Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day in the Park with my TwiceBabies!!

It was a cold day, but a nice day nonetheless. There were clouds in the sky overhead and in the distance. Some clouds looked full of rain, yet not a single drop fell from the sky.

At the toddler playground, my twins and I played in the play set, climbing up the stairs, jumping in the study trampoline, climbing through the red, tunnel and going down the slides feet first on bottom and belly, head first on belly, no fear at all mind you, and turning the wheel at one end of the play set.

My twins had me climbing the steps with them and going down the slides before or after them and they loved every bit of it.

Over at the big kids play set, I placed them in the toddler swings for a while, they eventually got bored and wanted to sit on the big kids swings, no security involved. So, like we do at Nana and Papa's, they swung on these swings at a slower pace and loved it. They also liked seeing other kids, only two, playing nearby.

After our one hour and a half time of playing at this park, I decided it was time to go home and see Daddy. And, as usual, one of my twins went home kicking and screaming. This is a normal aspect of taking them anywhere these days and this is why Mommy (me) prefer to stay home where no one else has to witness their obsessions and unflattering behaviors.

God Bless everyone!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Long Day After Christmas with my Twins

Today, we got up at the same time we normally do. I fed them, changed them, took my shower and we left to drop off a Christmas present for my girlfriend. While at her home, "A" and "E" played with my girlfriends daughter so we could talk by ourselves.

Well, I realized I was supposed to work in the nursery this Sunday. But, I told her I have been unable to open the excel schedule for nursery watch and this is why I did not know I was scheduled to work that day. We also talked about other things in our lives and what we are looking forward to in the coming year.

Around 12:50, I told my girls we are leaving so we could look for some items at a particular store I like to frequent for a Christmas ornament storage container. I found it, not on sale, but I used my coupon and that gave me a discount anyway.

From there, we went to another store I frequent to purchase a toy for them, which I returned later in the evening when Daddy was home, so I could purchase something American made, online. This will be a Christmas gift from their Great Aunties.

Anyway, on the way home from this store, "A" and "E" fell asleep. WOW, was I excited or what.
I mean, my twins, they were sleeping, at 2:45 and I was in heaven. Sleeping babies is always a delight to behold. Especially when at age two, they refuse to take their afternoon naps.

Since they fell asleep, I drove around town for a while. I mean, I was not about to wake these little angels. So yes, I was getting a break, even said break was not in the way I would have intended.

Once they work up, I took them to the one park, where it was real windy and the equipment I found out was more or less for older children. I promised them I would take them to a different park tomorrow that had play equipment for toddlers, which I found in the same vicinity.

All in all, today was a good day. My twins were out of the home all day and they seemed to like it. Now, if only they would stop their obsession with balls. You, know, toy balls, balls they kick, balls they throw. They see balls on their DVD and say "Ball!" and it drives me crazy.

I really hope this obsession ends soon.

Have a blessed evening and day my fellow bloggers.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Hoping everyone had a blessed and safe Christmas and that your New Year is even better than this year.
Well, this was our twins third Christmas. They were only one month old Christmas 2005, one year old Christmas 2006 and now two years old Christmas 2007.

We drove to their Auntie JuJu's home around 4:00PM for Christmas dinner and to see their other relatives and because they are not taking naps anymore during the daytime, they tend to be, shall I say, a bit (or a lot) fussy. This said fussiness creates little whiney babies who get on not only Mommy and Daddy's nerves, but everyone around them.

So, no more than 3 hours later, we had to leave; presents unopened and take our twins home, get them out of their beautiful dresses, into their sleepers and off to bed. I keep telling them this is what happens when you decide not to take an afternoon nap. Not that they understand what I am saying or even care, right?

It seems, being a two year old, who is growing, still teething and refusing not to sleep, is par for the course. Am I correct in my thinking?

Terrible Two's is not fun! And!!, it does not matter how many books you read or try to put into practice, two year old twins will be and will do what two year old twins are going to do at this particular stage in their lives.
Anyway, Christmas morning, with all their presents being brought to our home by Daddy, we opened gifts up, had a little fun, then took showers, got dressed and headed off to one of our many local parks. So, we again, had Christmas in the Park. As you can see from photos, the girls had a lot of fun.
Thank you Lord Jesus for my twins and calming their hearts and minds. Please give my twins, and Mommy peace that passes all understanding.
Amen and Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Costco with the Twins

Daddy took twins "A&B" to Costco tonight to get some food items for Christmas next week.

Our twins just love their Daddy and Daddy loves taking them out, especially when Costco has a cart big enough for two babies. Too bad other retailers do not invest in a two seater cart. Life could be so much easier when taking babies out. I mean, then there is no need for the tandem stroller and having to put all the items you want in the stroller basket.

Yeah, I know, life can not be that simple. Right?

Oh well, our twins will not be in a stroller for ever... LOL

Have a blessed evening all my blogging friends!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Date Night with our Twins

Tonight, Mommy, that would be me, took Twin "B" to Wal Mart for our date night so I could purchase a new hair dryer. I got the one with ion capability, feminine products and hair conditioner. Throughout our Wal Mart visit, Twin "B" was "taking" up a storm. I mean, she pointed our everything in sight and wanted to hold everything to. I told her, "You are only two and already want everything, this is not a good thing Twin "B"".

Daddy took Twin "A" to Target for nighttime diapers and a Christmas gift. Then, they went to Gottschalks for some Christmas gifts, AE and B&N for some gift cards.

This date night, Twin "B" was the talkative one and Twin "A" was not a happy camper. My twins are still teething and almost anything sets them off. They can turn on a dime because the teething cutting into the gum still hurts. Molars are the last of their teeth and the ones that hurt the most.

Anyway, they love going out on date night with Daddy or Mommy because they get a special time alone and no competition.

My Twins and the Turned Over Changing Table

It seems at the age of two, my twins, let able toddlers I am sure, do not like taking naps anymore. It also seems this a fact for this generation. If I am incorrect, send me a comment.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, while my twins were not sleeping, they began to cry over something. Their cries were not our of fear or anything, it was just their typical cry over not getting their way.

Let's go back a bit, way back to probably two months ago. This is when I began thinking to myself, "Self, I bet they (my twins), will eventually turn over their changing table because they constantly open and close those drawers only full of stuffed toys."

Now, fast forward to yesterday. What happened yesterday? Can you make an educated guess?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

You would be correct!

