Friday, February 26, 2010

TwiceToddlers at their Cousins Birthday Party

Tonight was my twins female cousins 24th birthday. I did not take photos, but my twins, my goodness, they were all over my aunt's home going up and down the stairs. And, well, as always, not listening to Daddy or Mommy. We tell both of them to stop going up the stairs and do they listen? No, never. They did not fall down, but that is not the issue, they refuse to listen to Mommy and Daddy, period.

When it came to eating pizza, they would not eat it. There was cheese pizza, just for them and of course,they would not eat it. My twins, they think that whenever they attend a birthday party, it is for them and they were so wired...

Well, my twins are always wired. I am assuming this is how the majority of toddlers are. Well, I am hoping this is how toddlers usually act. Maybe this is just how twin toddlers act...I choose the latter statement.

So, because my twins would not obey Daddy and Mommy, we left before presents were opened. This is usually how we thanks to our twins who can not sit still or obey Mommy and Daddy..

Geez....I do hope this phase in their lives ends is tiring on all counts...

TwiceToddlers Stayed Home From PreSchool Today

Last night and well into this morning hours, Twin "A", along with Twin "B", kept coughing and coughing nonstop. Twin "A" wanted to sleep with Mommy in Mommy and Daddy's bed. So, Daddy slept on the couch to give Twin "A" some room. This is not unusual as Twin "A" or Twin "B" sometimes like to sleep with either one of us depending on how their night is going. Especially if one, or both of them, are having bad dreams.

Last night was no exception. Twin "A" wanted to sleep with Mommy and all through the night and early morning hours, I was sleeping next to Twin "A" and hearing her coughing like crazy. So, as the morning begun to creep up upon us, I decided not to let both my Twins "A" and "B" go to school today and infect their friends and teachers with their unkind coughing.

Now, as they have been home all day long, their coughing has become less and less. This might be due to the cough medication we gave them in the morning hours, or that their cough is just subsiding. I pray for the latter as I, along with my twins, are tired of hearing them cough over and over again.

My twins really do not like to be away from school,teachers or their friends. So, with them at home today, it did not serve any of us one might hope. My twins love being in preschool and especially attending Friday's Church Service with Pastor Mark.

So, this weekend, as the rain continues to fall in and around my city, my twins will have to stay indoors where their healing will begin to take place and their coughing will subside, Amen!

Amen for healthy Twin Toddlers...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

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TwiceToddlers Getting Back to Normal

With my parents, their Nana and Papa back at home, my twins are getting back to normal. I say this because just minutes ago, Twin "A" began crying again as she sometimes does in the night. She says she dreams of a tall white man with an oval shaped head and round eyes. I am not really sure if she is fibbing or telling me the truth. In any case, Twin "A" likes to sleep with Mommy every now and then. Well, tonight is one of those nights.

When I heard her crying, I went into her room and she was sweating and crying. So, I asked if she wanted to sleep with Mommy tonight. Of course, she said yes and I picked her up and put her on my bed with some of her stuffed animals and my battery operated candle for some light.

Ever since Twin "A" began telling me about this "tall white man"' she is seeing in her eyes, I have been praying with her about this. We both pray together, "In The Name of Jesus", that this thing she is seeing will leave her. My sweet baby girl, well she is not really a baby anymore, but I still call her that, I would be scared too. The best thing we can do is pray that these bad dreams will go away.

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TwiceToddlers Wake Up Crying for Nana and Papa

This morning, sometime around 8ish, my parents kissed us goodbye and headed out the door to drive back home. Well, when Twin "B" woke up, she was crying for Nana and Papa. Oh, she wanted to hug her and kiss her goodbye. For a while, as I got their milk ready, Twin "B" was crying and so sad that I said to her, "Let me call Nana and see where they are." As it turned out, they were still in my city, getting a Starbucks coffee and breakfast.

I let Twin "B" talk to Nana and Nana said they would come by our home to see her, and Twin "A" again before leaving. Well, that was wonderful. Both twins were able to hug and kiss Nana and Papa one more time. It was so sad, I had never seen my girls act this way before. But I guess they would since getting closer to their Nana and Papa. We only see my parents and whole family once or twice a year.

It was nice seeing my girls kissing and hugging my parents goodbye before they head down the long interstate back home, down through Los Angeles into the work traffic. I am sure Nana will nap on the drive back home or has already taken a nap.

