToddler "B". I just hope it does not get any worse. She did have the chicken pox vaccine. This vaccine though, does not prevent from getting chicken pox and this is what irritates me the most. This is why I have vaccinations.

I am just glad they will be getting chicken pox now as toddlers, and not as seven, eight, nine or ten year olds. They can miss the first month of preschool and they will recover nicely from any work missed.

My Two Cents: This is why I will never, ever get the flu vacccine again. I always got the flu, right after taking that vaccine. If you are pregnant, DO NOT take the flu vax, full of mercury..

God Bless....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mom Reading on Vacation

Last month, my twins and I went on vacation to see Nana, Papa, Auntie, Uncle, three boy cousins, Great Auntie and GG. On this two week vacation, I was asked to read this cool book about twins called "Chicken Soup for the Soul Twins and More". This book talks about the birth of twins, the trials twins and tripelts have gone through from the beginning of their birth to the end of one of their lives.

One story I read could have mimicked my story. In one of these stories, the twins mother conceived her twins in June 2005 and were born prematurely, at thirty four weeks. Even though we were three months apart in conception, our twins were both born prematurely and stayed in the NICU until our twins reached a safe weight to leave the hospital. Also, this sweet mother was displaced from her home in New Orleans, I do not live in her city and did not have to relocate when pregnant with my twins. This real story was, almost, like a mirror image of my own.

Another story I really loved was about the potty training of triplets. Although I have twins, I know what this mother was going through in the potty training process. I too had more than one potty for my twins training. Instead of stickers, I used M&Ms to bribe my girls to go potty in their potty, not their diaper. I also had my girls drinking liquids all day long.

This is a fun and sentimental book for mothers and fathers of twins, triplets, adult twins or adult triplets. This book is packed with amazing stories of how God is still in control and on the Throne. Even when it seems like all hope is gone, God is there to get us through the rough patches. Even for twins and triplets.