Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Hoping everyone had a blessed and safe Christmas and that your New Year is even better than this year.
Well, this was our twins third Christmas. They were only one month old Christmas 2005, one year old Christmas 2006 and now two years old Christmas 2007.

We drove to their Auntie JuJu's home around 4:00PM for Christmas dinner and to see their other relatives and because they are not taking naps anymore during the daytime, they tend to be, shall I say, a bit (or a lot) fussy. This said fussiness creates little whiney babies who get on not only Mommy and Daddy's nerves, but everyone around them.

So, no more than 3 hours later, we had to leave; presents unopened and take our twins home, get them out of their beautiful dresses, into their sleepers and off to bed. I keep telling them this is what happens when you decide not to take an afternoon nap. Not that they understand what I am saying or even care, right?

It seems, being a two year old, who is growing, still teething and refusing not to sleep, is par for the course. Am I correct in my thinking?

Terrible Two's is not fun! And!!, it does not matter how many books you read or try to put into practice, two year old twins will be and will do what two year old twins are going to do at this particular stage in their lives.
Anyway, Christmas morning, with all their presents being brought to our home by Daddy, we opened gifts up, had a little fun, then took showers, got dressed and headed off to one of our many local parks. So, we again, had Christmas in the Park. As you can see from photos, the girls had a lot of fun.
Thank you Lord Jesus for my twins and calming their hearts and minds. Please give my twins, and Mommy peace that passes all understanding.
Amen and Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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  1. Hi Monica And Scott And Abby And Emma!
    we missed you at Christmas....hope you have a wonderful time in LA.
    Auntie Leenie & Uncle Mike