Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day in the Park with my TwiceBabies!!

It was a cold day, but a nice day nonetheless. There were clouds in the sky overhead and in the distance. Some clouds looked full of rain, yet not a single drop fell from the sky.

At the toddler playground, my twins and I played in the play set, climbing up the stairs, jumping in the study trampoline, climbing through the red, tunnel and going down the slides feet first on bottom and belly, head first on belly, no fear at all mind you, and turning the wheel at one end of the play set.

My twins had me climbing the steps with them and going down the slides before or after them and they loved every bit of it.

Over at the big kids play set, I placed them in the toddler swings for a while, they eventually got bored and wanted to sit on the big kids swings, no security involved. So, like we do at Nana and Papa's, they swung on these swings at a slower pace and loved it. They also liked seeing other kids, only two, playing nearby.

After our one hour and a half time of playing at this park, I decided it was time to go home and see Daddy. And, as usual, one of my twins went home kicking and screaming. This is a normal aspect of taking them anywhere these days and this is why Mommy (me) prefer to stay home where no one else has to witness their obsessions and unflattering behaviors.

God Bless everyone!!

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