As I walked their room, unlocked their door and opened it, their changing table was turned over on the drawers and my twins were crying. I bent down, hugged and kissed them and said everything was alright and asked if they were alright, which they were. No bumps, bruises or scratches.

I can only imagine what they must have been thinking as that drawer came tumbling down right in front of them. They must have been frightened if anything. I suppose the crying alone meant they were scared.

The good thing is, they did not attempt to turn the changing table/drawer over today.

Yeah Babies!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Did Huckabee Really say, "Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead"?

You be the judge as you read the ticker at the bottom of the interview with Ron Paul.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas in the Park

Last night, my husband and our twins drove to San Jose to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle and open Christmas gifts for "A&E". After opening Christmas gifts and eating some fresh crab from the Bay, we ate dinner ate a chain restaurant that we like a lot and from there drove downtown to the Christmas in the Park.

We had a good time, although we were there pretty late, past 8 PM and "A&E" were getting tired and oh so fussy. When a little toddler goes to bed at a particular time, being up past that time is not always a good thing. I think they had fun looking at the lights and Christmas Trees, the Trains and displays. But really, who knows what a toddler thinks, only what they feel (loud and clear)!
So next year when we go, "A&E" will be three years old and by that time, be more aware of their surroundings. Toddlers, they pretty much control everything parents do, that is until they

can speak our language and tell us what they want, what hurts, what this and what that...


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Climbing Twins, This is a Bad Thing

My twins are very ingenious to say the least. When they want to get to something, they find a way by climbing on a chair, a stool, a turned over bucket and here is a new one, a very big basket given to me by my Mom for my Baby Shower.

That is right, I now use this basket for their dirty clothes, but today, God love them, they, Twin "B", I am assuming, while in their bedroom, supposedly taking a nap, turned over the basket, stood up on it and took items like teething tablets and Mylicon, off the tall drawer.

I walked into their room to given them a healthy cookie, yes, a healthy cookie, and their room, like always was turned upside down, Twin B was sitting near the turned over basket with the teething tablet bottle OPENED and Twin A had the Mylicon bottle, unopened, in her hand.

Scared? Oh yes, I was scared. I mean, even though those teething tabs are homeopathic, they can still be dangerous if too much is ingested. I was not a happy Mommy at all.

After that drama, I took the basket out of the room and it will remain out of the room from now on.

WARNING!! If there is anything your twins can climb up on, they will...... Do not underestimate your twins, they are very bright and they work off each other, like a tag team if you will.

Monday, December 10, 2007

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How Late Do Your Twins Sleep In?

My twins sleep in until 8:15-8:30, almost every morning. Now, I think this is great because it gives Daddy and Mommy extra time to sleep in as well. Although, I am sure they will be getting up at 7:30 pretty soon.

Do you think Daddy and Mommy (Me), just do not hear them already up and moving around? Could be, huh? When our twins go down for the evening, we have to lock them inside their room so they do escape and run willy nilly all over the house, but when Daddy and Mommy go to sleep in the evening, I do unlock their door, in hopes they will run into our room.

For some reason though, they can not always open their door and they just stay in their room until one of us hears them; which is between 8:15-8:30.

I love it when they sleep in until 8:30, it is awesome..

Bathing Twins, Individually

Sometimes, but not all the time, bathing your twins individually is a good thing. For one, it cuts down on the fighting; two, it cuts down on the fighting and three, it cuts down on the fighting.

Along with the above three reasons, individual bathes also gives Twin A and Twin B special time with Mommy or Daddy. The bathes also go faster and you can have more fun with one baby or toddler.

The older your twins get, they might like to have individual bathes anyway. That way, there is no competition among them. I mean, my twins began competing in my womb and it has not stopped since.

Let me give you some insight:

Twin A and Twin B, wake up in the morning, fight over their milk sippy cups, fight to be fed their oatmeal first, fight over the same chair, same toy, different books, same sunglasses, same brush, different color though, same tricycle, same bib, same this and same that...

Need I go on....

On yes, bathing them, at times separately, is a good thing to think about and consider. Oh, and keep one twin out of the bathroom, as to not bother the twin taking a bath and to keep the warmth of the bath inside so your baby or toddler will not get a cold.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Today is my Hubby's Birthday!

Won't tell you his age, but for his birthday, I made him a T Shirt with our twins photo on it and purchased a sweater for him.

His folks watched our twins for about an hour while we went to dinner. I had the best three cheese Chicken Penne ever, at Applebee's.

Then,we went to see if the wireless store where we got our phone was open, they were not. We are getting new phones for Christmas this year.

After that, we went back to his folks house, where his sisters had arrived an our twins were playing and having fun with their 20 year old cousins. We also sang Happy Birthday to my hubby, ate cake and ice cream and he opened birthday gifts.

It was getting late, so we all left and our twins have been sleeping soundly since 8ish.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Road Trip To Salida with Twins

This afternoon, we took out twins to Salida, Daddy had something work related to do. They were actually good on the road, which was only a 40 minute drive, because we turned on their DVD player to occupy them.

Once we arrived at our destination, Daddy and I walked inside and found the place a mess and decided not to let them in. So, I suggested I drive them around town. I drove them in the major road, which goes into Modesto and once in Modesto, I decided to turn into the Target Shopping Center. While in my truck, I turned my head around and found Twin "B" sleeping. I also found our stroller was not in the back of the truck so I was not going to get out anyway.

So, I left the parking lot and drove down this major road in Modesto again towards our initial destination to see if Daddy had completed his work related assignment. I drove in front on this location and did not see him, so drove around a little bit more, then Daddy called me and I made my way back to his assignment and picked him up.

By this time, Twins "A" and "B" were asleep. Oh, it was so cute.

Don't you just love sleeping babies? I do.

Have a blessed day everyone!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Where to find Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Since I posted that article and video about the dangers of fluoride, I realized I had not given you a solution to this danger that lingers in yours and your families bodies.

Here are some companies that supply Fluoride Free Toothpaste.

God Bless!

I am sure there are plenty more online and offline companies who offer fluoride free toothpaste as well. I was not going to give you everything...

Portrait Day with Our Twins

This evening, we took our twins to get Christmas Portraits at Sears in my city. Taking toddlers, let alone twin toddlers, on a photo shoot (LOL), is a joke.

Seriously, they were fighting over the same props, would not cooperate, would not cooperate and would not cooperate.

