Monday, December 10, 2007

Bathing Twins, Individually

Sometimes, but not all the time, bathing your twins individually is a good thing. For one, it cuts down on the fighting; two, it cuts down on the fighting and three, it cuts down on the fighting.

Along with the above three reasons, individual bathes also gives Twin A and Twin B special time with Mommy or Daddy. The bathes also go faster and you can have more fun with one baby or toddler.

The older your twins get, they might like to have individual bathes anyway. That way, there is no competition among them. I mean, my twins began competing in my womb and it has not stopped since.

Let me give you some insight:

Twin A and Twin B, wake up in the morning, fight over their milk sippy cups, fight to be fed their oatmeal first, fight over the same chair, same toy, different books, same sunglasses, same brush, different color though, same tricycle, same bib, same this and same that...

Need I go on....

On yes, bathing them, at times separately, is a good thing to think about and consider. Oh, and keep one twin out of the bathroom, as to not bother the twin taking a bath and to keep the warmth of the bath inside so your baby or toddler will not get a cold.

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