Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Climbing Twins, This is a Bad Thing

My twins are very ingenious to say the least. When they want to get to something, they find a way by climbing on a chair, a stool, a turned over bucket and here is a new one, a very big basket given to me by my Mom for my Baby Shower.

That is right, I now use this basket for their dirty clothes, but today, God love them, they, Twin "B", I am assuming, while in their bedroom, supposedly taking a nap, turned over the basket, stood up on it and took items like teething tablets and Mylicon, off the tall drawer.

I walked into their room to given them a healthy cookie, yes, a healthy cookie, and their room, like always was turned upside down, Twin B was sitting near the turned over basket with the teething tablet bottle OPENED and Twin A had the Mylicon bottle, unopened, in her hand.

Scared? Oh yes, I was scared. I mean, even though those teething tabs are homeopathic, they can still be dangerous if too much is ingested. I was not a happy Mommy at all.

After that drama, I took the basket out of the room and it will remain out of the room from now on.

WARNING!! If there is anything your twins can climb up on, they will...... Do not underestimate your twins, they are very bright and they work off each other, like a tag team if you will.

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  1. How cute!
    You have to keep an eye on those cuties! lol