Saturday, December 1, 2007

When Twins Sleep, It Is a Good Thing

Ah yes, my twins have been sleeping now since 11:50 and yes, this is a good thing. Not really sure when they woke up this morning, but since they are still sleeping right now, I am assuming they were "sleepy".

Recently, they have been more fussy than normal, maybe it is due to their growth spurts? Or, they are still teething, getting in those awful molars, still. So, anyone of these these things could be stopping them from wanting to sleep.

Who really knows, right?

Babies and toddlers are very unpredictable, they may do something one day you like and they next day, they are off the charts. That is why babies and toddlers always make a liar our of us. Something may work once or twice, but if you are looking for a third time, dream on.

Like napping, I can put my twins in their room for a nap and they will just kick their walls, take all their stuffed toys out of their drawers and take clothes off hanger and break hangers sometimes. They will do this and not nap them be all fussy the rest of the day.

Go figure!!

Parenting, especially to twins, is not an science, but an art.

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