The photos, in the end, the ones we choose and will receive in two weeks, are adorable. But, hey, I can take better photos with my digital camera that I now own.
Oh, that is right, I did take photos of them at home. Here are some right here and they were easier to corral at home.

The hair clip they are wearing I made at home.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dennis Quaid Sues Drug Maker After Twins' Overdose

That is correct, Dennis Quaid has filed a lawsuit against the drug company for the injuries sustained by his twin babies last month.

The Quaid's are suing Baxter Healthcare Corp based in Deerfield, Ill. saying they were negligent in packaging different doses of the product in similar vials with blue backgrounds.

The lawsuit also says the company should have recalled this product when three children in Indiana were killed in an Indianapolis hospital last year.

The Quaid's attorney, based in Chicago who is filing this suit, said, The reason for this lawsuit is to save other children from a fate such as this and that the Quaid's are not looking for money.
The Quaid's are religious and believes the prayers from the public are what saved their twins lives.

In February, Baxter Healthcare Corp. sent a letter warning health care workers to carefully read labels on the heparin packages to avoid a mix-up.

This lawsuite filed by Quaid and his wife, Kimberly, argues that the company didn't do enough.

The company failed to recall the large-dosage vials after the infant deaths and repackage the drug, the lawsuit contends. It said the manufacturer also should have issued an "urgent" warning to health care providers that required them to educate nurses and others about the problems and implement safety procedures.

More can be read at

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Decorations and Toddlers do not mix

This Christmas, like last Christmas, I had put out a small amount of decorations because I knew my girls would seek and destroy anything they could get their sweet little fingers on.

Well, on my fireplace mantel, I had decorated it in a way my girls would not break or knock down anything. Ha Ha, joke was on Mommy indeed. Oh yes, Twin "A" pulled down some lights and along with the lights came down one of my candlestick, glass candlestick. Oh, I was not a happy camper!!

I cleaned it up, then went the store I got it last year to get a new one. Well, they had this candlestick, but it now has ridges in it. So, I will go back tomorrow and get it. It looks like I will have two candlesticks, made of glass, but one with ridges and one without. And, I will have to remove the lights I am sure.

Toddlers, you love them, and they are so hard to control. They never, ever, ever, ever listen!!!

Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda (agenda, what agenda? Exactly!)

In this video, David Ayoub, M.D. will tell you about the relations of Mercury to Autism along with its connections to “National Security Study Memorandum 200”(for population control). Showing its shocking connections to today’s G.A.V.I. Are powerful forces really trying to help the poor people or could it be for another agenda; the sterilization of the poor? This is an upsetting video and you may not want to belive it. If not, then it is up to you to research this issue, which is scary to say the least. If anything, you need to protect yourself and your family.

Remember, ignorance is not bliss as an adult, an adult who has obligations to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Fluoride, Something You Do Not Want in Your Drinking Water or Toothpaste

In June 2000, Dr. Stan Monteith wrote in his newsletter for his radio show, Radio Liberty, the effort to fluoridate drinking water in the United States. Most European nations rejected the program because fluoride compounds are deadly poison. When Dr. William Marcus, who is a Senior Science Advisor and Toxicologist in the Office of Drinking Water at the EPA, tried to expose the carcinogenic effect of fluoridation in animals, he was fired. When Phyllis Mullenix published a paper that demonstrated the behavioral changes in rats that drank fluoridated water, she was fired. Do you see a pattern here? The scientist who exposes the truth is either fired or "commits suicide". When Dr. Hardy Limeback, Associate Professor of Preventative Dentistry at the University of Toronto, realized fluoridation was harmful, he was told he would lose his job if he discussed the subject publicly.

The whole testimony of Dr/ Limeback can be read here: THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION
and a video by Dr. Stan Moneith, from Radio Liberty, can be see below.

Christmas Lights with Twins

My husband and I were putting up Christmas lights on our garage when the twins opened the security door and decided to come out and see what we were doing. I told them repeatedly to back away from us and the ladder.

Did they heed our warnings?

Take a guess, tick, tock, tick, tock...

You would be right, Twin "B" was getting on the ladder with Daddy and as Daddy was coming down the ladder, he stepped on Twin "B"s fingers and she fell on her bottom and began to cry.

As a good Mommy, I consoled her as I was also angry with her for not listening to me about the ladder. Oh gosh, why is it 2 year olds disregard everything and anything you say? Do they enjoy pain and discomfort? I do not get it!!

Anyway, I walked her back inside and inadvertently locked the security door. Oops!!

So, Daddy and Mommy had to coax Twin "B" to the computer room to open that door which is closer to her hands to reach. When Twin "B" finally made her way to the computer room after Daddy and Mommy knocked on the door, she unlocked the door and we were alright.

Goodness, what do you do when you have fussy twins who ALWAYS want to be in the mix with you and get Mommy, not Daddy, frustrated??? Seriously, what do you do?

Toddlers are a handful to say the least and trying to please them takes skill and patience (which I do not possess) at this time.

This is why my home has a limited about of Christmas decor, or any decor, at this time. Little hands make big messes.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

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When Twins Sleep, It Is a Good Thing

Ah yes, my twins have been sleeping now since 11:50 and yes, this is a good thing. Not really sure when they woke up this morning, but since they are still sleeping right now, I am assuming they were "sleepy".

Recently, they have been more fussy than normal, maybe it is due to their growth spurts? Or, they are still teething, getting in those awful molars, still. So, anyone of these these things could be stopping them from wanting to sleep.

Who really knows, right?

Babies and toddlers are very unpredictable, they may do something one day you like and they next day, they are off the charts. That is why babies and toddlers always make a liar our of us. Something may work once or twice, but if you are looking for a third time, dream on.

Like napping, I can put my twins in their room for a nap and they will just kick their walls, take all their stuffed toys out of their drawers and take clothes off hanger and break hangers sometimes. They will do this and not nap them be all fussy the rest of the day.

Go figure!!

Parenting, especially to twins, is not an science, but an art.

Twins and Doors Do Not Mix

On some of the doors in my home, there is no way I can add a safety latch to my door to keep my girls fingers out. That being said, this morning, or later afternoon, Twin "A" had her fingers in the door, while Twin "B" was closing the door.

