Sunday, December 9, 2007

Today is my Hubby's Birthday!

Won't tell you his age, but for his birthday, I made him a T Shirt with our twins photo on it and purchased a sweater for him.

His folks watched our twins for about an hour while we went to dinner. I had the best three cheese Chicken Penne ever, at Applebee's.

Then,we went to see if the wireless store where we got our phone was open, they were not. We are getting new phones for Christmas this year.

After that, we went back to his folks house, where his sisters had arrived an our twins were playing and having fun with their 20 year old cousins. We also sang Happy Birthday to my hubby, ate cake and ice cream and he opened birthday gifts.

It was getting late, so we all left and our twins have been sleeping soundly since 8ish.

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