Sunday, April 3, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and their Time With Nana and Papa

My twins had a very good time with Nana and Papa. Well, they always do. It is a shame we live so far away from each other. Well, at least my parents do not have to fly to my home. I mean, they could if they wanted to, it would take them less time to get to my home, but with the way airports are since 2001, why submit yourself to the scrutiny of the airport security and going through those machines.

When my parents came to my home, we celebrated both their birthday's at our home and had a good time. I have taken photos, but have yet to look at them. For my Mom's birthday, I had a photo jewelry box made for her from an only company that closed down and merged with another online company.

I was so sad because I had recently cancelled all of the online photo company's I had been signed up with. I wanted to only be signed up with one company, the one I had the photo jewelry box with. Now, I am back with the online photo company I had closed my account with. Oh well, there could be worse things than having to go back to the online photo company you just closed your account with, right?

But I digress......

My Mom loved the photo jewelry box I made her. The photo was of her and the twins at Christmas time. It was a photo from Christmas morning where my twins were still in their pajamas. The greatest thing about the photo jewelry box was the price. It was half the cost it originally was, plus free shipping! The jewelry box was real big! I can't imagine what it cost to ship the box from Seattle to my city.

Now, since my twins were is school when my parents were visiting, they really did not do that much. Except my Mom and I drove the twins to school in the morning and picked them up instead of Daddy. This gave Daddy a break.

My parents only stayed five days. My Dad has bad allergies every time he comes to our home. The trees are blooming and every other plant in or around my home.

For my Dad's birthday, the twins made Papa birthday cards, which were left in my bedroom, and two $10 Starbucks giftcards. I did it this way so when Papa opened each card, the twins would see what they gave Papa for his March birthday.

The next time we will see my family is hopefully in the summertime. Not sure which month yet, but sometime soon. My twins love to see all three of their cousins, my sister's boy's.

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