Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!

Sunday, my sweet husband took me to a nice restaurant in our city. It is a restaurant we have only eaten at once or twice. They are downtown and have very good food, wine, beer and desserts.

My husband had a T-Bone and I had a Parmesan salad and Primavera Pasta. Then for dessert, I, all by my little self, had the delicious Tiramisu.

That was a very sweet dinner for my husband while one of our twins aunties and uncles watched them for about an hour and a half.
Here is a birthday photo from the restaurant.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Flowers from my Mom and Dad

Yesterday, my I received a very sweet surprise from our local florist. I saw this flower van coming up my street and knew either my husband or Mom and Dad had sent me flowers for my birthday.
Oh, don't you just love getting flowers for any occasion, especially your birthday!
Oh, it always brightens up my day.
Thank you Dad and Mom! I love you!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

TwiceBabies say Goodbye to Binkies

Two weeks before the removal of their binkies, I had already planted in their brains that their binkies would be going to two of their cousins, one of their freinds and all the new babies who did not have any binkies. I told my twins that the stores no longer make or sell binkies and it was up to us to give the new babies their binkies.
Twin "B" wanted to "do it" herself. So, today, I got two plastic baggies and had Twin A and B on either of my side. Then, I put their binkies on the bed with plastic bag. I showed each of my twins how to place the binkies in their bag.
Once the binkies were in each bag, Mommy zipped up the bags and we all walked to the mailbox where each twin, individually placed their bag of binkies into the mailbox.

That was that. My twins got rid of their binkies and they were not whiny or fussy at all. Although, they do still ask about their binkies and Daddy and Mommy have to remind them that their binkies are with their baby cousin, friends and other newborn babies.

Friday, September 26, 2008

TwiceBabies first day at DayCare

This morning was my twins first day at day care. On Wednesday, we went to meet their day care provider who my girlfriend recommended to me. Last year, I met my girlfriends friend, who is my twins child care provider, but it had been a year since we both saw each other.

My twins will be taken care of my her two days a week to give me some time to do some work from home, maybe clean the house, do some shopping or just simply relax.

Having my twins in childcare also gives them the chance to meet new kids their age and learn to take direction from someone other than Mommy or Daddy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

TwiceBabies and Date with Daddy and Mommy

It was another date night with Daddy and Mommy. Tonight, Twin "A" went with Daddy, while Twin "B" went with Mommy. As usual, we both go our separate ways, then meet up at the Mall for a carousel ride together.

Tonight, while Mommy was driving to the pet store, Mommy almost got into an accident. That is right, almost. The sun was shining so bright as it was going down, I could not see the dotted line in the road. I was looking for the line and curved over into the lane to my left. It was interesting though because the man who I could have hit, did not even react until probably a minute after I swerved into his lane. I think the sun also affected his driving as well.

Anyway, he eventually blew his horn and I raised my hand in an apology. Wow, how weird was that experience!

After I moved into my lane again, I went down the street I needed to go for getting the pet store. Once at the pet store, Twin "B" and I got out and went inside to see the Kee Kee's for a while. We stayed for no more than ten minutes, then said our goodbyes and left to meet Daddy and Twin "A" at the Mall.

As I drove into the mall parking lot, Daddy and Twin "A" were getting out of their car. That is when Twins A and B waved at each other and screaming with glee in their voices.

Once inside the Mall, we walked to the arcade where there is a small carousel, two token operated cars, a train and earth mover. My twins went on all these and loved it. But, they really wanted to go on the big carousel, so Daddy and I walked as our twins RAN to the carousel.

After their carousel ride, we drove, separately, to Foster's Freeze and got some dinner and a milkshake for our twins. They love milkshakes and much as they love saying milkshake.

Well, until next Tuesday or Thursday evening...

Friday, September 19, 2008

TwiceBabies at the Santa Cruz Wharf

After my twins morning on the beach below our condo, we waited for a golf cart to take us back up the hill as we took going downhill. Believe me, the walk is very long and tiring, taking a golf cart is the best way to get down to the beach.