Well, we will see you again Nana and Papa in a couple of months...

We love you, Twice Babies...I mean, Twice Toddlers "A" and "E" and Mommy too..

TwiceToddlers Finally Went to Sleep

My goodness, like I have stated in the past, my twins could talk for hours on end if I or Daddy allowed them. Well, over ten minutes ago, my twins finally stopped talking and are sleeping. Yeah for Mommy! If my twins do not take an afternoon nap, not only will I pay dearly for it, but they will because their fussiness shows and they also fall asleep sooner than they would like to.

Also, right now, both my twins have coughs and they need to sleep in order to get well. Honestly, I have no idea how my twins are able to talk and not get tired. Sometimes, but not always, I wish I had their energy. But, I have been there...and done that...

When my twins were one and two years old, I would tell them, "The more you sleep, the more you will grow." So, maybe I should continue telling them you think it will do any good..??

Probably not...but, I can give it a shot anyway...

Pavers add Curb Appeal to any Home or Business

When my parents were thinking of cutting down their non producing apple tree in the front yard, I suggested putting down pavers in place of the apple tree. The space where the apple tree used to be was a grassy area along the driveway. I told them pavers look attractive, come in many shapes, colors, designs and styles too.

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SwagBucks Has Increased Their Prizes!

Well, this is just awesome. You see, I had stopped, altogether, using SwagBucks since last week. I was getting sick and tired of using their search engine and only receiving 1 or 2 SwagBucks, for only a dollar at a time. I mean, I have earned more points on MyPoints, than SwagBucks. They were becoming very stingy.

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Well, that made me a happy camper and it will you too if you sign up right here, right now:
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TwiceToddlers at Dance Class with Nana and Papa

Today was dance class and Nana and Papa went with the three of us. During dance class, the parents, and guests, are not allowed to be in the dance room with the dancers as this causes them to, among other things, not pay attention to the dance instructor.

So, as I always do, I sat out in the hallway, this time with my parents and one of my friends from church. My friend from church is in dance class with my twins. Anyway, as we were sitting in the hallway, my Dad went outside on the porch, as it rained, and the three of us women talked in the hallway until the dance class was over. The class lasts an hour, once a week.

After dance class, the parents are then able to go into the dance room and see what their little dance student learned that day. Here are some photos of what my twins learned today. It was not much as you can see, but this is what they learned nonetheless.

TwiceToddlers Loving Nana and Papa

My parents came up to see me, my husband and their twin granddaughters on Sunday. So far, we have had a nice time together and here are some photos I have taken of Nana and Papa playing with Twins A and B.

My twins, they were so excited to see Nana and Papa. I had not told my twins their Nana and Papa were coming because, well if you have toddlers, you know it is not a good idea to ever, ever, tell them anything in advance. If you do, you will be forever sorry you did. This is because, they will talk about it from sun up, to sun down until the event happens or people coming to see them arrives.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TwiceToddlers at Dance Class Today

Today my twins had their dance class. They attend every Tuesday morning. They really like it and I am glad. They need a place to not only learn to dance, but the get rid of all that energy itching to get out. Along with these two factors, they are also learning discipline.

I mean, if they will not obey Mommy...well, they will have to learn discipline from their dance instructor. If they do not obey her, they will not get their stickers which they put on their tap shoes at the end of class.

Here are some photos and videos of their dance class today.

Monday, February 15, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their Day with Ma Ti Ma

Ever since my twins were infants, one of our friends, Maria, has been seeing them grow up. Sometimes, she would watch them while Daddy and I went out for a date or just to take an hour break from them.

Well, as my twins are still growing up, they still like Ma Ti Ma. This is her "pet" name my twins have given her. It used to be that my twins would see her at least 2 to 3 times a month. But then, when Ma Ti Ma would drop them off back home, they would have fits. They love being out of the home and sometimes, I am not able to take them places. Especially when I am not feeling too well.

Today, Ma Ti Ma called Daddy and said she would like to take the twins out for a while. Now, Ma Ti Ma has is watching her grandson for a year because her daughter is in the military. My twins love her grandson and they are probably at McD's or a local park, playing and running outdoors in the nice weather we are having today.