Well, I am sure you can imagine what happened next. You guessed it, Twin "A" had a delayed reaction to her fingers getting stuck in the door and the began crying and crying and crying, etc. I comforted her by kissing her fingers and loving her, but after a while, she was just milking it. Her fingers were really fine, no blood or nothing. This is because I was Twin "B" closing the door our of the corner of my eye, with Twin "A"s fingers in the door and quickly took Twin "A"s fingers our, hoping she would have less pain.

In my home, I do have one safety latch on our family room door and will get two more for our computer room which has two doors. But, the utility room, my bedroom and the twins bedroom doors can not accommodate a safety latch for various reasons.

So now, the score is: Twin "A"=2 Twin "B"=0 fingers in door.

But, Twin "B" faked hurting her fingers so Mommy too would kiss her fingers and make them better.

You see, these little Angels are bright and they really know what is going on, even if they do not obey Mommy when I tell them to KEEP THE DOORS OPEN!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Holding Mommy's Hand with Twins

Whenever my twins want to take me somewhere in the house or outside, they lift up their hand and pull me with my left or right hand. They, right now at least, love holding my hand to guide me where they want to go.

Oh, and when they have my hand, they have a very strong grip, like they never want to let go.
I am guessing instead of telling me, they would rather show me or guide me and I think this is cute.

My Twins and Reading the Them

Oh my girls, they love me to read to them. I could read all their books in one day, three times over. And believe me, we have at least 40+ books to read all day long.

Two days ago, my twins and I were sitting on our recliner and I was reading them. Twin A and B, separately, took my hand, and had me hold the left side of the book I was reading to them, Brown Bear, The Foot Book and some Christmas book too.

I just thought it was so sweet how they intentionally grabbed or held my hand and placed the book page in my hand. When they each want something, they are not shy, around Mommy and Daddy that is, showing us what they want and directing our attention to their want or need.

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Doctor in Wisconsin Delivers 4 Sets Of Twins, On One Shift!!

Dr. Ken Merkitch thought he would help a friend out by subbing for him as the on-call doctor at Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse on Friday.

"No good deed goes unpunished," Merkitch said.

Merkitch and some of the parents and their twins appeared on NBC's "Today" show on Wednesday. Merkitch said the shift started off slow until a couple came in pregnant with twins. The births of Samantha and Maxwell were an exciting start to the day.

"I love delivering twins," Merkitch said.

But be careful what you wish for. Marisa and Makenna were born next. After 19 years at Gundersen Lutheran, this was a first for Merkitch. "I don't know that I delivered two sets of twins in one day," he said.

However, then Milo and Maggie were delivered and Ayden and Avery were not far behind.

Merkitch said the hospital averages 31 twin births a year, so four in one day is well above average.

He thanked his nurses with Doublemint gum, Dubble Bubble gum and Twix bars.

The whole article can be read at

Once Conjoined Twins Are Now Recovering From Surgery

The Doctors at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford on Wednesday said the once formerly conjoined Costa Rican twins Yurelia and Fiorella Rocha-Arias are recovering from their Nov. 12 separation surgery.

On Tuesday, Yurelia was released from the hospital's cardiovascular intensive care unit, while Fiorella is expected to join her by the end of the week.

"Everyone's thrilled that they're progressing so well," said Gail Wright, MD, cardiovascular intensive care physician. "Moving out of intensive care is a very big step." Doctors also released the first post-surgery photo of the twins. It shows one child in a hospital bed with the girl's mother holding the second child nearby.

Doctors said Fiorella's is still recovering a bit behind her sister since her Nov. 19 return to surgery for a brief modification of her chest reconstruction and repair of her skin closure.
She also needs a couple more days for her respiratory issues to completely clear.

Yurelia's last surgery happened on Nov. 14, because she had a life-threatening congenital anomaly, known as double outlet right ventricle. This was corrected by chief of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery Frank Hanley.

The girls were connected at parts of their hearts and shared a liver before their successful nine-hour separation surgery earlier this month.

"It went really well," Hanley said, of the six-hour correction and reconstruction.
DORV occurs early in pregnancy when the heart is developing, Dicks said.

Frank Hanley, Chief of Pediatric, created a tunnel from the left ventricle through the right ventricle to the aorta to correct the flow of blood in Yurelia's body.

"These are two very strong little girls," lead surgeon Gary Hartman said. Their mom, Maria, and dad, Jose Luis, have remained at the girls' bedside for weeks.

The full story can be read at

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Trusted Tours and Attractions

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Twins Actually Went Down for a Nap Today

Yeah, can you believe it. Do you think their morning bath had anything to do with it? My husband does, but I would have to say no. I bathe them in the morning probably 3 times a week and I never get these results.

Today was just a fluke in my opinion. If this happens more than three times, it will be a miracle.

Honestly, even after waking up at 8:30 this morning, they were just sleepy.

Let's see what the rest of the day has for us. It would be nice if they slept until 2:30.

But then again, that too is only wishful thinking.

Babies and Toddlers always make a liar out of their parents. To duplicate an event is a miracle.

Monday with my Twins

Today seemed like Tuesday to me. How about you? Maybe it was because of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Anyway, today, my twins were very, very busy. Since they were so busy, I decided to stay home with them. When they are this busy, it usually means if I take them out, they will be very fussy and want to escape their stroller. It also means they will make my shopping very stressful since they always want to hold something or take off a shoe, or this, or that. It never ends.

So, when Daddy came home for lunch, I went out to do some personal shopping for my crafts and possible Christmas gifts for our twins.

While out, I purchased some more ribbon, some key rings, wedding accessories for a project I am working on for my twins and a BIG stuffed Winne the Pooh Bear for one of their Christmas gifts.

It seems, lately, "A" and "E" are not a fan of sleeping in the afternoon, which means Mommy does not get a breather. I really do not understand why they will not sleep I mean they go to bed around 7:45 or 8:00 and wake up around 7:30 or 8:30. This, to me, means they should be ready for an afternoon nap around 11:45 or 12:00, until 2:30 or 3:00.

But oh, their personalities are shining through and they are constantly on my heels like little puppy dogs. For their birthday, I am sure I have told you this before, they each got a toy learn and play vacuum cleaner. So today as I was vacuuming for real, they were right by me, vacuuming for pretend.

Yup, my twins, they are sweeties who love learning, love being read to, at ad nauseam, and are never, ever still.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Check out First Friday Weekend Artwalk in the Oldest City

If your thinking of visiting St. Augustine, Florida or already live there, you have to take check out their First Friday Weekend Artwalk where you and or a friend can see the latest exhibits from local artists and hear music from local entertainment. When you are at First Friday, you also get to take the refreshments available to the First Friday guests.

