Friday, April 29, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Mommy Dress Up For Royal Wedding

Last night, at midnight pacific time, I began watching the Royal Wedding. While watching the beginning of the wedding, I also began Tweeting with some of my friends online. Oh, it was so much fun. As I was watching who was arriving and seeing how large the crowd was growing in and around the castle and the Abbey, I was writing/talking with all my Twitter friends. It is so amazing how this is even possible.

As amazing as it was to view the wedding and see Kate's stunning wedding gown and hear the lovely couple say their wedding vows to each other, I had to finally go to bed at 4AM, pacific time. I ended the evening/morning on Kate and William reaching the Castle and stepping out of the horse drawn carriage into the "back entrance" of the Castle.

Now, fast forward five hours, 9:00AM pacific time, I am getting up and ready for the day ahead. This is the day I talked to my twins about for three weeks. Two days ago, we made Pumpkin Scones together and we could not wait to eat them with a spot of tea, chamomile tea. Before the chamomile tea and scones, we dressed in our best dresses and wore our tiara's.

When Daddy came home for lunch, I asked him to please take photos of us sitting down, watching the recaps of the wedding from last night. After the photo shoot, Mommy (that is me) got up from the floor, went to the kitchen and prepared our lunches with this China my parents gave as a wedding gift for my husband and myself almost thirteen years ago this year.

Once the lunches were prepared, scones and tea were on their dishes, Daddy brought lunch over to our table where my twins were sitting on their little chairs and I sat on my knees. It was such as fun time and a time my twins and Mommy (me) will remember for ever. In fact, they want more tea parties.

At the end of the exchanging of vows, riding in horse drawn carriage to the Castle and standing on the Castle balcony, I took a photo of the kiss, along with a whole lot of wedding ceremony photos, from my living room! Here are a couple photos, out of focus or not, from my living room to you, my readers.

And as my twins like to say, "They lived happily ever after". Kate Middleton was a most exquisite Princess Bride for the 21 Century.

Monday, April 25, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) Dancing on Easter Day

This Easter at my church, we did something different. This year, it was all about the children. When the service began, the little boy of one of  my friends, read from Luke 24. After these verses were read, the Starlight Studios Little Dancers came on stage with their dance instructor.

About three to four weeks ago, my twins began practicing their dance routine to this song, True Love, by Phil Wickham. Well, I just fell in love with the song. This song, in a nutshell, describes why and how Jesus died for the sins of all the world. He died for Past, Present and Future sins. If this song, while watching my twins dance, does not make you cry, I am wondering why.

My twins are the two, long haired red-heads, who look at my video camera. They are looking at Mommy, in the front row. My twins are the only children turning around to look at me. Oh, they did such an amazing job dancing. I mean, they are just little girls and love dancing. They want so much to dance on the stage again.

Here are my twins, dancing to "True Love" by Phil Wickham at my church Calvary Chapel Tracy.

Now, because this video is a little over 4 minutes, I had to upload it to YouTube. This is the video I made at church on Easter Sunday 2011. My twins dancing to the song "True Love".

Enjoy my twins dancing and please LIKE my video.

Looking for Unique Baby Gifts are Right at Your Fingertips

When it comes to baby products such as bedding, cribs, stuffed toys, blankets and so much more, new parents, family members and friends will want to shop somewhere special. This is especially true when it comes to the first baby or first grandchild. First babies are going to be spoiled, and why not. The first baby, or babies, are special and a new addition to any family. Nothing says you are excited about having a new addition to a family than shopping for baby products in a baby boutique.Going to and shopping in a speciality store will carry far more products designed for newborns, infants and toddlers, compared to the everyday run of the mill store.

Today, there are so many fun and exciting baby gifts  to look at and purchase. In fact, one of the best gifts to give are diaper cakes. They can be purchased in all colors and themes. Diaper cakes can be purchased for baby girls and baby boys alike, Since diapers are used at least twenty to thirty times a day, depending on how many babies parents have, diapers are like gold in any family with a new baby.

If a Mommy, to be, want to receive baby gifts, either her family or friends can throw a baby shower. Receiving baby shower gifts is where many, if not most, the baby gifts are given. Oh, baby showers are not  only fun, they are a great place to play games, eat some good food and just relax with the ones you love. When it comes to baby shower gifts, there are some gifts such as a Moses Basket, Baby Slings, Diaper Bags, Sleepwear, Stuffed Toys Stroller, Bedding, Highchair and so much more.

Nowadays, there are so many beautiful and colorful baby gifts. These days, babies and their parents can be surrounded by unique baby gifts they never thought existed and yet are now a necessity for keeping baby and Mommy happy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Daddy Plant Flowers

Last Sunday after church, my family went to purchase some flowers and soil. We got three Gerber Daisies, Yellow, White and Pink. We also got Ranaculus on Red and Yellow. I love these flowers, but would also like to get some more, along with building a raised vegetable garden. Nothing too big, just enough for three or four veggies I will eat daily or weekly with my family.

My twins, they love being outdoors, especially digging, and digging and more digging. I do have some more flowers we can plant, but they are in seed form and they can only be sown in September...

Here are my twins and Daddy planting these lovely flowers.

TwiceToddlers (No More) at the Asparagus Festival

Last weekend, my family went to the Asparagus Festival at a local city. Ever since moving to where I currently live, I have never been to this festival. Well, I was usually during a hotter month. The city were the festival is held finally changed the event to a cooler month, April.

The festival was jam packed with people from all over the Bay Area, Tri Valley and of course Central Valley. The Asparagus Festival happened in three days and took over two city blocks. This city must make oodles of money with parking fees alone. Then, they actually charge guests an entrance fee. Oh goodness, you would think that in the "depression" the city officials would remove these two charges to make sure they get more guests to their city and festival.

Anyway, the festival was excellent. My twins loved it. The main reason I wanted to go was so my twins could see the Sea Lions. There were two Sea Lions from CSU San Diego. Oh yeah, in order to get a photo with the Sea Lions, YOU HAD TO PAY A FEE...why does this not surprise me...$10 to get close to the Sea Lions..I guess nothing is FREE anymore...

Besides the Sea Lion,which was fun to see. They did tricks and talked to their handlers. It really was fun and my twins liked what they could see.

Once the Sea Lion show was over, we walked to the Ticket Ride Booth and purchased some tickets from our twins. We got enough tickets for three rides. The rides our twins got on were the Tea Cups, a Car Ride and a ride where kids go UP in the air. Our twins loved all the rides, even the last one, which Daddy and Mommy were surprised.

Yeah, thank goodness it was not a very hot day. It was warm and just perfect for all the people crammed into the waterfront like sardines. Hopefully in August, we will go to our cities festival.