Or, they might be at the mall, on the "MingoRound", as my twins call the Merry Go Round. They love that and would ride on that all day, if given the chance.

Anyway, Mommy is getting some time to herself. I have been listening to my radio programs online and doing laundry, fixing my hair and getting my lunch heated up, in the oven.

It is almost 2:30, wow this day certainly has gone by fast. So,this is how I am spending my Abraham Lincoln's Birthday. At home, by myself, with only the sound of the birds singing outside, planes flying over my home and cars driving very fast down my residential street.

That is right, No TV on today. It is nice, the quietness of my home. Even if for a little while. But, when my twins come home, I will be hugging and kissing them and asking how their day went with Ma Ti Ma..

A Day in the Life of Twin Toddlers...

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TwiceToddlers and Their Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, my twins received gifts from Nana, my Mom and Dad, Mommy and Daddy and from Gi-Gi. My twins are so funny, they think everytime they receive gifts, it is their birthday. I guess, only being 4 years old, they would not know the difference between their actual birthday and a holiday..

It seems that ever since their birthday, the holidays have just seemed to mesh together. So, to them, anytime they open gifts, it is their birthday.

For Valentine's Day this year, my twins received chocolate candies, chocolate lolipops, sugar lolipops, bubbles, rings with lip gloss in them, a cup red bucket with hearts on it and some other cute items.

Before my twins opened their gifts, Daddy took them to the park for a while, then took them to an early lunch. Daddy took our twins to this park we have been going to since they were two years old. Well, today when Daddy took them there, he saw some, shall I say, yucky behavior going on in the park, in a car, and words written on some of the park equipment.

I just told Daddy, we will no longer taken them to this park. It has gone downhill and been taken over by some people I would rather not see or have my twins see.

Oh yes, my twins had a busy Valentine's Day...some good and some not so good..

TwiceToddlers and Another Day Off School

At my twins preschool, not only did they have last Monday off, but now this Monday, they have off as well. As it turns out, at my twins preschool, they take off both President's Birthday's for Washington and Lincoln. Now, I am trying to think back to my elementary school days, in the 1970's and I honestly do not recall ever having both President's Birthday's off, consecutively.

This would not be a problem if my twins were not going to a private preschool, but they are and we still have to pay the monthly rate so their teachers continue to get paid.

So, this means, I have to find ways to keep my girls entertained for not one day, but two. I saw two because my twins go to preschool 3 days a week and I have them the two days they are not in school.

Since the weather might be enjoyable tomorrow, I might find something for us to do outdoors, around our home. Although, I did bake some cupcakes today that we can frost and sprinkle with some goodies. Hopefully, for a while at least, this will keep them busy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Updating Your Bathroom is Easy and Inspiring too

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Now, if you were to walk into a home decor store, the liklihood of you finding one of these vanities, is few and far between. But when you look online not only will it be ready to order, it will probably be on sale and you can speak to a live salesperson who can answer all your questions.

Finally, if you are looking for a double sink bathroom vanity, there are double sink bathroom vanities starting from "47 inches up to "58 inches. These double vanities will wow you,as they have me. Also, the attention you will receive from shopping online will have you becoming a return customer, as I am. The best thing about shopping online is the customer service that you will not receive in a brick and mortar store.

TwiceToddlers Still Up and Talking

My twins went to "sleep" two hours ago..that is 2, the number 2, hours ago. So, you think they would be sleeping by now. Having sweet sleep and sweet dreams.. Well, this is not the case. Oh my goodness, my twins are such talkers. One would think, having all day to play and talk, there would be no reason for them to still be talking late into, almost, the next day.

Sometimes, my husband or I, can go into their room, one, two or three times..and they just do not listen to us. This is what they, well, Twin "A" always says, "Okay!"

The "Okay" refers back to what Mommy or Daddy asks of our girls, "GO To SLEEP!!" This is when, more than two times, Twin "A" will say "Okay!!" But all she does is say this, while not actually shushing up and sleeping.