If you are wondering who the artists will be at this First Friday happening on December 7th and 8th, they are Beau Redmond, Jean Troemel,Peter O'Neill (who is most famout for his September 11th Fireman poster), Trip Harrison (he captures the beatuy of nature), Jan Miller, Sydney McKenna and Ray Brilli. Each artist has their own website you can go to and view their work.

First Friday can be found along 131 E. King Street in Downtown St. Augustine, Florida from 5PM to 9PM and the best part is, it is FREE to all who come and take in the sights, sounds and refreshments.

Because St. Augustine cares about their attendees, they are offering a complementary shuttle ride provided by the Sightseeing Trains and Old Town Trolley Tours company. These trains and trolleys come by every 15 minutes so you never have to wait long to get to your downtown experience.

If you would like more information, you can call (904)829-0065.

If you have a love for the arts, music and refreshments, all for free, then St. Augustine's First Friday Weekend is where you need to be in December 7th and 8th from 5PM to 9PM.

St. Augustine Artwalk

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving at my Aunt's Home


My husband, our twins and I ate Thanksgiving Dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's home in San Jose. Usually, our drive over there is a pain in the rear. But this time, we used their birthday gift from my husband's parents, our twins grandparents, a 7" Portable DVD Player. Our girls were watching one of their Christian DVD's on the hour long road trip.

I have to say, I am amazed at my sweetie pies. They did not fuss or nothing the whole trip there. That DVD Player really comes in handy.

It is small enough where it fits in our center consul so they can both watch it.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner was wonderful, Turkey, Stuffing, Dressing, Salad, Cranberries and Pumpkin Pie. I provided the salad.

It was a great night, until we were about to go to bed. That is when Twin "B" went ballistic. She would not stop crying. You see, this is the first time we, as a family, have ever stayed at my Aunt's home for the night. And if you know babies or toddlers, they love the familiar. Anything out of the norm and they usually do not fair so well.

Anyway, besides that little meltdown, our Thanksgiving was very nice and I hope you too had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

When you Need a Portable Scanner for Your Work or Home Business

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portable scanner

Cool Websites for Parents of Twin or Triplet Babies or Toddlers

Since my twins were born in November 2005, I had searched the Internet for cool clothes and other items for Twin Babies. Below are some websites I had found and continue to find today:

About Twins and Premature Babies
March of Dimes for Twins, Triplets and Beyond and Premature Babies
BellaOnline-Twins Help and Information
National Organiztion of Mother of Twins

1. WombMates
2. MotherofTwins
3. Multiple Treasures
4. CafePress Twins T Shirts
5. TwinsHelp
6. TwinsRealm
7. TwinsMagazine
8. TwinStuff
9. Personalized Twin Magazine Cover
10. Twin Gifts and Invitations
11. Twins and Triplets Baby Memory Books, Twin Gifts and Twin Stuff
12. Just4Twins
13. TwinShoppe
14. TeensyWeensyClothing for Preemie Babies

Twins and Triplet Baby Shower & Birth Announcements

Well, with all these websites, you will not need to look anywhere else for gifts for twins and triplets. Happy Shopping!

CPSC will show Parents all Recalled Toys

If you are a parent or grandparent, them here is the website to show you the list, that is right, the list of all "Made in China" Toys.

CPSC Recalled Toys

Can you believe all these recalled toys? What is going on here? Nothing is safe anymore.

November 2007 Recalls and Product Safety News

Here is another website I found called Our Green House for natural toys and other products that we should embrace and support these American Made Products and Companies. Another American Made company I found is CottonTailsOnline and WillowTreeToys.

I am wondering if all the Philadelphia Quakers will have more business now since they probably make all natural wooden toys. They will be in great demand now, right, for home made and all natural toys with no chemicals or harmful painted toys?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today, we are going to my Aunt and Uncles home in San Jose. We always try and go to their home on Thanksgiving or ask them to come to our home.

My Aunt and Uncle loves to cook, I will bring the salad fixings as I usually do.

We might stay over their house, if and only if, our twins will sleep in their home. Our twins have not stayed in any one's home overnight yet and this could be a problem. But, I will pack for the evening like we are staying over. I just pray our girls will sleep there because I really do not want to drive back after all that Turkey, full bellies and the possibility of drinking.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I will upload photos once I take some of our Thanksgiving.
God Bless!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Dennis Quaid's Newnborn Twins Fighting for Life

It seems Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, mistakenly gave an overdose of Heparin, a blood thinner, to Dennis Quaid's newborn twins. Right now, they are fighting to live.

Normally, babies are given 10 units of the anti-coagulant. For some reason though, a hospital technician who had stored the drug in the wrong place resulted in the babies' nurse giving them the massive overdose of 10,000 units of Heparin.

A source told TMZ the Quaid babies were given two doses, one Sunday morning and one Sunday evening.

Right now, the twins are being given Protamine, the Heparin antidote, and are said to be in stable condition. This is just great. What is going on at this hospital, supposedly one of the best in the nation, where they can do something like this?

My goodness, when I heard this, call I could think of is, this could have happened to my preemies twins two years ago. Although, my twins were delivered at Modesto Doctor's Hospital and not this well to do hospital that as it looks like, makes grave and life threatening mistakes.

My heart and prayers goes out to the Quaid Family right now.

Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly, on November 8th, 2007, (three days and two years after my twins were born) welcomed Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace into the world. The couple are the biological parents of the twins, who were born to a surrogate mother. Thomas weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces; his sister weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces.

This is something that should not be happening in a hospital with a reputation like this. This is something that should never happen..period.

Do you think someone will lose their job over this? One can only hope.

Source: FoxNews,

My Twins are Changing

When I mean changing, I mean their attitudes. They are now, after all my ranting and raving over the past couple of weeks, changing their attitudes in that they seem to be understanding what I am saying more and are able to comprehend my questioning...and they are only 2 Y/O, 2 Weeks and 2 Days old.

Do you think my praying has been a contributing factor in their behavior change all of sudden? I mean, sure, they are still fighting, kicking, screaming, yelling, pinching and pushing each other, but this, I hear, is what children and twins, do.