Anyway, once back at the condo, my twins kinda ate lunch. You read correctly, kinda. My twins are not fans of eating anything. They would rather have a liquid diet, which does not make Mommy happy at all.

Once their PB&J lunch was eaten, Daddy and our twins took a nap while I walked across the street and ate a Pesto sandwich, along with a coffee from the local coffee shop.

When Daddy and our twins woke up, we got ready to go to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Once at the boardwalk, Daddy remembered that it is only open on the weekends after Labor Day. So, instead, we drove to the Wharf. Once at the Wharf, we walked around and saw the main attraction: The Sea Lions. Daddy had planted into Twin "A"s mind not to drop her binki. Guess what she did then? You guessed it, she DROPPED it! It fell onto a wooden plank where the Sea Lions lay and Twin "A" began to cry and fuss. It is a good thing Mommy had one in her Puppy Dog Leash compartment.

Here are some photos and video of our twins and Sea Lions.

TwiceBabies at the Ocean

With all the times my twins have been to Huntington Beach, not once have they actually been to the beach as in on the sand and feet in the ocean. So, with our small vacation to Aptos/Santa Cruz area, my twins were able to play in the sand and dip their feet in the ocean.
I have to say, they had fun and were caught off guard by the water reaching their legs as well.
Here are some photos of Daddy and Papa in the water with them as Mommy, as always, is taking photos of them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

TwiceBabies, Daddy and Mommy go to Santa Cruz

My husband's parents had rented out a condo in the Santa Cruz/Aptos area for the month of September. During this month, they invited us to come stay with them. So, Thursday, today, we drove up to the Santa Cruz/Aptos area.

Our drive to Santa Cruz/Aptos was going fine, that is until Twin "B" decided to have a meltdown from Mommy trying to show her how to play a certain LeapFrog game on her LeapFrog LeapPad. You see, to cut down on the fussy and whining attitudes, Mommy sat in between her precious twins on this what should have been a 2.5 hour drive.

This is how our story unfolds as we drive up highway 17 to Santa Cruz/Aptos:

Twin "B" gets very mad at Mommy and only wants Daddy,who is driving. She will not stop crying for Daddy's hand and finally, after what seems like forever, Daddy pulls off the side of the road. Daddy gets out of the car and does what he can to sooth her. Daddy holds her hand and says everything is fine.

Then, Daddy gets back in the car, SUV, and the car will not go into drive. Our SUV had just been had a checkup, if you will, in August. Then, our SUV became sick again and Daddy took it to get another checkup. Our car was supposed to be fixed on the second checkup.

Well, it turns out, our vehicle was still sick as we figured out on our little vacation. Daddy was not a happy camper with our vehicle not in good working order. With Mommy, that is me, still sitting in the back with our twins, I told Daddy to call AAA. With Daddy still not a happy camper, I reached for my purse in the front where I normally sit, and I called AAA.

When I reached someone, I told them where we were by the Call Box number looking right at me. That was easy to do as we could be found quickly. Once I gave the AAA lady that info, Daddy spoke to her and within 30 minutes, a AAA guy came behind us and was able to get our car in gear to drive to a Nissan dealer in Aptos.

As the AAA guy was helping us, he had to sit in Daddy's seat. This freaked out our twins so much they began crying and screaming and pointing to where Daddy sits. I had to keep assuring them he was here to help us get our car started.

Yeah, this was a great way to begin a vacation and also humbling as well. Well, not for me but my other half.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TwiceBabies and Date Night

Since the summer months are beginning to come to an end, my husband and I going to begin taking our girls on separate 'date nights' again.

When our twins were infants, and as they began to grow older, I thought it would be nice to take our twins on separate 'dates' if you will so they could have quality time with each parent.

Last night, I took Twin "A" to see the kitties at Pet Smart, then over to Party City for some balloons and purchase some Hello Kitty products for their upcoming 3rd. birthday party at our home, again.

Daddy took Twin "B" to Costco, then Daddy called to see where we were. That is when I called him back and told him to take Twin "B" now to see the kitties since we were leaving.

