Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Lights with Twins

My husband and I were putting up Christmas lights on our garage when the twins opened the security door and decided to come out and see what we were doing. I told them repeatedly to back away from us and the ladder.

Did they heed our warnings?

Take a guess, tick, tock, tick, tock...

You would be right, Twin "B" was getting on the ladder with Daddy and as Daddy was coming down the ladder, he stepped on Twin "B"s fingers and she fell on her bottom and began to cry.

As a good Mommy, I consoled her as I was also angry with her for not listening to me about the ladder. Oh gosh, why is it 2 year olds disregard everything and anything you say? Do they enjoy pain and discomfort? I do not get it!!

Anyway, I walked her back inside and inadvertently locked the security door. Oops!!

So, Daddy and Mommy had to coax Twin "B" to the computer room to open that door which is closer to her hands to reach. When Twin "B" finally made her way to the computer room after Daddy and Mommy knocked on the door, she unlocked the door and we were alright.

Goodness, what do you do when you have fussy twins who ALWAYS want to be in the mix with you and get Mommy, not Daddy, frustrated??? Seriously, what do you do?

Toddlers are a handful to say the least and trying to please them takes skill and patience (which I do not possess) at this time.

This is why my home has a limited about of Christmas decor, or any decor, at this time. Little hands make big messes.

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