Being two years old, I am hoping, means they will want to take more direction and sit still for more than a second too. If I want to teach them anything, it would be really nice for them to sit down when directed too. If I can get them to sit down when told before they enter pre school, I am sure their teachers will thank me.

One can only hope, right?


Today is my first nephew's 6th Birthday

Yesterday, he went to Disneyland all day and today, my Sister, her hubby and three boys are going to the river for Thanksgiving weekend.

I used to go with her to the river when I was still living in SoCal. I grew up in SoCal and a lot of SoCaler's have a place in Havisu City for the summer and pretty much yearround. So, that is where they are this weekend.

Anyway, my nephew loves Jack Sparrow!! So, that is what I got him for his birthday, some Jack Sparrow stuff. I am sure he will have a wonderful 6th birthday.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finally Got Some Photos Tonight of Twins "A&E" with their Big Cousins

Tonight, my girls actually took some cute photos with their cousins. We tried everything to get my girls to cooperate. When was the last time a two year old cooperated?

Anyway, we tried getting our girls to sit on their cousins lap, next to them play with them, sit with them on a blanket on the grass, in the house on the couch. My goodness, it certainly took some creativeness on our parts to get them to take at least one good photo. These were good ones taken on the backyard porch swing.

Yeah, trying to get a two year old to cooperate is like pulling teeth; never fun and always a struggle.

Yesterday's Garage Sale at my Girlfriends Home

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I had a garage sale and sold not so much. I mean, the weather is getting colder and this tends to keep people indoors. I had intended to hold a garage sale two months ago, but my other girlfriend was unable to do it with me.

So, in the Springtime, my girlfriend who did this garage sale with me will do the Spring Garage Sale with me too.

While I was at my girlfriends home, Daddy took out girls for an hour or so. First, to the park, then he walked to his office and walked back home. When I got home from the garage sale, the girls was beginning to wake up from their afternoon nap.

That evening, their Auntie came over "attempting" to take photos of them for something she had in mind for a Christmas gift for another family member. The attempt was nice, but was also unsuccessful as Twins "A and E" were very uncooperative. While Auntie was taking photos of Twins "A and E", Daddy and Mommy (me) went to a local restaurant downtown and Daddy got a free show with some local "lady" showing off her 'Girls" to some Oakland Bikers driving through downtown. It looked like she was inebriated and probably had a male "partner" if you know what I mean, helping her show off her "girls" to these bikers.

Oh goodness, this "lady" must have been in her late 40's and not at all attractive. She was wearing a black tank top and I think a skirt or shorts, in 60 degree weather!! My goodness, it certainly was a sight to see.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Twins and My Social Science Experiment

In December 2002, I graduated for CSU, Stanislaus with a degree in Social Science.

After my graduation, up until now, I have not been able to use my degree, much less get paid to do something in my field of study. So this morning, when I woke up, I thought I would try something with my twins.

You see, every morning and afternoon, but mainly in the morning, all they do is fuss, fight, kick, SCREAM and CRY. It is enough to drive a parent to tears, much less want to shut down for a while.

So this morning, I warmed their milk as usual, made their oatmeal, as usual and heated up their french bread sticks, as usual while Daddy changed their diapers. Only this morning, I did not look at them, either head on or to from my peripheral vision; even if they were "talking" to me.

When their milk was done being warmed and their food was warmed, Daddy, after taking his shower let me take mine before he went to work. After my shower, I got out, dressed and Daddy went to work.

My twins and I went into our family room where we watched their favorite DVD. While in their, Twin "B" took it upon herself to sit on my lap, looking at me, while I did not look at her. Twin "A" was at the TV pointing out each animal, shape and color to me. I shook my head, but said nothing.

While all this was occurring, not once did "A" and "E" scream, cry, hit, kick, pull hair or FUSS. You see, they were more concerned why Mommy was not paying attention to them than doing their normal every morning routine of fussiness, screaming, crying, kicking, pushing, pinching, hitting, etc.. They were concerned for me and not what they could get or want.

When I was blow drying my hair, they both looked at me from the carpet and I still said nothing to them or looked at them. As I began putting on my makeup, they came into the bathroom, like they are not supposed to do and again, I said nothing. At this time, they climbed up on the toilet seat cover, like they are not supposed to, and I said nothing. Twin "B" took the shower hair catcher off the counter, played with it and with the toilet seat cover open, it fell in. At this time, Twins "A" and "B" put their hands inside to toilet to retrieve the shower hair catcher. Now normally, I would probably be raising my voice at them right about now and showing my disapproval. But today, since I was doing this experiment, I said nothing and again, did not look at them.

After my make up was on, I went into their room with them and changed their diapers and put on their clothes, still saying nothing or looking at them. As I was changing their diapers and because I was saying nothing to them, especially Twin "B", she did not get upset or fussy while I was changing her diaper or putting on her clothes as she normally does. This same thing with Twin "A". Before I put on their shirts, I went into the bathroom and wet a hand clothe to clean off their wet hands and arms from touching the toilet water. I was not going to let that toilet water remain on their arms and hand all day. Very unsanitary indeed. I am all about sanitary and not being sick.

Once they were dressed I proceeded to straighten my hair, still not talking to them or looking at them. When I was done with my hair, that is when I looked at them and said, "Let's go somewhere." So, I packed them in our SUV and we went to Linens N Things (purchased some things), Costco (did not find what I was looking for and left), went to McD and got two small fries and finally to Starbucks and got a Venti Peppermint Mocha Frapp, then came home.

While in the car, I did begin talking to them and pointing out objects to them, but what I learned today was: If you do not pay attention to your fussy, crying and always screaming twin babies/toddlers, they will want to know what is wrong with Mommy instead of what is bothering them and the crying, screaming and total melt down or fussiness will subside for a while.

Just think, if I did this at least 3 times a week what peace I would have in my household. It would not be ALL ABOUT THEM for at least 3-4 hours out of the day. They might see that it does not always have to be all about them and that they can not always get what they want all the time. True, we come into this world selfish and always wanting, but there has to be something a parent can do to nip this in the bud, right? Like improvise or use a new and not harmful strategy to get your point across.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Babysitter was a no show today

She went to see her Mom last week and was not sure when she would be back. It looks like her Mom is still in the hospital and needs her there to take care of her.

Hopefully her Mom is recovering well and she comes back safely.

My twins love her because she walks them to the park and feeds them lunch and gets them ice cream at the park.

