Friday, December 21, 2007

Costco with the Twins

Daddy took twins "A&B" to Costco tonight to get some food items for Christmas next week.

Our twins just love their Daddy and Daddy loves taking them out, especially when Costco has a cart big enough for two babies. Too bad other retailers do not invest in a two seater cart. Life could be so much easier when taking babies out. I mean, then there is no need for the tandem stroller and having to put all the items you want in the stroller basket.

Yeah, I know, life can not be that simple. Right?

Oh well, our twins will not be in a stroller for ever... LOL

Have a blessed evening all my blogging friends!

1 comment:

  1. Every time we went to Costco with our twins we were mugged by people who wanted to touch, pat, pinch and squeeze them. They were like Rock Stars. It got to a point where the girls saw the Costco store and didn't want to go in because they were afraid of all of the people. Now that they are older, it's fine.