My goodness, I certainly hope they do not wake up before 8 AM tomorrow. I can still here them talking...right is almost 11:30PM, PST.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Stroller Company that Covers all Types of Stoller Needs

Having a baby, or a friend who is having a baby or two, will require a stroller. Owning a stroller is an essential part of having a baby. This is true, especially if you plan on leaving your home and your baby or babies, need to be placed in something on wheels. Today's baby strollers come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

Recently, I visited the website and looked at some amazing strollers. Since my twins were born in 2005, strollers have changed a lot. Right now, there are quite a few popular, or best selling, brands of baby strollers. These are some of the names which Moms to be may already know about. They are the Jeep Overland Limited Jogger Stroller-Swift, the Kolcraft Contours Option Tandem Stroller-Ruby, the Eddie Bauer Endeaver Travel System and the Tike Tech City X3 Swivel Single Stroller.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

TwiceToddlers and their Date with Daddy

When Daddy and our Twins got back from McD's, Daddy said it was real busy in their tonight. In fact, there was so many kids, it was hard for them to play in the playarea. Daddy purchased a Happy Meal for them though, unlike Mommy. In their Happy Meal, they got this Pengiun and in it's mouth,when you push down on the tail, a fish comes up. It is real cute.

After their date night, Daddy took the girls to see his parents for a while. From there, Daddy took the girls to get some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery/Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
When I first moved to the city I now live in, the outlet mall used to have a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Then, once the least was up, I assume, they left. I was so sad as I loved all the chocolates and chocolate covered apples they had in that store.

But I digress...

Daddy got the girls a small cup of "banilla" ice cream and for Mommy, he got me four delicious chocolates. Yeah Mommy!! These are my Valentine's Day gifts...So Yummy! So Yummy! There's a Party in my Tummy, So Yummy! So Yummy! (From Yo Gabba Gabba-a show my twins watch).

Our twins had a good time, even though they played Good Cop, Bad Cop with each other..this happens all the time and is nothing new. When they got home, they were better through. Even though Twin "B" wanted a bath and was fussy about Mommy saying, "No, wait until the morning, it is too late for a bath."

Twins....if they were identical, they more likely than not, would NOT fight with each other as they do.

TwiceToddlers Date with Daddy at McD's

Tonight, our twins wanted to go out with Daddy. Well actually, every night our twins want to go out with Daddy. They would go out with Daddy every night of the week if that were possible. But it is not and therefore this can only happen once or twice a week.

We tell them, "Girls, if we could afford to take your out every night, we probably would. But, it costs money(which they do not understand), to take you out. For their birthday last November, Mommy (that would be me) purchased a Blue Piggy Bank for them. So, since their birthday, Mommy (me again) have been adding coins to their piggy bank.

Everytime I come home with change, I give them each a penny, a dime, a nickel or a quarter. Before I have them put the coin into their piggy bank, I have them each look at the coin and I ask them, "What coin is this?" They look at me with question marks in their eyes and I tell them, "This copper coin is a Penny and worth One Cent, this tiny silver coin is a Dime and worth Ten Cents, this medium silver coin is a Nickel and worth Five Cents and this big silver coin is a Quarter and worth Twenty-Five Cents."

Then, I tell them, "Once these piggy banks are half way or completely full, Mommy will roll the coins and we can go buy something you want." That sounds neat, right?

Sorry, I got off track there.

Anyway, our twins are out with Daddy tonight. Since it is still cold and dark outside, Daddy took them to our newly remodeled McD's. I took them there two days ago. Only because for Christmas, they each got two McD's GC, one for a small AJ or Milk and one for a small ice cream. Inside the new McD's is a nice playplace with a climbing area, lectronic games, basketball hoop and table hockey. My twins had fun two days ago, so I suggested Daddy take them there tonight.

What is up with Daddy's and their Daughter's? Daughter's just love their Daddy's..I know I still do today.

Wedding Season is Almost Here

With weddings, in full bloom, there will also be a need to look for wedding bands. Today, there are wedding rings made for men and women. These wedding bands are either made of a plain metal such as gold, silver or platinum. Some men will look at and choose a wedding band with a diamond(s) in in or choose other ornate designs for their wedding band.

The women, also like their wedding rings to stand out. Some wedding bands might have baggets on the sides with a large diamond stone in the middle, while other wedding bands will have make into a a heart-shape when the engagement and wedding rings are combined.

Today's wedding rings can be purchased Two Toned, Diamond Cut, Handmade Wedding Bands, Eternity Bands and Celtic Wedding Bands. Weddings are always going to be an important part of our lives and purchasing the right wedding bands is just as important as the wedding day.