That is when I decided to go to the mall, eat some Burger King chicken crowns and get on the carousel. Then, Daddy called to say Twin "B" was bored with the kitties after 20 minutes and wanted to see where we were. I called him back and said to meet us at the Mall in front of Burger King. Then, we were going in the Carousel.

About five minutes later, Daddy and Twin "B" arrived, Daddy purchased a meal for Twin "B" and I took Twin "A" to the carousel while Twin "B" ate her dinner.

After Twin "A" finished her ride, we went home, well to Starbucks first, then met Daddy and Twin "B" at home.

I had a good time with Twin "A",while Daddy said Twin "B" was somewhat fussy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

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TwiceBabies and Go Bananas

My hubby just suggested we go to Go Bananas tonight. We have not been there in a long time and they love it so much. This is always a great way for them to release all this energy the have building up in their bodies.

Yeah, when we get home, I will probably have some photos to upload.

I wish my city had some cool places for toddlers, with way too much energy, to play at.

Maybe, one of these days, when my twins are out of high school, my city will actually have places for toddlers to play at. Good luck!

TwiceBabies and Books

Over the past several weeks, my twins have wanting Daddy and Mommy to read more to them. For a whole summer, our twins have not been into reading books, but now, with the summer months winding down, they seem to be interested in books once again.

This is good thing because they are sitting and not running around the house. My twins have so much energy, I do not know what to do with it. This is the main reason we purchased the swing set in our backyard.

This is also a good reason for a season change. Hopefully with this season change, my twins and Mommy, will also have a 'season' change.

God Bless.

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TwiceBabies and a Tiring Week

This has been one tiring week with my girls. Sometimes, I just wonder how I make it through the day. It would be nice to find a babysitter to watch my girls 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hours. I found this one website that finds babysitters in my city, but they require me to 'upgrade' to their site to contact these girls/ladies.

I looked at several of their profiles and experience, and some have experience with twins, which is a good thing.

I just contacted my girlfriend about her neighbor who has her own in home childcare service. I may use her if I can get more information about her.

It looks like I will have to begin looking for work outside my home, just to keep me sane.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TwiceBabies and Mommy at MOPS

This morning, my twins and myself all went to our first MOPS meeting at a local church. Well, my twins had so much fun. They played with 'new' friends, playdough and were drawing with a crayon.

While my twins were in a pre-school setting, I was able to have some breakfast and meet some new Mommies who are SAHMs as well.

This group is very nice and not too big. I will have to go the Yahoo group and get to know the mother's better that way as the group meets twice a month.

Monday, September 8, 2008

TwiceBabies and Kee Kee

Four days before we came back home from my parents home in Southern Cal, my husband had told me our cat had not come home. Our carpet was being cleaned and the sound of the carpet cleaner, I am sure scared her to death. Our cat hates loud noises, always has.

Anyway, the day we arrived home, that evening, our cat showed up. But she did not look the same. She was hurt. The right side of her ear, under her ear, an almost square like chunk of fur was missing and a puncture wound was under her ear.

I am assuming she got in a major cat or dog fight.

Here are some photos of what she looks like. My husband has been putting Neosporin on her wound.

Poor Kitty Kat!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

TwiceBabies and Mommy Back at Home

Well, our two week vacation in my hometown ended last Sunday. My husband drove down to pick us up a day before Labor Day. We drove home the day after Labor Day with tears in our eyes. As much fun as my twins and I have visiting my family, it is always sad to say goodbye until our twins can see their Nana and Papa again.

Since we have been home, my twins have been playing on their new swing, slide and fort combo set in our backyard. Yeah, our backyard is pretty big. Big enough to hold a large swingset.

Here are photos of my twins playing outside.

Monday, September 1, 2008

TwiceBabies, Mom, Dad, Nana and Papa at Park

Today, Labor Day, we went to this cool park in Chino Hills again. They girls had a blast this time because Daddy was here too. They also played on the play equipment, got close to three ducks and played with a little girl in the play area. Oh, there was also a little Yorkshire Terrier that my girls just loved and pet her on her head.

Here are some photos from our day at the park.