I like my babysitter because I get a two hour break from them once a week.

Oh well, we will see her next week, hopefully...

My Twins and Their Two Year Check Up

Today, my twins had their two year check up and they, even being born preemies, have all but met the "requirements" of being a healthy two year old. I put requirements in quotes because my twins do not know 50 words yet, probably 30 at most.

One of the questions was can they put phrases together and I said yes, they saw "Thank You" and "I'm Sorry", along with "What's Up With That" and "Probably".

Oh, and my twins doctor confirmed that two year olds will not have a steady diet because they are finicky on a daily basis and they have lots of temper tantrums.

Well, that just put my mind at rest...a little bit.

She also asked if they are ready to be potty trained and do they let you know when they have to go potty. I said no to the first and yes to the second question. She said for us to just not push it, but that when they get ready to take a bath and once they are ready to get into the bath, see if they will sit down on the potty because this is when they are most likely to go to the bathroom with more ease.

One of the twins is 2 pounds lighter and 1 inch taller.

She said all is well and she will see them next year!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When you think of NC, you think of coupons and savings

Thinking of getting that perfect gift for you Mom and Dad, Sister wife, girlfriend or friend? Well, getting the gift with a coupon will make that gift even sweeter.

Does your Mom and Sister wear Gap clothing, hats, shoes and bath and body products? If they do, then you have to get your Gap Coupons here, then make your purchase here as well. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Makes sense to me.

Maybe your Dad wants a new laptop for work and play, what a better way to get him that laptop than to get an OfficeDepot Coupon, then do your shopping online without fighting those harsh crowds.

If your girlfriend loves getting her perfume and make up from Sephora, then you must get Sephora Coupons first, then ask her what she wants and purchase that gift online for her too.

I am telling you, with NC, this is the only way to get all your Christmas shopping done in 2007. Plus, you never had to leave your home, drive in horrible traffic and stand in those very long and tiresome lines.


Newborn Triplets and Mom were Homeless...Until...

The Triplets doctor stepped in and made a plea to the community to help her and her triplets out.

In Grand Rapids, MI, Monica Roberts, Mother of newborn Triplets found herself unemployed and homeless. At Green Gables Haven, a Barry County shelter where Monica Roberts, her babies and her mother are staying, hundreds of calls have been pouring in about helping this family out. Invitations to take in the 33-year-old mother and her babies have been proffered by people in Holland, Kalamazoo, Lansing and beyond.

Monica Roberts said she was "overwhelmed" by the outpouring of offers and that she never expected this to happen. "Monica can't even express how much people are willing to do for her and her triplets, two boy and one girl and that she had forgotten how nice the world can be.

Help Arrives for Newborn Tripelts and Mom

Mommy and Me PlayDate

Today, my twins and I went downtown for our weekly Mommy and Me playgroup.

This is cool playgroup because we do crafts, which my twins could care less about right now. All they want to do is play and not take direction at all.

This playgroup has two exercise balls in the room and my twins, this is all they want when we

get there. So, for the next time, I asked our playgroup coordinator to take the exercise balls out of the room so we can have less of a distraction.

Tell me, when do two year old actually begin to take direction and do what they are asked or told to do? I really want to know.

At this playgroup, we also made turkey hand drawings with feathers and glitter. Hopefully my twins has already dried.
Here are some photos of them in playgroup today.

Photos of Twins "A" and "E" in Mommy's Wedding Gown

Last year when "A" and "E" turned one, I began taking photos of them in my wedding gown.

You see, I am a sort of sales rep with Once Upon a Family and they have these cutiest, Birthday Book, for your children. With this one scrapbook, each year you can take a photo of your baby as they grow older into your wedding gown or Daddy's letterman jacket.

Every 4 to 6 months, I also take measurements of their height and have each of my twins stand against my wall where I have each of their growth chart's nailed to.
Here are some photos of them from yesterday.
Oh, and I also place things they loved so much from two years in a row in their Time Capsule.
Twin "B" loved my gown and did not want to get out of if, while Twin "A" wanted to get out of it is a hurry!!

Date(s) with Dad and Mom

Last night, Daddy took Twin "A" to Target to get some more diapers, cold medicine and oatmeal, while Mommy (me) took Twin "B" to Wal Mart to return some shoes for a bigger size. While we were there, I thought I would use the money one of my Aunt's gave my twins for their 2nd Birthday.

I got them these cute Princess Disney T's that are pink, have the three princesses on the front and have white long sleeves coming out from under the pink short sleeves. It is so cute.

Then, I got them two dresses a piece, one pink and the other sea foam green with flowers in the center chest area. I also got the a hot pink skirt with a grey short sleeve flower printed top. My Mom, their Nana, got them tights for their birthday so those can be worn with they wear their dresses and skirts. Along with a jacket if need be. Winter is just around the corner in California.

When Daddy was done with his shopping at Target, he went to the grocery store to get more milk and cereals and drove around for a while. After my Wal Mart outing with my darling, we went to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Frapp, drove around for a while, then came home.

Daddy and Mommy used to do more dates nights, but it is not always easy to get out of the house is the problem. Especially when they are fussy and demand so much.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If a Temper-Pedic Bed is what You are Looking for, You have to got to check out AngelBeds!

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If you love American Made products like I do, them the AngelBed Temper-Pedic beds are what you really want and if you want to try before you buy, AngelBeds gives you 90 days to test the bed out and see if this is what you have been missing out for so long.

To find out more about AngelBeds Temper-Pedic High Density Memory Foam beds, you can call them at 888.ANGEL.47 (264.3547), email them at, if you live in Stafford, TX, visit their showroom at 4910 Wright Road Suite 160 or visit their website and fill out the customer form for more information.

With the buying process being so easy, you have nothing to lose!


Monday, November 12, 2007

Do I really have a whole year to go through the Terrible Two's?

Or, will the terrible two's end midway through?

My goodness, I hope they end midway through the two stage because it is very unnerving to say the least.

If you had twins, how long did their terrible two's go on for? Did one of your twins whine and cry all the time? Was she crying because her teeth were still coming in? My twins still do not have their full set of teeth and one of the two are always whining and fussy like no body's business.

How attached were your twins to you? My twins, they are on my heels all the time. Sometimes, they even grab a hold of my legs and walk along with me. Do you know how difficult it is to get things done around the home with one or two little ones attached to you legs...or hip?

Do you really think they are starving for attention?