TwiceToddlers in Their Blue, OP, Hoodie from Nana and Papa

For Valentine's Day, 2010, Nana and Papa, gave their TwiceToddler Granddaughters, this cute blue OP Hoodie. It is just adorable. Growing up in Southern California, I used to wear OP clothing all the time. This was back in the 70s and 80s. For a time, I thought OP was no longer had a clothing line.

These OP Hoodies are adorable with the "painted" rainbow across the chest and the rainbow on the inside portion of the hoodie. My twins also love pockets. This Hoodie does have a pocket, in the front along the pants belt line.

My twins especially love this hoodie because it is the color the like a lot: Blue.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

TwiceToddlers Still Nap in Afternoon

My twins, yes at four years old, still take afternoon naps. Now, they would rather not take naps, but as I have to keep telling them, "If you do not take an afternoon nap, you will have to go to bed early. This means, you miss out on your bath time and your winding down time of watching your favorite cartoons and learning shows."

Since my twins were infants, they have been either listening to or watching shows on On Demand Cable. There are these awesome shows called BabyBoost. In the BabyBoost section, my twins have learned, from age one, their colors, shapes, animals, numbers, letters, classical music and so much more.

As my twins have grown older, they are still watching some of the BabyBoost shows along with watching shows, On Demand, from Disney, Nick Jr. and Sprout. We just really like what On Demand has to offer for learning because we never have to watch a show, right when it is on.

So, this is why my twins still take afternoon naps. Even today, they still do not get it. I have to also tell them that their preschool friends take naps. Otherwise, they are cranky and will more likely than not, fall asleep too.

TwiceToddlers and Their Valentine's Day Party

My twins, ever since starting Pre-K last August, have been so busy. They seem to attend a party almost every week or every other week in Pre-K. Along with attending parties in school, they have their play dates with their Pre-K friends or friends from church.

This weeks is no different. In fact, tomorrow my twins are having a Valentine's Day Party. They will be handing out Valentine's Day Cards to their 38 friends, two teachers and teacher helpers. My twins will also be handing out lollipops and just having a good ol' time I assume.

Oh, my twins love parties too..they always talk about "birfday parties" and asking when their next "birfday party" is..I tell them, "Please, do not age yourself before your time. I want you to stay little, for as long as you can be."

Silly TwiceToddlers...I LOVE THEM!!

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TwiceToddlers Say, "Mommy!! Come Kiss Your Girlies!!

Every night, beginning last month, my twins have will say, "Mommy Come Kiss Your Girlies!!" They say this because Daddy lays our girls down to bed first, prays with them and either reads a book to them or sings a song each to them.

Once Daddy's time is over, they individually, call out, "Mommy!! Come Kiss Your Girlies!!" Now, if one of my twins says it before the other one, oh goodness, all H**L breaks loose..

So, they each have to say it and then, I come into their room. Once in their room, whomever said, "Mommy! Come Kiss Your Girlies!!" first, I go to, sit down on the carpet with them, pray over them for protection that the Lord will surround them with a hedge of protection, give them sweet sleep, sweet dreams and that nothing would hinder their breathing.

After this very important prayer, I will either sing them a song or read them a book. I have to limit them to one either one song or one book a night. Otherwise, I would never leave their room; and they would never sleep.

Oh, I just think it so cute too how they summons me into the room now. It just makes Mommy,that is me, smile..


TwiceToddlers Making Valentine's Day Cards

Last weekend, my twins and I made some Valentine's Day Cards. Oh man, I "like" not "love" making homemade crafts with my twins, but when it comes to the keeping them busy or out of trouble, especially on cold or rainy days, crafts like these are not too hard to do.

Here are my twins smiling for Mommy and showing you their craft making skills at age 4.

TwiceToddlers and Friends on First Day of Dance Class

My twins and two of their friends from churc started taking dance classes the first week of January. This is the first time I have written about their dance classes because I wanted to make sure they would continue attending.

It seems my twins, and their friends, like taking dance classes so far. They have a nice dance instructor, who really knows how to teach toddlers. She just has so much patience and a sweet voice as well.

The dance studio is right in town, which is a big plus. I am not fan of driving miles and miles for a dance class which is one day a week.

During this one day a week class, my twins learn how to stretch out the muscles as to not get injured while learning to dance, they are learning ballet and tap in the same class.

