Friday, April 15, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Baby Photos

This morning, Twin B, was talking about when she was a baby. This got me talking about when she was a preemie. So, I looked in one place I thought the photos would be. No, they were not there. I looked through all the photo albums and the photos were not there. So, I looked in another place I thought I had moved them a couple years ago. Yup,that is where the photos were.

So, I picked them up and brought them to my bedroom. On both sides of me, Twin A and Twin B sat. They both opened their "baby" photo books and we began to look at them when they were in my womb. Twin B was interested to see what she looked like in Mommy's womb. I told her, when I first saw her on the sonogram, I remember seeing her spinal cord and was just in awe. I could not believe how vivid her spinal cord was and how small she looked.

This is the reason I was looking for their baby photo books. It had been over four years since I looked at their precious pre-born and birthed baby photos. Oh, my twins were just so precious. They came into the world at 32 weeks, instead of the intended 38 weeks. My sweetie pies stayed in the NICU for two weeks, while I was only able to recover from the C-Section upstairs for one week.

Thinking about it now, it all a blur to me. Everything happened so fast. From me called my hubby to come pick me up at home to take me to our local hostital in pain, to being weighted and placed on a gurney, then driven my ambulance to the closest hospital with a NICU. Our community hospital did not have a NICU in 2005 and not sure if they have one now.

Oh goodness, then I was placed again in a bed, in a private room and I begin having major contractions. These contractions had be jumping up and pain and wanting to get our of my bed, with IV in arm. I remember the local doctor telling me he would do a C-Section in the morning, but I remember telling him, "Oh no,these babies are coming out tonight."

Yes, as it turned out, I was right. My twins came out via C-Section at 8:13PM and 8:14PM. Since my twins were preemies, they were sent down the to NICU and placed in incubators with oxygen in their nose and a heart monitor on their tiny little bodies. My twins also had a purple head protector on and a purple eye protector on. Oh yes, my twins were fraternal, and not identical. It took me a long time to remember who was who as well. Even today, at age five, I still get them mixed up.

I was still "out of it" from the surgery, but I think I went downstairs in a wheelchair with a nurse. My hubby was already downstairs and my parents were driving up from SoCal. My Dad had just retired from the CHP on November 4th, a day before, so this was an absolute surprise and retirement gift indeed.

Oh, I could go on, but I would have no idea where to stop!

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  1. Awesome that your twins want to see pictures of them while you was pregnant with them.