Friday, September 19, 2008

TwiceBabies at the Santa Cruz Wharf

After my twins morning on the beach below our condo, we waited for a golf cart to take us back up the hill as we took going downhill. Believe me, the walk is very long and tiring, taking a golf cart is the best way to get down to the beach.

Anyway, once back at the condo, my twins kinda ate lunch. You read correctly, kinda. My twins are not fans of eating anything. They would rather have a liquid diet, which does not make Mommy happy at all.

Once their PB&J lunch was eaten, Daddy and our twins took a nap while I walked across the street and ate a Pesto sandwich, along with a coffee from the local coffee shop.

When Daddy and our twins woke up, we got ready to go to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Once at the boardwalk, Daddy remembered that it is only open on the weekends after Labor Day. So, instead, we drove to the Wharf. Once at the Wharf, we walked around and saw the main attraction: The Sea Lions. Daddy had planted into Twin "A"s mind not to drop her binki. Guess what she did then? You guessed it, she DROPPED it! It fell onto a wooden plank where the Sea Lions lay and Twin "A" began to cry and fuss. It is a good thing Mommy had one in her Puppy Dog Leash compartment.

Here are some photos and video of our twins and Sea Lions.

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  1. You've got lovely pair of twins! I just enjoy your posts, especially all the photos of your outings! Cheers!

    Mum from Singapore!