While my twins are in their dance class, the parents, that would me be, have to sit outside the classroom and wait for them to finish. Once the class is over, the parents are able to go inside the dance room and and watch them do a little performance for me.

This week, I forgot to bring my camera/video recorder with me, so next week, I will bring it so I can take photos and vidoe of their mini performance.

Here are some photos of my twins, and their friends, in their first class session.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Shower's are an Exciting Time, Especially in February

This February, with family and friends who are having baby showers, this is a great time to look at all the fun and exciting baby shower favors which can be purchased at right at your fingertips.
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If you are planning on making your own food for the shower, here is one which is easy to prepare and your guests will think you either hired a caterer or it took you all day to make.

Curried Chicken Tea Sandwiches

These are the ingredients you need and this takes no time at all to prepre and make:

2 cups cubed, cooked chicken
1 medium unpeeled red apple, chopped
3/4 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup thinly sliced celery
1/4 cup chopped pecans
2 tablespoons thinly sliced green onions
3/4 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing
2 teaspoons lime juice
1/2 teaspoon curry powder
12 slices bread
Lettuce Leaves

1.In a bowl, combine the first six ingredients. Combine mayonnaise, lime juice and curry powder; add to chicken mixture and stir to coat. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Cut each slice of bread with a 3-in. heart-shaped cookie cutter. Top with lettuce and chicken salad.

This recipe is for a serving size of 6, so if you plan on having more than 6 guests, these will have to be made well in advance and kept in the refrigerator. All that has to be done is double or triple the recipe and you will have more than enough. Just remember, guests usually eat more than one wedge, so play accordingly.

This is just one of many tea sandwich recipes that can be found online. The important thing is to plan ahead, two months ahead will usually give the hostess(es), plenty of time to purchase the ingredients for any hourdourve and especially purchase the baby shower favors.

TwiceToddlers Mom and a Successful Playdate

As I previously mentioned from my blog article, TwiceToddlers and Their Playdate Saturday, my twins did have their playdate last Saturday with their friend from pre school. I will not give out her name as it is not my business to do so. I normally ask permission before using one of my twins friend's name on my blog. Just out of respect.

Anyway, the three of them had a real good time. Although, have you ever had three girls, toddlers, together in one room at once? Well, since the weather was undesireable, we had to stay indoors. Otherwise, I had suggested we play in our backyard or go to the park. The heavy and very grey looking clouds are what kept us indoors.

With all the girlie toys we had, all three girls played with the kitchen, utencils, real looking fruits and veggies (on a smaller scale), their barbie dolls, the doll playhouse, princess castle and stuffed animals all in my "great room".

The playdate was two hours, which is plenty of time, in my opinion, for any playdate. If the playdate is longer they that, the children get restless and start fighting.

In the future, we will have to have another playdate with their pre school friend. Hopefully next time, the weather will be nice enough to go outdoors!! Get all that energy out..

TwiceToddlers Mom Love's Valentine's Day Goodies at Vita Dolce

These are just some of the awesome and very delicious candies which Vita Dolce is now selling in their cafe. Along with these delicious candies, Vita Dolce is selling Chocolate Covered Strawberries with various designs on then. The Chocolate Covered Strawberries can also be pre-ordered in any amount you want.

These are some of the other delicious desserts which Vita Dolce sell in their cafe. These are great to eat alone or with a cup of coffee or tea, in their cafe. Since Vita Dolce is open from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM M-F, you will not have to worry about getting to the cafe in time, before they close.
Vita Dolce is located at 11 E. 6th Street, Tracy, CA, (209) 834-1234.
Now is the time to call in your order of Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Blog That is Just Right is Having a Contest!

This evening, as I always do, I visited Tina's Blog, A Blog That is Just Right. On Tina's front page, she is having a contest! I love contests. So, for this contest, Tina is giving away three prizes for advertising on her blog.

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After hearing many excellent suggestions from her advertisers, she is having these prizes up for grabs:

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3rd prize- $5.00 and 1 month of free advertising!

TuTuTina's A Blog That is Just Right, is just one amazing blog where she gives you directions on how to make personal buttons, goodies, backgrounds and so much more for your blog or website.

There is no time to waste, now is the time to click on this link and go to TuTuTina's A Blog That is Just Right.

