Thursday, September 25, 2008

TwiceBabies and Date with Daddy and Mommy

It was another date night with Daddy and Mommy. Tonight, Twin "A" went with Daddy, while Twin "B" went with Mommy. As usual, we both go our separate ways, then meet up at the Mall for a carousel ride together.

Tonight, while Mommy was driving to the pet store, Mommy almost got into an accident. That is right, almost. The sun was shining so bright as it was going down, I could not see the dotted line in the road. I was looking for the line and curved over into the lane to my left. It was interesting though because the man who I could have hit, did not even react until probably a minute after I swerved into his lane. I think the sun also affected his driving as well.

Anyway, he eventually blew his horn and I raised my hand in an apology. Wow, how weird was that experience!

After I moved into my lane again, I went down the street I needed to go for getting the pet store. Once at the pet store, Twin "B" and I got out and went inside to see the Kee Kee's for a while. We stayed for no more than ten minutes, then said our goodbyes and left to meet Daddy and Twin "A" at the Mall.

As I drove into the mall parking lot, Daddy and Twin "A" were getting out of their car. That is when Twins A and B waved at each other and screaming with glee in their voices.

Once inside the Mall, we walked to the arcade where there is a small carousel, two token operated cars, a train and earth mover. My twins went on all these and loved it. But, they really wanted to go on the big carousel, so Daddy and I walked as our twins RAN to the carousel.

After their carousel ride, we drove, separately, to Foster's Freeze and got some dinner and a milkshake for our twins. They love milkshakes and much as they love saying milkshake.

Well, until next Tuesday or Thursday evening...

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