Saturday, December 8, 2007

Road Trip To Salida with Twins

This afternoon, we took out twins to Salida, Daddy had something work related to do. They were actually good on the road, which was only a 40 minute drive, because we turned on their DVD player to occupy them.

Once we arrived at our destination, Daddy and I walked inside and found the place a mess and decided not to let them in. So, I suggested I drive them around town. I drove them in the major road, which goes into Modesto and once in Modesto, I decided to turn into the Target Shopping Center. While in my truck, I turned my head around and found Twin "B" sleeping. I also found our stroller was not in the back of the truck so I was not going to get out anyway.

So, I left the parking lot and drove down this major road in Modesto again towards our initial destination to see if Daddy had completed his work related assignment. I drove in front on this location and did not see him, so drove around a little bit more, then Daddy called me and I made my way back to his assignment and picked him up.

By this time, Twins "A" and "B" were asleep. Oh, it was so cute.

Don't you just love sleeping babies? I do.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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