Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TwiceToddler "B" has Chicken Pox

Oh yes, yesterday, August 3, 2009, I began to see tiny red dots appear on her body. I first started seeing them on her arms, then stomach, the legs, back and now face. At first, I was not sure what it was. To me, it looked more like a rash. In fact, the red dots were not really bad at all yesterday.

Because I was not sure what it was, yet, I prayed for her and that the red dots, or rash, would go away. This morning, I looked at TwiceToddler "B" and the red dots had increased in numbers and some began to clump together.

That is when I thought they might be chicken pox. So, I called my twins doctor around 9ish and spoke to the nurse. She asked what they looked like and how many TwiceTodder "B" had. That is when she said it sounds like chicken pox. This could last two weeks and then TwiceToddller "A" would get chicken pox next.

So, I called my daycare provider and told her we would not be going today and not until the pox are gone. Then, I called my twins preschool and let then know about the chicken pox as well. So, we might not be attending preschool until last August/early September.

For now, I am rubbing Calamine lotion and Benedryl lotion on TwiceToddler "B". I just hope it does not get any worse. She did have the chicken pox vaccine. This vaccine though, does not prevent from getting chicken pox and this is what irritates me the most. This is why I have vaccinations.

I am just glad they will be getting chicken pox now as toddlers, and not as seven, eight, nine or ten year olds. They can miss the first month of preschool and they will recover nicely from any work missed.

My Two Cents: This is why I will never, ever get the flu vacccine again. I always got the flu, right after taking that vaccine. If you are pregnant, DO NOT take the flu vax, full of mercury..

God Bless....

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