Friday, February 5, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their Playdate This Saturday

Tomorrow, my twins will be having a play date with one of their preschool friends. She is new to California and lives a couple miles from our home. Their new friend moved to California in October from the East Coast and is just adorable. My twins were so excited that their friend's Mommy and I made a play date.

It looks like it is going to rain this weekend so we will probably have to have our play date indoors. That is alright though, we have plenty of toys to play with, but being indoors is never as fun as being outside, playing.

Along with the rain, there is crazy wind and I find it highly unlikely they are going to play outside.

My twins have been talking about their friend and play date ever since we set the date. Oh goodness, if you can avoid it, it is NEVER, EVER, wise to tell your toddler of upcoming events as they will talk about it until that day comes..

TwiceToddlers and Their Pre-K Evaluations

Today, my twins received their Pre-K Evaluations and they were wonderful. My twins both know their numbers, Twin "A" 1-10, Twin "B" 1-20, they know all their primary colors, all their shapes, even them not so regular shapes, they know how to spell their names (the name puzzles my Mom (their Nana) got them for the 1st birthday really helped, they are really learning to spell their names well, they know their first name, but not really their last name...yet.., they are good listeners, love to play with their friends; kicking balls, swinging, running, jumping, sharing and love every Friday with they have Show and Tell.

Today, my twins showed their friends and teachers one of their many stuffed Cats. Each week, my twins learn a new letter of the alphabet. This week, they learned the letter "C". This was perfect because they were able to show and tell about their stuffed cat in it's plastic container.

As of January, my twins are also learning to understand directions their teachers give them and follow instructions, 3 step instructions, to be exact. My twins sometimes watch this Disney show called Special Agent Oso (I am not really a fan of it), but they do learn 3 steps on how to accomplish things. So, I guess this show is helping them learn to solve problems in only 3 steps.

Oh, I am so proud of my twins..well, I am always proud of my twins. It is just nice seeing their progress, from their teachers, on paper..

With Spring Comes Planting, Growing and

Spring is just around the corner. This means, the windows in our homes will once again be open, there will be spring cleaning and planting and growing all sorts of flowers and vegetables. In order to plant and grow your seeds, you will need a very important garden tool. This important tool would be an aerator. Owning and using lawn aerators are a must have tool for any and all gardeners, whether you are a beginner or advanced gardener.

In case you are not aware of what a lawn aerator does, it will, manually or mechanically, punch tiny holes in the soil. This is an important tool to own and use because these holes in your allow the soil, which might have been impacted during the winter months, breathe and allows for the roots to grow into the soil at a deeper rate.

These little holes allow the water being used on your garden to seep into the soil, instead of sitting on top of the soil. Some gardeners might not know about this trick which allows their garden to grow faster and lets the water disperse quicker into the soil and allow the seeds to grow as well.

It is a good idea to use a lawn aerator at least two times a year. There are various types and styles of lawn aerators. There are at least five types of aerators and a gardener can even use a liquid aerator. For those who are looking for another way to aerate the lawn, using a liquid aerator is another option.

Before spring comes around, it is a good idea to already have all your gardening tools available to you. Owing a lawn aerator is one gardening tool to always have on hand and ready to use.

Monday, February 1, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Loves Vita Dolce in Downtown Tracy

There is this new cafe', or restaurant, in downtown Tracy. In fact, it is right across the street from our new Tracy Transit Station. This transit station will bring more people into Tracy via bus or train.
Vita Dolce has been open a little over two months now and is a fabulous place to relax with a cup of speciality coffee or plain black coffee, an ice cream or any of their desserts and cookies they have on their displace case.

The best thing about Vita Dolce is that the owners have amazing hours for their patrons. Unlike the many stores and restaurant's in the downtown area, Vita Dolce is open from 6:30AM to 8:30PM M-T, 6:30AM to 10:00PM Friday, 7:00AM to 10:00PM Saturday and 9:00AM to 5:00PM Sunday. Along with the coffees, desserts and awesome hours, Vita Dolce has an atmosphere you will become accustomed to. Here are so photos of the inside of Vita Dolce Cafe. Now, instead reading this blog post, it is time to go check out Vita Dolce yourself. Oh, and you are going to be at The Grand Theatre, you can simply walk, or drive over the Vita Dolce in no time.