I do not. They are with me all day. They help me do things around the home, I read to them, I play with them, I take them on walks...


Mommy needs a break sometimes.

Seriously, they are two and should be able to play with each other, nicely, without kicking, pulling, scratching, pinching, pushing each other.

Yeah, yeah, you are going to tell me this is a phase they will go through and they will be best friends and love each other forever.

Well, since they were born, all I ever told them was they were sisters and best friends. Do you think they remembered this?

That's a big fat NO.

Instead, the tables have turned on me and they are so mean to each other and fight to have me all to themselves.

I think it is time my hubby and I have separate dates with them again.

Yeah, that sounds good. We were supposed to do that tonight, but Twin "A" was sleepy and very difficult to say the least.

Nancy Grace's Twin Babies Were Born Early...

Nancy Grace and her husband David Linch, had and induced labor on November 4th, 2007. They delivered a baby boy (John David) and a baby girl (Lucy Elizabeth) per their doctors orders. Nancy had developed fluid in her lungs and her doctor said it would be best to induce and get those babies our right now.

Nancy, like me, had a c-section. Baby John David came into the world weighing 5 pounds, 1 ounce and Baby Lucy Elizabeth came into the world weighing 2 pounds, 15 ounces. John was delivered first at 1:54 pm and Lucy close behind at 1:55 pm.

I am sure you already know this, but my twins were born November 5th, 2005 weighing 3 pounds, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 13 ounces. My Twin "A" was delivered first at 8:33 pm and Twin "B" was close behind at 8:34 pm.

Nancy delivered her twins in Sunday, whereas I delivered my twins in Saturday.

I think this is so cool because I respect and admire Nancy Grace. When I learned she was having twins, I was ecstatic, but who ever know that her twins would be more two years and a day ahead of mine; almost weighing the same too.

Praise the Lord Nancy is doing alright and so are John David and Lucy Elizabeth.

TLCs Jon and Kate + 8

Have you ever watched this show? If you have twins or more than one set of twins, this is Must See Twin and Sextuplet TV.

Kate and Jon had met in 1997 at a picinic. They married in June 1999. Once married, Kate wanted to start a family, John was not ready yet. When John finally came around to the idea, Kate found out she had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and would need help getting pregnant. This POS means she was unable to ovulate on her own.

Anyway, Kate and Jon had to see a specialist, a fertility doctor. In February John and Kate found they were pregnant....with TWINS!! Their twins were born preemies, like mine, and spened 5 days in the NICU, whereas mine spend 10 days in the NICU. Their twins were born at 35 + 3 weeks gestation, whereas mine were born 32 weeks gestation.

It seems Jon was and still is, as helpful with his twins and now sextuplets, as my hubby is with our twin girls. Husbands, they certaining are a blessing from the Lord and when you have twins, they become even more of a blessing.

After Jon and Kate's twins turned one, she thought she wanted to get pregnant again. Jon was not so sure about that. Well, an opportunity came about to adopt a newborn, but something happened where they were unable to adpot. After that, Jon and Kate, switched fertility doctors and found they were pregnant, again. This time, in October andfive weeks later, after Kate's hospitalization for over stimulated ovaries, they were at the initial ultrasound and learned news Kate would never forget as long as she lives. The doctor found seven sacs with four yolk sacs, or babies in four of them. When the doctor counted four sacs, Kate was scared, at five she started crying and at six Kate was shaking and absolutely sobbing. Jon had to turn away from the screen, he couldn’t look anymore.

With the shock and amazement in both Jon and Kate's eyes and creating and emotional rollercoaster, their doctor “reassured” them that they could talk about reduction. When Kate heard this she pulled herself together and stared right at him and said “We’re not doing reduction!” The doctor made it sound like it was no big deal, let' just remove however many "fetuses I am a sure he was thinking" from your womb. Like these babies were not human beings created in the image of God. (This is all my interpretation, not Jon and Kate's. )

Kate delivered the sextuplets at 26 weeks gestation, one twin never developed in his own. Kate and Jon today know they could not have done this alone and they only did this with God's help and continue today to lean on God, like my husband and I do.

Anyway, I thought I had it hard with only two twins, Jon and Kate have twins and a Sextuplets.

I so admire their faith in God and their faith in each other. They children are adorable and do all the things my twins do.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Birthday Gifts From My Gramma for my Twins

Two days ago, I went to you guessed it, Walmart, and purchased some birthday gifts for my girls with money their Great Grandma gave them.

With the money, among other things, I purchased two Princess Purses. One Purple and one Pink, which they will probably not use until they are two and a half or three years old. They were in the Christmas toy aisle.

Well, when I got home, in the evening, I thought I would open them.

Ever heard of Fort Knox? Do you know what Fort Knox refers to?

If you do, I need not explain.

Well, these little purses were so secure, no one could get into them. It was infuriating to me that these purses with all the hair accessories and a brush in it, had to be made that secure.

As I was doing my best to unsecure these purses, I thought to myself, "Self, I wonder who actually has to secure these toys or do machines do all this work?" I mean if the .2 cents a day workers who put this together had to secure this toy, I feel so sorry for them. This is why I will be looking for toys MADE in USA from those websites I just added to my recent posts.

See what happens when there is so much theft!


Looking to Learn Spanish? Why Not Learn in Spain?

Did you know that it is easier to learn or master a language when you are around the native people and can speak their language, daily?

I am sure you have heard this before, but it is true. If you really want to master a language, any language, the best thing to do is live among the natives. This way, you have no choice but to learn their language to buy, sell and interact on a daily basis.

Route66 is located in Valencia, Spain. Valencia is the 3rd largest city is Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. When you decide to go to Valencia and learn Spanish, it will only take a month to learn Spanish and there are very low cost airlines now which go directly into Valencia. Valencia also has a lower cost of living, unlike Madrid and Barcelona and if you are looking for the perfect climate, Valencia is on the Mediterranean Coast which enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year.

There are five courses you will take once in Valencia for your total immersion of the Spanish language and they are:
1. Intensives
2. Superintensives
3. Individuals
4. Long Term
5. Groups

Along with these courses, you will also get a grammer book and be able to do outdoor adventures in Valencia. Doing outdoor adventures would be a plus for learning Spainsh in a big way.

To get more information about your Spainsh learning experience, you can contact Route66 through their website or call them at their phone number also on their website.

Learn Spanish in Spain